It is very important to me that my bedroom is conducive to relaxing. It also gives me a pleasant place to read in bed at night. After about 6 p.m. and my yoga and shower, this is where I am.

My bed is a $35 junk store find from about 5 years ago. I painted it white. Well, most of it. There are places underneath where you rarely see that are still the wood color.

When I’m on the floor doing my yoga stretching, I see lots of places I missed. And I’m quite okay with that!  

Perfection is not necessary.

I just recently added a few house plants because they are wonderful for filtering the air you breathe. 

Some are better than others for air quality. You can Google and find out which ones you might try for yourself if you’d like.

This is a desktop computer, probably about ten years old now, that I no longer use. I did download my photos on it to edit, but I no longer even do that. 

You see, it’s uncomfortable for me to sit with my legs down for more than about an hour. Because due to my ankle injury, the blood flowing down to the ankle makes it throb after about that length of time. 

Which is why I work in the living room on the couch with my laptop and my feet up on the ottoman. 

I think it is important to have lamps close enough to the bed height that you can actually read with ease. I find that having lamps on most night stands is just not high enough for me.

So my night stands are actually two other pieces of furniture that I painted the same color: Oregano Green by Valspar.

It’s a paint color I’ve used for several years on various furniture pieces. I happen to love this shade of green.

This time of year I typically start reading my Kindle again. Because it is back-lit and I don’t need any lighting. 

Thus, without the lamps on, it is cooler and I can turn the air conditioning up for the evening to save a bit on my electricity bill.

However, I do like a little light so I don’t stumble over something when I’m walking. So I plug in my little fairy lights inside the green jar above.

Also on this dresser is my essential oil diffuser. It puts a nice cool spray into the air, which helps Abi’s coughing. I usually add a few lavender drops to the water inside the diffuser.

On the wall I have magazines to thumb through. And below that I have books I need to review but haven’t yet read.

I have a small TV opposite the bed that I occasionally watch, but the photo came out blurry so I left it out.

During the regular season I like to watch Law & Order SVU on Wednesday nights. Occasionally I will have CNN on for a bit before I settle down to read. Or maybe Law & Order reruns if I don’t feel like reading.

I’m not much of a TV watcher. I would rather read.

I know a mound of pillows makes the bed look pretty. But it’s not how I live.

All the pillows you see above are ones I actually use while sleeping.

I have the one small decorative pillow that I like to put my arms around while sleeping. It is an odd shape because I made it myself. It is covered with an envelope-style pillow cover that I also sewed.

My bed pillows are from Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

My neck is partially fused from a car accident years ago, so it is important to me to have the right pillows that elevate my neck comfortably. 

These pillows were not cheap. But they are the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever owned. They were suggested to me by someone who was trained in such things at their store. 

Before I bought these pillows, I would pick up pillows that were about $5 a piece. As you know, you get what you pay for.

These were nearly $40 each. It sounded like a humongous amount and I almost backed out of buying them last summer. I just couldn’t see paying that much.

But the employee told me to try them out, and I could bring them back and get my money back if I wasn’t totally satisfied. So I had nothing to lose.

I was totally satisfied!

The great thing with these particular pillows is that I only need one under my head for actual sleeping. I typically use the other one between my knees to keep my spine straight. 

Prior to using these pillows, I had to use two pillows and stagger them under my neck to sleep comfortably. It was a pain to get them staggered just right and they shifted position all night.

I’ve had these pillows about a year now. And their shape has not changed one bit. Love them! 

I only have one bedroom, so this is it. 

I’ve read that many people leave their bedrooms as the last room in their home to decorate or pay special attention to. 

It is important to make your bedroom your oasis, because you spend about a third of your life there.


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  1. Not sure where my last post went..:)..but I do wonder why Brenda doesn't respond to anyone's questions on here. It is a lovely bedroom, however.

  2. I was going to comment, but then realized, as I read through other comments and questions, Brenda never answers them. It really is a lovely room.

  3. Like everywhere else in your home, your bedroom is so cozy and welcoming! No wonder you love to spend so much time in there! I did make my bedroom an oasis, and I'm so glad I did! I need a place to escape when the girls have friends over, and I need peace and quiet. It was worth every penny I spent on the renovation to create my master suite!

  4. What a sweet room, Brenda. I must confess my bedroom is one of the messiest rooms in my house. I know that I really need to get busy and straighten it out. It's so easy to just shut the door and not think about it until you have to clear the bed of something in order to go to bed! I do know it's important and have been doing little pieces as I can but there's still a lot more to organize. Thanks for this post which reminds me to keep at it.

  5. Your bedroom is so cozy and so ready to get comfortable in. Love your quilts, beautiful and wonderful "art". They do make a room!!!. I, like others, that have left comments would be interested to know what pillows you purchased. My DH and I have our own bedroom. (I snore,I guess)Ha, I know that, But DH has arthritic pain in his neck, so it's hard. without pain, to turn his head/neck,if he has to back up, when parking the car. His pillows seem to always go flat,so then his neck hurts. He has tried (LOTS) of pillows, two that cost ($100) on TV, bought the same brand in town, and we returned them after one night,(we left the plastic cover on) because it was not any better than the cheaper pillows. If you have any answers, I would appreciate hearing your opinion. Thanks Brenda, I love seeing you every day. Bonnie in WI oxoxox

  6. That shade of green is so restful and you know that I always love seeing your quilts. You have a great working / resting setup there…it truly is an oasis.

    I had to laugh when I clicked on to this post though. My youngest and his dog are here for awhile and after changing in to sweats and a bathrobe ( It got COLD here ) I had his dog and my cat still trying to decide how to get along…it was NOT an oasis moment ha ha! 🙂

  7. Your whole house is an oasis. Love how you decorate. I agree with you about the bedroom, it should be peaceful and relaxing. When we move, I do the living room and bedroom first. When neighbors come to welcome us I can invite them in to at least one room that is done. They are often amazed at how quickly the room is set up. Having the bedroom ready after long hours of cleaning and unpacking is delightful. Thanks Brenda for your openness in sharing your life. You are an inspiration.

  8. I love my bedroom also. I like to retire there early and read and watch TV. I need to get some new curtains for mine but haven't found what I like yet. Yours is so cozy and warm. Mine is Pink!!

  9. I agree about the bedside lamps. Ideally, sconces are the best for reading as their light is more direct, but that's not always feasible. I've never quite understood the point of small lamps on small bedside tables, unless one's intent isn't to read.

    Too many pillows does not float my boat. I don't want to have to take forever to make and unmake my bed, much less find a place for the pillows when they are not on the bed. I have three decorative pillows on the bed, and that's more than enough for me.

    A good mattress and a good pillow are two of the most important items in the home. No such thing as spending too much, if that's what it takes for comfort.

    I've always paid close attention to how our bedroom feels. In our last home it was my favorite room in the house. It was beautiful, with a four poster canopied bed, tray ceiling, velvet chaise, gorgeous chandelier, lots of light and room for a pretty vanity and armoire. Sometimes I miss it, but I'm happy with our small but functional room now too.

  10. I'm been considering a diffuser. What brand is yours? Are you happy with it? Does it leave a mist on your furniture? I have my mom's antique bedroom set and worry about moisture settling on the wood.



  11. Your bedroom is very pretty. I love the colors and the quilts make it look so inviting, warm and comfortable. If you don't use the desktop computer anymore and it's old, why keep it?

  12. What a cozy, inviting bedroom…I think it's the quilts I'm drawn to. You give me so many terrific ideas to make a house a home, no matter what size, XOXO

  13. Very cozy and inviting. My parents bought us very expensive pillows a few years ago for Christmas. I would never pay that much, but I have really appreciated them. My shoulders ached at night at that has stopped because of the pillows. I find that certain things really matter as I get older, like a good pillow and good shoes. No longer can I wear cheap tennis shoes or flip flops.

    I have so many quilt tops started. I really need to get some finished so I can put them around my home.

  14. So funny…Just last night, as I was headed to bed, I thought out loud to myself (yes, I talk to myself quite often! Lol!)," I really need to put a little effort into my bedroom… I want it to be my sanctuary." And then this morning, there's your post! It always amazes me how the universe works!!! Thanks for sharing, Brenda. Enjoy your weekend! Donna

  15. I love your bedroom Brenda and the way you have made it comfortable and surrounded by things you love. I have to say it has inspired me. We will be moving to a smaller house in July and I fully intend to make my bedroom my oasis. Yes my husband and I have separate bedrooms because of snoring and apparently I fidget around!! I think I do, I have noticed that now having my own bed! So it works well for both of us. I have never thought of having plants in the bedroom. I love cactus so I may have a few of those around. I don't tell everyone we have separate bedrooms or you get that look! I am of an age now though that I just shouldn't care what others think. It looks as if the rain has stopped now after 2 solid days of downpours. Luckily none came in the house.

  16. I love how all the colors work together. I especially like the balance of the quilts with the mirror in the center. Whenever I have moved, I have always tackled the bedroom first. Also, it seems to be the room that I refresh the most. xoxo Su

  17. Hi Brenda,

    Do you mind sharing the brand names/model names of these pillows that are good for you? I am having trouble finding quality pillows. thanks

  18. I enjoy seeing your bedroom. I love that green that you used and your quilts makes me feel warm and happy. Could you share the name of the pillows you bought at Bath, Bed & Beyond? Didn't know they would exchange them if they didn't work? I have looked at them and they are so expensive and so many to choose from. Thanks Brenda.

  19. Thanks for this tour of your lovely bedroom. It helps me realize that we need to make some changes — taller lamps and better pillows to start with!

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