When the money just isn’t there to spend, you have to use your creativity to figure out how to spruce up or redecorate your home.

Rearranging existing furniture is always a good way to spruce up a room.

Change out paintings and wall decor. A pretty frame with vintage doilies makes for a really gorgeous and feminine look.

If you have leftover paint from another project, paint decor pieces or furniture for a new look. Something old and tired gets a whole new lease on life once repainted.

A weathered vintage cupboard looks fantastic holding white dishware and ironstone pieces.

{Photos courtesy of BHG.com}

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  1. I agree…moving furniture around is my favorite things to do, too. I love pretty quilts with a passion but I like them folded and stacked instead of on the walls…I love how different us bloggers are and how we are able to share with ea other our likes and dislikes….so so much inspiration and it keeps me hopping, trying new things.:)

  2. I just rearranged our furniture and the things on the shelves and it gave my living room a whole new look! I'm going to try some of these other tips to update our house!

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