Creating Wall Decor That Alters Mood

I decided to change up the wall decor I gaze at when I’m sitting in my chair in order to alter my mood. The wall over the TV had the colorful boho quilt displayed before.

But I decided I want a more sedate scene in keeping with what I want I’d like my mood to be during this long hot summer.

Changing Indoor Scenery:

This is a painting I’ve come very close to ordering over the years. It is from Wayfair, and called “Misty Road.” I just never pulled the switch on ordering it.

I thought it didn’t fit into my apartment theme. It wasn’t cottage style or even farmhouse really. And it isn’t bohemian style either.

Still, it called out to me every time I went to browse the Wayfair website. Until finally there was a really good sale that I couldn’t pass up. And I finally ordered it.

Being Drawn Down That Lonely Road:

When I look at this painting, I am drawn down that lonely road between the stand of trees. It feels like I’m moving farther into the painting the longer I gaze at it.

Almost instantly I feel myself relax. Worries fade away. And that’s exactly what I need right now.

With my patio garden scorching and some of the plants dying before they can even form blooms, it is not calming to go out there and walk around. Not like it typically is.

Unfortunate Status Of My Patio Garden:

I look at my patio plants and just feel sad that this happened even before mid-June. It was completely surprising and disheartening.

I love my garden, love to watch it blossom and flourish.

But that’s not happening this year. Before I even see what color the morning glory flowers will be, the vines are dwindling back.

Oops! You can see the reflection of my shoes.

Changing Up The Wall Decor:

So I am drawn back indoors. And I’m changing up the walls to reflect the mood I want to be in.

I’ve decided to mix decor and not worry about certain styles. What does it really matter anyway? This is my home. Not a museum.

So I’ll be showing you various photos of what I’m doing. I’ve already switched up the dining room wall.

The red box holds Ivy’s toys

Decorating To Alter Mood:

You might want to think about creating a more soothing atmosphere as this long hot summer moves along.

And bring about a mood that is less stressed with calmer scenes surrounding you.

As for myself, my focus is now indoors where I have more control than I have this year over my patio garden.



  1. I have the same print that I bought about 20 years ago from IKEA! I’ve always loved it. At first, I had it hanging in our living room, but over the years as my decor has changed, I moved it downstairs to the family room.

  2. Do you think your garden is too hot and has too much sun because of the big tree that was removed? Or is it the heat.

  3. In my opinion, a picture of something in nature fits in any kind of decor!! And yes, one should make it something that fits their needs and feelings…who is the authority on such things anyway?

  4. I say finding something to look at that brings you joy is what true home decor is all about. Looks like you’ve found the perfect piece!

  5. I love that painting and it’s probably the perfect piece to have in your direct line of sight right now. Peaceful and calming!
    It’s easier said than done, trust me, I know try not to fret. Everything will fall into place as it should. Gentle hugs!

  6. At some point in life you realize that you’re not trying to please everyone else and that your home is for you. I have a very similar picture purposely bought for meditation.

  7. Brenda…maybe Higher power is sending a message through the garden, and through the ‘need’ to have the painting? ‘We are through here… time to go… just stay on your road..’ I’m not overly religious anymore, been totally turned off by the politics of ahem, ‘christianity’ but god sends me clues, hints and direction all the time. I just get quiet and listen.

  8. The weather here in Dallas has been different this year. Just this last week it had begun being hot. I had the two oak trees in my front yard trimmed. Now I need to plant grass because the sun can shine through now.

  9. I love the picture. Peaceful and serene.
    Here in Louisiana we have a good bit of rain, but our temperatures are more like August than June. Even if the plants are surviving, the gardener prefers to stay inside in the ac.
    I look forward to see the rest of the changes you are making.

  10. I love the painting. It certainly is calming and peaceful and I think it works beautifully with what you have… after all, it’s a scene from nature and everything goes with that. I think it’s very relaxing to look at and let’s your mind wander down roads we’ve taken & some we chose not to. I’m sorry about the patio garden. I know how much you’ve enjoyed it and the beauty you’ve been able to create out there. The one upside is it may give your back and hangs a chance to rest. Take care & be well.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I love, love that picture! So calming. It’s been hot everywhere so sad summer is blistering and winter is freezing. Excited to see what changes you are making. Thanks for sharing your home.

  12. Is your TV atop a stove? Love the sanseveria and devil’s ivy in your galvanized tub.

  13. I know how you feel … here in Arizona we reached 127 last week on our patio! My husband’s garden is burned (he really gets to garden in our winter) and my few flowers died before they could even take hold. So I purchased some metal flowers and decor from the dollar store and put them in my pots to give some color to my front patio and am finding that I like it and so do my visitors. My 4 year old granddaughter has been helping me paint some rocks in vibrant colors to make Nana’s patio pretty.

    And I love your painting — very peaceful.

  14. Good idea. I did a similar thing a few years ago, except it was a beachscape I found at an antiques marketplace. It’s a refreshing scene I can see from my couch when I’m inside so much during the long, hot summer.

  15. It is so difficult to grow anything on a patio with the blazing reflected heat. I’ve been picking wildflowers from along the roadside to bring inside & enjoying my houseplants more. I’ve even recently purchased some aquarium plants. I do have an aquarium with just a few fish but the floaters didn’t handle the circulation of my filtering system well. So I moved them to a container of their own & they love it! There’s just something about the water & a sweet plant growing in it that has soothed me.

  16. Great idea Brenda, changing things up in the house. I am dealing with health issues right now and going outside isn’t an option. Not to mention here in the Pacific North West we are experiencing record breaking heat. My garden is a mess and I can’t get outside to work in the yard. It’s just a discouraging time for me all the way around right now, but I abhor self pity. There is always something to be thankful for even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Altering some of the decor in the house is a positive step to try to increase serenity. Thanks for the suggestion.

  17. I love the new art. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done in the dining room. I, too, need a change of scenery inside. Your post has really inspired me. Thanks, Brenda.

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