Coziness: snugly warm and comfortable: a cozy little house.

So how do you start creating a cozy home?

That really hasn’t changed over the ages.

But suddenly “hygge” was everywhere. Books were written on it. Bloggers were writing about it.

Definition of hygge: a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)

The Danish could teach us a thing or two. And did.

We all wanted to embrace it. Light more candles. Bring warm lighting into our home for ambiance. Use essential oils.

Then there is how decor promotes a happy and cozy lifestyle.


I like warm neutral colors in my base pieces like my furniture. Then I like to switch out colors with my accessories. Those colors need a neutral base to pop from.

Natural baskets so full of texture are part of hygge. Vintage rugs and such.

You see hygge isn’t a style. It’s a feeling.

Comfy seating for everyone. Warm and snuggly throws. Personal objects and books. House plants and soft pillows.

It is as individual as you are. Your tastes and what you define as comfort is what is most important.

Music gives a room a cozy ambiance, as does scent. I just purchased one of those scent warmers. Because I read that essential oils are not good if you have pets in your home.

I had first thought I would diffuse essential oils. But after I read that, I decided to go with the scent warmers. Also candles. The glow of candles is about as cozy as it gets.

If you’re having trouble putting together a look, peruse Pinterest or Instagram. I don’t happen to deal with Instagram, but I’ve had Pinterest boards for a long time. You can view them here.