1. Now I’m planning to trot right over to Hobby Lobby asap and look at their lamps!!

  2. You hit the jackpot clearance sale..The lamps are great..good finds. I am a lampaholic and think they add so much warmth and coziness to a home. So nice your neighbor could be blessed with your other lamps..and know she was happy. :0) .. Thank you for sharing your life and posts..like a little book. Love it. Have a blessed New Year in 2020, and best wishes to your Ivy and Charlie, too. Cheers.

  3. Brenda, I really like the lamp with the beaded lampshade. It is very boho. But the fireplace looks really lonely all by itself on that wall. I can’t imagine that putting something non-flammable next to it would be dangerous. Like a piece of pottery or the galvanized tub of plants on the floor. Or even a metal stand of some type. I think you might be taking the instructions to a little bit of an extreme. It’s not like you leave the fireplace on, unattended, all night or while your gone I don’t imagine. But you have to do what you are comfortable with.

    You certainly did get some good bargains at Hobby Lobby. They have unique and attractive merchandise but I don’t shop there as I don’t like what I know about their employee policies regarding the health insurance they provide.

    I want to do major decluttering in my house in 2020. I have accumulated so much stuff over the thirty years I’ve lived here and with my daughter and her boys living with me now with their stuff it’s just too much. Although, she is a purger by nature so she hasn’t accumulated much that she doesn’t use. It’s me that’s the problem! Anyway, that’s my intent and focus for the New Year–clearing the clutter! Wish me the ability to stay focussed!

  4. I like the new bedroom lamp! Just FYI for you or your readers, FB Marketplace is a great place to get lamps, too. People redecorate all the time and get rid of their lamps – cheap.

    Your fireplace – could you move it over to where it’s covering the outlet? I know you have to keep it a few inches away from the wall, but you could still do that. Also, is it ok to have a TV on top of the fireplace – the heat won’t damage the TV?

  5. I get in the same mood at this time every year. It also helps me to de-stress when I clear out clutter. Today I did my pantry. I think I will slowly over the next month go around the house and de-clutter. I also de-stress by reading your blog and looking at your photos for inspiration!

  6. Cute lamps!! GOOD deal too!! Charlie looking really nice here…healthy even!!

  7. Hi Brenda – Happy New Year! I am moving to a new place in NW Houston and looking forward to using inspiration from your beautiful boho changes to decorate. Plus, I will get a prayer plant and maybe a couple more indoor plants to brighten things up. I haven’t had indoor plants in a long time. Thanks for all the ideas and sharing so freely here.

  8. The lamps are cute and you’re right – deals too good to pass up and you were also able to pass along what I’m sure were very nice lamps to a grateful neighbor, so you did a good deed for yourself and a good deed for someone else. The list of things that aren’t going out of fashion (in other words, not trends), many of them are time-tested classics and they are around for a reason. I don’t say things like “oh I’m going to STYLE MY BOOKSHELVES today,” but I do ARRANGE them and sometimes even RE-ARRANGE them, LOL. I don’t speak 21st century, I’m still firmly grounded in the 20th century. That’s an adorable picture of Charlie. He looks so young and perky in it, cute as a button. Regarding the cord for the fireplace/TV stand. Since you are able to put it right up to the wall, it must have a heat shield on the back. I would try attaching a large command hook to either the wall or the back edge near the top of the fireplace/TV stand that is farthest away from where the heat source is, and then loop the cord around it a couple of times to take up and hide the slack – see if that works.

  9. Love your new lamps!!! Making a trip to Hobby Lobby real soon– like therapy just walking around there.Your home is lovely, cozy and welcoming.Love ” visiting” every day

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