Day One Of Physical Therapy

I just got back from day one of physical therapy.

Kasi took me to my appointment this morning. She typically works on Tuesdays and Thursdays at her office that’s less than a mile from me. And she works from home the rest of the time.

Kasi and her husband have scheduled a vacation in Mexico and are leaving tomorrow.

Physical Therapy:

The PT guy (Brady) said I was doing well. The surgical wounds look good.

I was able to do some range of motion with him moving my foot. It was what he considered suitable for someone with my injury/surgery. And he was a little surprised at some of what I could do.

He said they’d never had a patient who had an injury ten years out and just after yet another surgery. I guess my case is a little unique.

Mostly, he moved my foot/ankle around to try to work the stiffness out. I have some exercises to do at home as well.

I will be going to physical therapy twice per week. My next appointment is Thursday.

When I first got home I actually walked from my chair to my dining table. Which was way more than I’ve been able to do so far.

I have ice on the left side of my ankle right now because it’s sore where he stretched it and worked with it. And where he had me push my foot against his hand as much as I could at different angles.

So it hurts now, but I kind of expected that after over three weeks of having a boot on and only attempting to stretch it at home a bit.

Fear Of Injuring My Ankle Post Surgery:

I told him I’m just very scared about damaging what’s just been done surgically. My doctor/surgeon made no promises.

In fact, he said that the surgery might not help at all.

But the nerve pain is gone, at least for now. And I rarely experience any other pain (so far) except when the walking boot rubs against the wounds. I have gauze and an Ace bandage around it, but the walking boot still rubs against the wounds.

So that is good news. It’s better than it was before the surgery for sure. But then again, the test will come down the line when I’m moving it more and actually walking on my own without a walking boot.

I told Brady that any improvement amounted to something. And the fact that I’ve gone three weeks without experiencing that awful deep bone pain seems miraculous.

What The Last Ten Years Have Looked Like:

Every year since I first broke both sides of my ankle in 2012, I’ve worn a walking boot to some extent at least 2-3 months out of the year. And I’ve been in pain a great deal more than that.

I haven’t been able to stand in line in a store in over ten years. I’m not expecting a total fix. I just want a better quality of life.

Which would mean less pain and more activity. I know I tend to push things, but I have been very careful since this surgery.

At night I even sleep with the walking boot on because I fear getting up in the middle of the night and trying to put it on. There are all these buckles that need to be tightened and the boot has to have a certain level of air in it.

In other words, I’m being very cautious and taking it slow. Because I’d really like to have some improvement after all this time. Even if it’s not much.

I guess we’ll see. Brady said we won’t know what limitations I will have until everything is healed and I’m walking on my own.



  1. Hi Brenda! I just researched lambs wool and mole skin padding for rub spots. Amazon had several options and I bet your local Walgreens does too! Maybe these would be helpful💕

  2. Brenda, so happy to hear about PT! Take it slow, do your exercises and I guess what and see where it takes you. I am happy you are not experiencing pain, that has to feel good after all of these years.
    Have a great week!

  3. So far, so good! PT, as you know, can be brutal. And exhausting. One day at a time…all on the road towards healing.

    I love that photo of Ivy all stretched out on her tower.

  4. Brenda..
    You are on your way.
    Congratulations……….won’t be long now, looking good!

  5. Can you ask your PT guy if there is something they can do about the boot rubbing? Some type of pad or something to protect you? Good luck with your PT.

  6. So glad to hear things have gone as well as they have, Brenda!! GOOD NEWS!! I was at the local doc today for my first appt with him…so helpful…sure like his ideas and he was most encouraged by recent blood work. So am I!! I also had some laser treatment to my recently injured knee…feels much better…won’t know for a bit if I have to have more treatments or not…but wow, as far as an easy treatment, it sure was!! I also let him sign me on to be a guinea pig…he is going to be doing some kind of trial treatments to help folks regrow hair!!! I figure it will be a near miracle in my case but why not an old woman like me…to try it out. It has to do with taking your blood, removing your own stem cells and putting into the scalp. So we shall see…sometimes maybe we have to be open to more unusual things to help us regain some health…or hair!!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth for stepping up to be a participant in a trial which could or could not make life better for just one more person. People like you are needed to continue to perfect medicines and treatments available as options work for some to keep them alive longer. Thank you again!

  7. PT sounds very hopeful.
    Down time enjoyment, Face Book “ A day in the life of a retired Gardener”, shared a post. A woman put a camera on her bird feeder. Really cute and fun pictures.

    Here’s to fast healing for you.

  8. I’m so glad to hear you are recovering from surgery so well! You must have been so relieved when the PT guy said everything looked good! I’m having surgery Thursday! Bladder lift and hysterectomy.

    1. Keeping u in my thoughts and prayers that your surgery on Thursday goes well Joyce and that u heal fast!

  9. That is wonderful news! So far all the reports pre and post op have been very good too.
    I see Ivy has some feline acne. Ma laden products can also help with that, plus the other precautions you have taken.

    1. Changing cat’s bowls to glass, stainless steel or ceramic helps. Usually plastic is the culprit.

      I can’t find the products you mentioned. Could you share the website? Thanks!

  10. Brenda, it sounds like your PT is really hands on and encouraging.
    Plus you have your girls and all kinds of folks in your internet circle to cheer you on. And then there is Ivy. Funny Ivy. You have this and you are doing great!!!!

  11. I’m sooo glad your first PT went well Brenda! Yay, your on the road to recovery!
    Keep cool and dehydrated!

  12. Ivy must have good balance not to fall off her cat condo when she is lying on her side like that! I’m so happy to hear that your first PT went well, and you are now entering a new phase of rehab. I so enjoy reading your blog every day and just know that you will do well! Blessings to you, Brenda!

  13. Sure glad to hear it’s going well. Just take it easy. It’s too hot to do much of anything anyway.

  14. This news is very encouraging! I hope all the rest of your PT appointments go this well, and that you will be up and running and feeling back to your normal self soon. With any luck, you’ll be feeling better in time to go out and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather and colors. It’s way to hot to be outside right now anyway.

  15. I love that picture of Ivy. She’s a crack up!
    I think your first PT appt went well. No pun intended but with baby steps things will, hopefully, be much better for you and your quality of life.
    Continue to take it easy.
    Enjoy your day, Brenda!

  16. Let’s hope you have a rapid healing period. I assume the PT will help you build up muscle tissue around the ankle and it will get stronger over time. That boot thing sounds like a monster. It’s too bad there isn’t something else you can wear that is less cumbersome that will still give you the support you need but not rub against the healing areas. That picture of Ivy on her cat tree – OH MY! She is quite the acrobat.

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