Today I have another view of my living room to show you. I just got it arranged yesterday, though I’m not entirely happy with it because the furniture looks bunched together.

I’m posting a little late today because I got a phone call from someone I hadn’t heard from in some time, and wanted to catch up.

Well, I didn’t notice that part of Ivy is in the photo. But there she is, perched on the arm of the couch. The above photo isn’t as clear as I’d like, but you get where things are.

I did get quite a bit done in my bedroom yesterday, so I’ll be showing that soon. Like hanging paintings on the wall and things like that. There’s still a bit to get sorted out in there.

The dumping ground has been the other bedroom and the closet. I can barely walk into my bedroom closet, so I’ve got to focus on that soon.

My TV diagonal from my recliner close to the patio doors

View From The Recliner:

This is my view from where I sit in my recliner.

The portable fireplace is kind of an eyesore being so close to the other furniture, but it’s directly across from my chair. This is important when I watch a little TV at night.

I enjoy that little fireplace, which I can turn on with a remote. So I can watch TV and at the same time, if it’s cold, enjoy the fireplace as well.

I don’t like looking at the vertical blinds. But I have ordered brackets so I can hang my curtains (that I used at the other apartment) hopefully in the next few days to hide the vertical blinds.

And I’ve been told not to take the vertical blinds down, so that’s just how it is.

In Decorating A Wall In My Living Room , here are a couple of new plants in the galvanized beverage tub close to the patio doors

House Plants:

I missed having house plants, so I got these two at Under The Sun. Teri will be bringing a couple more that she’s been holding for me at her house.

I can’t use them all, because little Gracie is one nosy creature and I can only have house plants that aren’t toxic. Which some of mine were.

That painting is level with the ones on the adjacent wall, but I can see I have a bigger gap than I’d like between that and the house plants.

So I have to place them where she can’t perch somewhere and nibble on them.

I took most of the house plants I had at the other apartment outside when Gracie came to live with us. I did the same with Ivy.

But Gracie is more tenacious about getting to them. Whereas Ivy was curious for a little while but lost interest in them quickly.

The paintings I hung on the wall over this piece of furniture
I had these paintings in my former bathroom

I told Teri just to keep most of the others because I don’t want to risk Gracie chewing on them. She’ll climb to get to them if she can, so I have to keep them out of reach.

Unless she’s an acrobat and can walk a tightrope to get to those in the beverage tub, then I’m safe with the ones in there. And I read that the prayer plant is not toxic to pets.

This Wall Leads To The Hallway:

Beyond the wall where you’re seeing this furniture is the hallway that leads to my front door.

If you go left you can go into the kitchen. If you go right this hallway leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here is a photo I posted back in November so you can see how the apartment is laid out.

One of you, I think it was Jan, said going back to look at this photo helped her see the whole apartment layout better.

In Decorating A Wall In My Living Room, here is the layout of he apartment

I have decided not to take the other cabinet doors off in the kitchen. At least for now. It’s just too much climbing and more work and I have to do all that with a walking boot on.

Tomorrow I see my ankle doctor and then go to the chiropractor so he can help with my back and hip.

Three white pitchers as decor on this piece of furniture along this wall

Stacks Of Things That Don’t Belong There:

I’ve been busy as can be as it is, trying to get this place sorted out.

You probably know how aggravating it is to look at stacks of things that don’t belong in stacks in the first place.

But I’ve got to limit myself. And oh, do I hate to do that!


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  1. Hi, my friend! I actually think that’s a clever use of your space, having the tv and the fireplace on the corner like that! I would not have thought of it. It makes it perfect for your evenings, as you wrote!

  2. I’ve found that the first thing to do when moving is to put things where you think you want them. Then, after living with them for awhile, suddenly new ideas come to you,and then you re-arrange. Maybe the cabinet doors stay on for now, until you’ve got everything in its place, and then, you can sit back and focus on the cabinet doors and figure out what you want to do. All in good time.

  3. I moved into my apartment May, 2020 and I’m still coming up with a brainstorm and start moving the furniture like I’m playing chess. The tv is in an awkward place, but you will come up with a great solution….you just have to think about it for a while and it will come to you. As far as the vertical blinds, I have them, can’t take them down, but find them very handy for complete privacy. I put up curtain rods, the kind that have curved corners so they stand away from the blinds and really nice curtains over them as well as all the other windows and it really ties together nicely. I have tiebacks for the curtains, “NICEEC 2 Pack Strong Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks Upgrade Nordic Simple Style Drape Tie Backs Double Color Weave Rope Knot Decorative Curtain Holdbacks for Home & Office Window Drapery” They are around $11 each and are the coolest things I’ve ever used. Fabulous. Check them out on amazon.

  4. It’s going to take awhile to finally figure out where to place everything. I know you want things done as soon as possible, but with furniture configuration and being in a walking boot, these things might take a bit longer. Try to be patient…it will eventually all fall into place!

    I think the portable fireplace with the TV on top of it looks too crowded where you have it placed. Since you already have a fireplace in your living room, could you put this portable one in your second bedroom? And put the TV either in there, or in your bedroom, maybe on top of a dresser? I know you will figure something out – you always do!

    Good luck with your appointments tomorrow. I have to take Clem to a vet dentist. She broke off a fang! It is one thing after another around here. Right in the middle of still mourning Monkey. I’m going to try to do a blog post about all of it tomorrow.

  5. Brenda, you have only been in your place a few weeks, I know it is bothersome but it is true what they say, you have to live in your space for a bit. Trust me, I have been in our house for 7 months, I am changing rooms almost weekly and moving furniture around. In fact just yesterday I changed the living room again. You have to see how you live in the space, things you think work, don’t, things you loved in your old place will work in the new place but maybe not.

    Take your time, unless there are piles of stuff that you are falling over, I would wait a bit. Take out the things you use and need, then clean your closet in the bedroom and put everything else in the spare room until you figure out what you want to bring out. Just a thought from someone in the same situation that you are.

    Take care of yourself and your foot.

  6. Brenda, could your problem with the space above the plants be solved by setting something down in your tub to lift the height of the plants?
    Maybe it might help letting things settle where they are until you get your curtains up. I think your curtains will make things look quite different, and perhaps make spaces look more filled in, which will require some adjustments. Your curtains will add a lot of color, and interest.
    I’m sorry to hear about your neighbors wife. Perhaps helping you understand the lighting, and possibilities of your new garden space will be helpful in his grieving process.
    I’m also glad to read Teri is better. She is a good friend to bounce ideas around with, and being there she has the spatial perception that photos can’t provide.
    Good luck with your ankle appointment.

  7. Brenda, your new home looks so good, & so quickly!! Where is your red Cabinet that was in your kitchen & bedroom??
    That was so pretty!! What if you take down the kitchen mirror & put up shelves for pretties? Can your electric fireplace go in your extra bedroom, call it your den, with TV & cozy chair for you to relax in!! You had a bookcase that could fit in there, also. I’m so happy for you Brenda & waiting for bedroom reveal!! Relax now & take a deep breath!

  8. I think you have to just try a few different things and maybe you will figure out something. You are working with a whole new layout so it probably will take some brainstorming to get things right. I am glad you are loving your new space.

  9. Brenda, I think you should hang a wreath on the kitchen mirror and curtains would look nice on your kitchen window. Everything looks great in your new apartment except I would move your electric fireplace and TV into your bedroom. It looks really awkward where it’s at now. Having the little fireplace and TV in your bedroom would be a nice way to relax in the evening. Of course, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with. It’s your place and it’s not necessary to please us with your decor. Do what you want and enjoy all of that extra space. You have so many options now!

  10. and……remember the decorative ‘wood’ thingy you had on the front of your kitchen cabinets in your old apartment? I don’t know what you call them, but one of those
    would look good under the large painting that is over the tub of greenery……..

  11. Brenda, I’m AMAZED at what you’ve accomplished! And I LOVE the way you ‘angle’ furniture! We all have our personal preferences, but know you will find your ‘happy place’…..and then change it a dozen times thru the years! That’s your creativity at work! I like the different suggestions about your kitchen mirror…one thing I would try is a landscape poster behind a faux ‘window’. I bet Kendra or your ‘assistant friend’ who helped you move, could help you…
    ….and the window blinds: looks like you have normal size windows (not patio size), so the blinds could be tied to each side, and your curtains installed to hide them…have some kind of sheers that could be easily pulled for privacy at night….
    Just my 1/2 cent’s worth !

  12. I don’t think anything looks bunched except for your fireplace/tv unit. It’s awkward on the corner and juts out. The rest looks great to me! I thought too, to put the fireplace in front of the one the apartment has or just put it in another room. Your tv could go on the cabinet next to the little chair. Either way, you’ll figure it out after you live with it a while. So far what you’ve done is great and I don’t think it lacks coziness at all! I’m curious to know how you like the extra space?

  13. I love Jan’s idea to try out putting the portable fireplace in front of the built in one and the TV mounted above the mantle. Consolidates them, frees up floor space and will eliminate wall to wall furniture. It would give you one focal area in the living room. Would be fun to see how that would work out. Love how you have so many furniture placement options to try out and to consider! You’ll find just the one that feels right to you.

  14. L…you have the fire place that came with the apartment….how about putting your fireplace in front of it, your tv on top of either one, swing your couch and chairs around to face the fireplace – that’s one seating area. Then create another seating area to face the windows…or an “office area” …or a “reading area”…or a “play area” for the kitties….

    Those are my suggestions….

    I am enjoying seeing the progress you are making in your apartment…I am sure it will be as cozy and warm as your previous place!


  15. Someone mention how much they like you home but something is missing. I believe it is the coziness of seating areas. I know you live alone and things are set up for you. I do believe a seating areas would solve that out of sorts look.

  16. You’ve gotten a lot done in a very short time. I think you brought up a good thought. You mentioned the artwork on both walls is the same height. What your eye may be picking up on is that the distance between the tallest item on the cupboard to the bottom of the floral print is less than the distance from the plants to the bottom of the tree print? Maybe if the white space was an equal distance you’d like it better?

  17. I understand why management wants the blinds kept up but your curtains will be an easy fix and cover them. Looking at the floor plan helped me put the pieces together. I am glad you have a pantry and outside storage space. As pretty as you make your home remember the reason all your blog friends love you is that you are real. You don’t have an assistant that goes in the basement with 50 tubs of treasures to stage your home. I do enjoy those talented ladies that also inspire us but most of us don’t live like that. We are about the same age and I am getting tired just watching the progress you have made. Take your time and live in your home for awhile before changing the things that bug you. Since the kitchen mirror reflects light, tape fabric over it for a few days and live with it. Do you miss that light? Hope all goes well tomorrow and you feel better. Enjoy your Sunday.

  18. Could you hang some smaller plants in macrame hangers from hooks installed into the ceiling high enough off the floor and far enough away from furniture so that Gracie can’t get to them? The holes left by the hooks would be easy to fill in with spackle when you move and touch up paint with a water color brush if necessary. If you’re not going to be using the apartment’s fireplace, could you put your portable fireplace heater in front of it and put the TV on the mantel of the apartment fireplace? You could also have a movable flat screen TV holder/arm attached to the wall above the fireplace so you could pull the TV out for viewing and angle it wherever you want to see it from. You would probably have to rearrange your living room furniture so your recliner could view the TV and be close to the fireplace heater, but putting the TV on a movable arm would provide more flexibility for furniture arrangement.

  19. I love how your apartment is coming along, you have done a lot since you moved only a couple of weeks ago. I agree about your fireplace it does seem to crowd the other items but then if it is where you would like it I would live with it for a bit and see if you get used to it.
    Ivy and Gracie seemed to have settled very well in their new space.

  20. I love what you’ve done but something is missing for me. Can’t put my finger on it. LOL It’s definitely a journey or process but you’re getting there.
    Oh, I’m so glad you posted a picture of the floor plan. I’m very visual so now I can picture everything where you’ve placed it. For instance as I was looking at the floorplan I was saying “oh I see now where that is. I know, silly!
    BTW, I love the plants in that tub.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  21. Regarding the mirror over the sink, what about a faux window with a scene on the back and hanging from the top of that area. Or a piece of fabric on the back of the window…it could be changed seasonably…there are so many great cotton fabrics out there now. Just a thought that came to me yesterday. Have fun and enjoy your decorating.

  22. Because I have changed my mind about things I thought I would do with my house I’ve learned to take my time about deciding on house things. It’s good to live in the space for a while before trying to figure out where everything should be in living and kitchen spaces. You’ll learn how you need space to function comfortably, what you want to look at and where you want to look at it as you spend more time there. It’s less tiring to let things gel over time than it is to be moving things around. It’s amazing how cats can figure out how to get up on things and especially if they want to chew on a house plant. Chloe hasn’t been a plant chewer, but, she has climbed right into a potted plant and crushed it. She doesn’t like succulents and leaves those alone. One question. Is the apartment fireplace gas and is it more economical to use than the electric one that you brought in? Your portable fireplace might be a good addition to your bedroom or office space as well, assuming there is space for that.

  23. Well, you’ve only been in this new apartment a short time. Give yourself a pat on the back, and also a break!
    Eventually, everything will be lookin good, and more comfortable!
    I know you love plants!
    Important to be concerned re them all. Easy for Gracie to get sick.
    Funny, but I’ve never been a personal fan of plants. They are okay, nice enough, just never had the time, patience or even room to properly care for.
    The reason apartment owners do not want renters taking down the provided blinds, is so that everything looks neat and orderly from the outside.
    People can be very messy/sloppy. So, when looking into these various rentals, the views are much better when these windows/doors look all the same.
    A neat appearance is the goal.
    Glad you decided for now, to leave those 2 kitchen cabinets intact. They look good!
    I also love your stove.
    So nice to have!
    As the weeks and months go by, you’ll continue to have lots of fun with your decorating Brenda!

  24. You have a great window in ur kitchen!! WHAT IF….. you put shelves across that window for ur plants? Or WHAT IF…. You took the mirror down and put shelves on that specs for all your pretties. You could even prop a small mirror there and layer??

    1. Nice ideas!
      The mirror in the kitchen bothers me. I’d leave it alone though. Try to minimalize w/plants.
      As long as Gracie cannot reach.
      Guess mirror was probably for good luck or something.

  25. So happy to hear you are pacing yourself. That is difficult when you see so much that needs to be done. It will not be long until you have things settled and can take the weekends off. I have learned to do that.

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