1. Love your blog no matter what you write. It is always interesting.
    Love your new haircut. When I had cancer and was taking chemo I lost all my hair. It came back curly. I love my hair short.
    Ivy looks so cute in her new catcave.
    Charlie always looks adorable.
    Still to cold to plant anything here in So
    Oregon. In the 30s most of the last two weeks.
    Love your blog no matter what you write, it is always interesting.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed visiting your blog Brenda. What a nice “cave for Ivy” – she sure looks comfy in there. Our Gracie is looking like an abandoned dog these days! As her groomer had to cancel, we would never try to groom her, so she will have to look scruffy for the time being. She will however get a bath this week. Have a good week.

  3. Love love love the picture of Ivy in her cat cave !! Agree with all the others. This is your blog & you should write what you want. If people get that offended if they read something they don’t 100 % agree with, then maybe they need to find something else to do with their tume

  4. Well, Brenda, as you can see by the number of similar responses from your readers, your tho’ts, feelings and opinions are valued by many more than not. I hope you feel supported and loved by those of us who look forward to reading your blog every day. “Enough said.”

    Three out of the last four days we have had sun here in lower mid-Michigan! I have been out in the yard beginning the Spring clean-up and can’t wait to get some planting done. Haven’t figured out how, where or when I can buy some plants yet. I don’t know whether the nurseries I usually shop for plants at will have them or not. Even if they do I’m not sure I will feel safe to visit them. We’ll see.

    Used my time at home this weekend to make Easter cards for my four grandsons since I couldn’t go to the store to buy them. It was fun—and time-consuming by the time I got the results I wanted. I was aware of the blessing of having the extra time to do it though. No great loss without some small gain, as they say. Anyway, it was very satisfying to be doing something creative.

    Take care and stay well, Brenda.

  5. Personally I appreciate your comments and opinions about the important issues of the day. You have an intelligent perspective that lends itself to intelligent discussion. What could possibly be wrong with that? And, after all, it is your Blog that you invest your own time and money on.

  6. Brian and I worked in the yard all weekend for hours on end. We raked out every single garden bed, bagged it all up, raked the front yard, cut down perennials, pulled weeds, uncovered the patio furniture, cleaned up the patio, put the furniture back on, cleaned the patio table (it was filthy), and planted radish seeds in a big pot. We’ve also been walking a mile+ every day around the neighborhood. It feels so good to be back outside again.

    If someone doesn’t like you talking about politics or religion on your blog, then they need to keep quiet and move on. Your blog, your prerogative to talk about whatever you want.

  7. Amen, sister. People forget that the first freedom our Forefathers put down in writing was the freedom of speech!! Speak your piece, that is what a blog is for, isn’t it?? And Emma Gonzalez is a young lady to be admired and emulated.

  8. I look forward to your blog,we have many similarities in our lives.
    There are entirely to many out there that just seem to be looking to pick a fight,life is to short!
    Those pics of the kids are just adorable,I like Charlie with a little scruff and Ivy just looks pleased as punch with her new possession.
    Cold,damp weekend here in NY too.
    Stay safe.

  9. This is your blog, please continue to write whatever comes to your heart. I look forward to your posts every day and seeing what Charlie and Ivy are up to!

    1. You’re right! They don’t. That’s one thing we still have that isn’t being sheltered in place.

  10. I LOVE that you changed your profile picture, Brenda!! What a beautiful smile, and so much JOY in your pretty face!!

  11. The country we knew, the one we grew up in…it is gone now, Brenda. It is really hard to see that. Perhaps things will be ok one day…maybe not…but meanwhile, all we can do is our best…and continue to care the best we can for others. One by one. I feel we live in one of the hardest times in history, yet I know there were other times that were so awful…somehow the majority of people do survive. We are fortunate that even though we are cooped up now…living so secluded…at least we have the internet and phones etc and can stay somewhat connected that way. I have heard a bit more from some friends…so that is a way to make things as good as we can!! (By the way, nasty remarks etc are the main reason I have never tried to have a blog…hope you can ignore the problem ones!!)

  12. Please everyone remember nonessentials like our own haircuts and animal grooming is shut down now for a reason. Please don’t bring a groomer to your home either for your own safety. If that groomer has been to another home and the virus is on someone in that home… well that’s how this spreads. If we or our animals look shaggy right now… we’ll so be it. We have to stop and think about what is essential and what isn’t. Think and everyone stay safe & be well.

    1. I tend to agree with you. Afraid to be around someone, although I think I’m going to have to go out really early to the grocery because the delivery people just cannot find toilet paper anywhere. I hate to go out, but there is none to be ordered online either. I have a mask I used to use when I sanded. Not very substantial, but better than nothing.

  13. Hi Brenda,
    This is your blog and you should write what you want to express. If someone does not like your views or what you are writing about they should move on. Being rude is never a good way to express you displeasure with something. I love seeing little Charlie’s face what a cutie. Ivy in her new cuddle looks adorable too.
    Have a good start to the new week.

  14. Brenda, this is YOUR blog. I come here every day to read your opinion on whatever is on your mind. If I didn’t enjoy your blog I’d just leave and that would be fine. I hope you never allow anyone to censor your voice. Please continue to be you. I enjoy seeing your projects, your decorating, your garden and, of course, seeing dear Charlie and Ivy. Be well.

  15. I look forward to reading your blog Brenda. It is the highlight of my day ! My daughter had an appointment to have her dog groomed and they had to cancel because of the nonessential businesses to close up .We have clippers for animals but he is afraid of them so we can’t do it ourselves. Someone mentioned about a groomer that will come to your house, we will have to check if there is one in our area!

    1. Years ago I tried to groom the dogs myself. Which is why I had the dog clippers I ended up shaving my head with. But they moved so much it was frightening.

  16. You are the LEAST offensive person online I’ve ever come across Brenda. Geez Louise! In any event, it is your blog and you have the right to say whatever you want on it. So many people seemed just primed these days to take offense at everything, no matter what it is. I swear I wouldn’t be surprised to see bloggers get into an argument about what is the best brownie recipe, that’s are combative some people have turned these days. It’s ridiculous. I’m a very politically active person and I make no bones about it. I know not everybody agrees with me and that’s fine, just don’t attack me personally like I’m some sort of monster because I have certain views. I’ve noticed, however, that people who cannot defend their positions logically tend to attack one personally rather than discussing the merits of their respective views. There is no reasoning with some people, they seem to think that calling another person curse words and slurs is “being strong.” Whatever. I’ve no time for such people. Today it is 41 here but the sky is clear spring blue – sooooo pretty, and the sun is warm. There is just a little bit of a breeze every now and then and then yeah, it feels like 41! But mostly it feels lovely. Isn’t it funny how we get used to our relative ideas of “warmth” and “cold!” Yesterday it was a little bit warmer once the sun came out but there was a bit of a wind so I was wearing a denim jacket, my beret and work gloves. I’ve made a good dent now in cleaning up the yards and the flower beds, but still much more to do. My nose runs like a faucet all year around, but for the past few weeks, oh boy, it’s like Niagara Falls and I never know when a sudden gusher is going to spring up. It’s a constant race between my tissues stuffed up my sleeves and in my jeans pockets and my Niagara Falls sinuses. Yesterday I raked up a pile of molding and very wet (because they were on the shady side of the house all winter) leaves that had blow in over the winter from neighbors’ houses and trees. It’s like my lawn is a hang-out spot for them. Amazingly, I’m not sore after raking for what seemed like hours, probably because I’ve been raking a lot for the past 2-3 weeks. As soon as it got above freezing outside and the snow had all melted away and the ground was sufficiently “dry” to support my weight without sinking down 2 inches, I was out there with my rake and the large black trash bags I use to collect yard waste. Several have been hauled away already, and many more yet to go. The trash bin is loaded again already – 4 big bags collected just since last Thursday, which is the pick-up day. Gee – I think I hear somebody out there now with a lawn mower going! Gotta go out on the patio and listen to see if I can pin it down. I have to sweep up the hazelnut shells from my squirrels anyway, may as well do it now. Charlie is SOOOOOOOO cute in that picture. It’s like he’s saying to you “Okay mom, I’ll let you take a good picture of me this time, but why you want to do that all the time I just don’t understand!” And Ivy in her cat cave, she’s just cracking me up. It’s funny – she’s so mischievous and playful, but there she is, snug as a bug in a rug.

    1. You sound like you’re very fit. When I get busy sometimes I tend to hurt more; sometimes I tend to hurt less.

  17. Ditto on all the comments above…we all have a right to our own beliefs, although when some are acted on, tragedy can occur, e.g., school shootings, holocaust etc. I loved your green ceramic Buddha so much that I bought a little one from Michaels…it was very inexpensive and holds a faux succulent. I love the glow from your green one but couldn’t find one in my price range. I read and enjoy your blog every single day…you are one spunky lady!!!

    1. I got my green Buddha at Homegoods, and I believe it was $29.99. I had one almost just like him a few years ago that broke out on the patio and I missed it so.

  18. It is hot here in Atlanta. 82° today. I’m not leaving my apartment at all this weekend even though the weather is beautiful. I guess the new shelter at home for the entire state of Georgia is working. My daughter said her street, which is very busy, had people walking down the middle of the road yesterday. I’m going to ask tomorrow about my garden space because I will probably order some veggie plants online. I am on day 22 of shelter at home. It seems like forever. As you know, you can’t please everyone. It’s your blog and you have the right to write about whatever you want. XO Laura

  19. Speak your truth!
    You are sensitive, creative, and a beacon to many!

  20. Yes, you can’t please everybody. You write what you want. I believe that’s what great debates are all about. My Ziggy is really shabby and so far no grooming with this virus. I will be taking some scissors to him myself. We have four more days of rain coming here in So Cal. Maybe it will keep people inside!!

  21. You should always write what’s in your heart if you want to, it’s a free country last I looked and we still have freedom of speech, for now.

    Did you know there are mobile dog groomers? My friend had one come to her house here in TX and it cost $75 I think. She just walked her dog out to them and they brought her back to the door when they were done. It took about 45 mins, they did the anal glands, toenails and all.

    1. Will have to check into that. I was just trying not to change who he went to due to his anxiety.

  22. What a success that cat bed has been. And Charlie looks adorable, as usual.

  23. I love your new lock!!
    I, enjoy reading your blog.??

  24. There is always someone you can not please. Love your blog and the thoughtfulness that you put in to it please take care and stay well.Your patio looks beautiful as always

    1. Emma Gonzales is an absolute ROCK STAR! I recently watched that show and was so inspired by those kids. Yeah, kids!

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