Decorate With Simple & Very Frugal Ideas

Have you ever laid something down temporarily, then found that you actually like it there? Such was this frame on my trunk.

I didn’t plan to leave it there. I just didn’t have time to find a place for this pretty frame. And then after a few days, I found that I liked it there.

There are all kinds of little frugal tips to decorate and accessorize your home, if only you think outside the box.

I’m sure many of you would think this idea a bit tacky. But I don’t have the tools and the wherewithal to put a drapery rod over the window in my bedroom. So what did I do?
I picked up a very cheap bed sheet from Walmart. (I think it was $6). I folded it into thirds, ironed it, then simply nailed it up. Then I strung a pom-pom garland across the nails. Yes, nails are a bit tacky I know.
And this is my window treatment, such as it is.
Have an old bowl somewhere stuffed back in the nether regions of your cabinets? Bring it out and put it on display. I put this one on my kitchen island and put popcorn packets in it.
It’s super close to the microwave, so I just grab one, take off the plastic wrapping, and pop it in.
I liked the added bit of color this place mat gave to the white island.
Maybe you don’t have adequate storage in your teeny tiny bathroom. Use what you have. What I had was a basket and an old box. I nailed them up on the wall and they serve as storage.
Try corralling your cutting boards in a box on your kitchen counter. It looks organized and tidy.
I’ve been debating for weeks what color to paint my sewing machine table you see here. I knew it would have to sit quite awhile, plus have a protective coating, before I could put my peachy shelf back on it. 
So I took the easy way out. I had scraps of oil cloth that I simply placed under the shelf instead. Easy peasy solution and I didn’t have to paint.
I couldn’t figure out what to do with this cheese shredder. So I coupled it with this tiny little blue bench.
I put those cheap brackets on the back of the little bitty bench to attach it to the wall. Then I placed a small jar with a candle in it underneath the cheese grater. 
I like the way the candlelight glows through the grater.
Instead of merely putting your dish soap next to the sink, do it with a little style. I used a pretty little ceramic tray to hold the soap, and it elevates this little area to look a bit more special.
I don’t have a ton of cookbooks. So I put them in a basket on the counter. Easy to get to. And the basket adds texture to the space.
I picked up these two cans that were already attached together long ago and put my manual can opener and scissors and such in them. 
But it would be super easy to take cans, cover them in scrapbook paper, and hot glue them together for the same effect.
There are so many ways to decorate your home with what you already have.

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  1. Tacky? Nope… inventive! I like it 🙂

    That cheese grater with the candle in it is genius! You're home is cozy and inviting, but even more than that, it's you 🙂


  2. So many great ideas – your home is so attractive and cozy! I am always spurred on to make some changes after seeing what you have done in your own home, and doing it on a budget, too. Thanks!

  3. It all looks so pretty Brenda! I don't think the sheet nailed up is tacky at all, whatever makes you happy is what I say, it's your house!! Sometimes I think people get too carried away with things anyway, sometimes simpler is better!


  4. I like your decorating and organizing ideas on a budget! I don't think your bedsheet curtain is tacky at all – in fact, I think it's rather ingenious. 🙂

  5. All amazing ways to decorate with simple style solutions, but my favourite is the fantastic foundation of those mosaics on your back splash!! Truly bohemian!

    See you at Tweak, tonight!


  6. You have great ideas Brenda. We are all glad that you share them with us. Your bedroom curtain looks just fine. I have gotten so I use those expand a rods from Walmart or such store for my removable curtain rods too. I can hang whatever suits my fancy that day to use as a curtain or just a topper. I too burned by fingers picking up the grater after having a candle burning in it for awhile. dah…. I should have known better. But,love the candle glowing through the holes! Keep up the good work….

  7. I love the creative ways you've used things in your home. The frame on the coffee table looks like a pretty tray. I like the blue bench hanging on the wall and the way you covered cans with scrap paper for pretty containers.

  8. Your kitchen looks so pretty Brenda…. I was looking at the pictures and I thought "she should put a candle under that cheese grater" and then I scrolled down and saw you did… you're so smart 🙂

  9. I see so many people on Instagram posting the things they are buying at Michael's, Home Goods, etc. and everything looks alike. I far prefer to shop my home and use things in unexpected ways. It saves money and space. I don't need to buy anything new!

  10. i love your window! It looks so fresh with its simple clean lines.. And I think I can do it! I, personally, dislike heavy, formal window treatments. To me they look kind of like old lady or funeral home. I'm giving this idea a try in my bathroom today! Then, who knows!

  11. Super adorable ideas! You have a great eye for decorating and keeping things cozy 🙂 Have a great night!


  12. Great tips. I have used push pins to holdup mini quilts. I used paper clay to fix the built in soap dish that cracked from something on the wall t fell off. Also where some tile chipped away. He it worked. I even painted it. It is still holding up. One time my clown friend and I were returning from a gig and we hit a big pot hole and part of my bumper stating to fall off. So here we are two clowns in costumes typing up the bumper with rubber balloons and duct tape. It held for a couple of weeks til I got it fixed. You would never guess who drove by and honked, Ronald McDonald Seriously, I cant make these things up, hah.

  13. I don't think you need to be apologizing for anything…those ideas are cute and very creative Brenda! Especially love how you tack boxes on the wall for shelves…great idea! 😉

  14. No no no! Not tacky at all but very creative and cute! You need to give yourself credit for thinking up all of these cute decor ideas! I love the candle under the cheese grater. I placed a candle under mine one time and touched it and burned my most dainty finger! It was hot as all get out!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  15. I like the red curtain. I bet it makes the quilt pop or vice versa. I'm a tack person myself. If it can be hung using tacks with the clear heads, and you would be surprised how often it works, then I'm all about the decorating.

  16. I love all your ideas. I have used sheets many times as curtains. I used place mats and a tension rod once on a kitchen window and enjoyed changing the mats out to get a new look.

  17. I do the same kinds of things with my items. Love the colors you are using. Like the window treatment too. I've used sheets for window treatments lots of times and lots of different ways. Nothing wrong with that!!

  18. I for one love the window treatment, great pop of color in the bedroom. I'm always excited to see what you have done. It cheers me up so much!

  19. I like your window treatment idea with the sheet and pom-poms. I love to do such window treatments because the cost is right. I once draped feather boas across the tops of the windows in my daughter's bedroom when she was young. I also have stretched clothesline across the top of windows and clipped pretty hankies to the line with clothespins. I also have decorated windows by simply lining up my collection of Cats Meow brand wooden houses along the top of the window frame. They fit just right. Thanks for more glimpses into your cozy apartment.

  20. Great ideas! The blue photo frame looks really good on your trunk- kind of like a tray! I love the way you think outside the box 🙂
    Emily xx

  21. Yesterday I went through my cupboards to refresh my hutch, curio and kitchen table. Cathy, from My 1929 Charmer gave me ideas for my curio cabinet by using handkerchiefs, I pulled out my Grandma's I had put away and you know what? Along with my dishes & precious things from my family, it's really a sense of belonging and love. Use what you have is what I've learned from bloggers. Bring out the keepsakes and honor family. I like the Rosemary box too. Good ideas Brenda, Kathleen in Az

  22. I have always used place mats and cloth napkins to add some little pops of color and pattern. I like to used them to group items together for display, much like a tray would be. The frame looks good on your coffee table/trunk.

  23. You are so clever! I love the cheese grater with the candle.

    If you stick a coordinating sheet of scrapbook paper into your aqua frame, it would make a nice tray for your trunk.

  24. I have a pretty large ceramic bowl – red and white stripe that I keep on the counter like you and keep snacks in it – it is the kind of big bowl that grandma would have made her bread in if you had a grandma that baked every day. Love what you have done with the place and I don't think your window treatment is tacky – what is tacky about a bedsheet is when you just hang it to completely cover the window and cut a slit up the middle so you can see outside!! I have seen this believe me 🙂

  25. These are some great ideas Brenda! I just fell in love with that 'Rosemary' box on your kitchen counter since that is my new Grands name. Do you know where you got that box? You always inspire me to look at things in a new light and yes, hang things on the walls!!!


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