The skies grew dark yesterday and it rained yet again. Seems the weather is angry right now. Its many moody changes are fast and erratic.

However my garden welcomes the rain unless it gets to be too much. At least I’m not having to water the plants.

Yesterday my daughter and Andrew came over after church. I made grilled cheese sandwiches. Andrew also enjoyed two cups of applesauce.

So let’s get back to the garden.

The sedum autumn joy is growing so high and thick now. In a few months it will have rust-colored stalks of tiny flowers.

Here are my tomatoes. I have about a dozen unripe tomatoes on this plant right now.

This will be my first cucumber of the season. I’ll probably slice it over a salad when it’s ready.

My compact butterfly bush is starting to bloom. The butterflies will love the little purple flowers.

Yesterday from my chair I could see a big white butterfly seemingly floating around the garden from the French doors. I didn’t get up in time to get a photo of it however.

The green sweet potato vine has latched onto my sun on the wall. I wonder how it will look as it grows around the spikes?

I didn’t think of this when I placed the potted plant there.

The zinnia seeds I planted are starting to bloom. I suppose this yellow zinnia will be the first to open.

My blue container bed is out of control again and the hostas and lamb’s ear are about covered yet again.

However there is one spike from the hosta plant shooting above the leaves with a bloom.

The lemon grass is quite tall now. What a deal that is. Buy a small plant for under $3 and it grows so high. Remember lemon also repels insects.

I’m going to have to run. Charlie hasn’t been feeling well all weekend and I’m taking him to the vet. I don’t have an appointment so they are planning to work us in.


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  1. So sorry that Charlie is not feeling well. Hope the vet will figure out what is wrong with him.
    Your garden is so beautiful. Everything looks so lush. We are having a heat wave right now, 102 today and in the 100’s for the rest of the week. Fire season is on full blast.
    Give hugs to Charlie and Ivy.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Sorry to hear Charlie isn’t feeling well. I hope he will be okay. Poor baby.

    Lovely pics of your plants. I have to get some of that lemon grass. So many plants, so little time, space, money!

    Will be sure to check tomorrow to see how Charlie is. Give him a pat from me.

  3. Hope Charlie feels better soon. I just picked up my sweet cat, Moose, from the vet’s office. I was gone to visit my grands for a few days and asked for my vet to check his eyes. Poor Moose is FIV positive which is like AIDS in felines. I found him living in a feral colony but he’s sooo not feral. Probably someone dumped him when they realized he was sick. I found him attempting to eat potato salad someone had left on the macadam in a Walmart parking lot. So for months I went every night to feed him and his feral buddies until I could finally trap him. He’s a love of a guy and taking care of him makes me happy. Love all your photographs. You are so good with photography and writing and decorating… the list goes on. I read your blog daily because it’s like hearing from a friend. Your visits have become a part of my day I think of as a reward. Hope Charlie and his ladies ( Mom and Ivy Lou) all stay healthy and have a good week ahead.

  4. Hope Charlie feels better soon. Poor Kaia has not been able to put any weight on her back left leg. Vet said it is her knee and she is on bed rest for another week. Praying for all our fur babies.

  5. holding only healing and positive thoughts for your beloved little Charlie Boy.
    he just quietly endures whatever comes his way. bless him!

  6. The stormy weather has had the animals feeling crappy, kinda like us humans. Hoping they can ease Charlie’s discomfort ..and your worry. We’re getting rain and thunder later here too, Two of my dogs hate it. Bleh.

  7. The plants and flowers all look wonderful! And sorry little Charlie’s unwell – hoping he will be better very soon.

  8. I hope Charlie feels better after his vet visit. Your plants are thriving from all the rain you have had. With a heavy heart, I had to let my “Molly” go last Thursday as there was a tumor in her stomach and she was suffering. It is always so hard when it comes on quickly.


  9. I hope that Charlie will be feeling better soon. I know how you worry when he is not well. I’ll say a little prayer for him… On a different note,I have not read anything of Jade recently. How is the tree going???

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