I’ve been working on this wall in my living room for the last couple of days.

First I tacked the quilted throw up with thumb tacks. But it looked kind of lonely all by itself. So then I added boho wall decor on either side of the quilt, reminiscent of another time.

But something still didn’t feel right. So I ordered these metal flowers from Amazon.com and hung them over the quilt with jute.

Remember The Term “Flower Child”?

Decades ago, there was somewhat of a “movement.” I was a bit young but I still recall some of it.

Flower child originated as a synonym for hippie. Especially among the idealistic young people who gathered in San Francisco during the Summer of Love in 1967.

It was the custom of “flower children” to wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations. These flowers symbolized the ideals of universal belonging, peace, and love.

Much of the 1960’s bohemia came about due to an activist movement of “love not war.”

My metal flowers represents the flower child.

I still wasn’t quite happy with how things looked. So I added a faux lamb’s ear garland I had in my closet. It seemed to add a soft frame to my boho quilt.

It is so cozy sitting in my chair. Gazing out the French doors at the wind rustling the leaves on the evergreen tree that hangs over my fence.

The fireplace kept my toes warm and toasty.

I stared at my boho wall and thought that the world needs peace not war.

Right this very moment.

Especially this moment in time when there is so much suffering.

In this vein my flowers and boho wall is a symbol that what the world needs now is love, sweet love.

For your enjoyment this Saturday morning, here are the actors from “Broadway For Orlando” singing “What The World Needs Now Is Love.”

Turn up your volume and listen to the beauty of their different voices.

And know that one day there will be better times. That we will be in a better place. Even if that place seems faraway right now.

I’ll be working on other areas of this room and the dining room and will show you photos later.

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  1. Your room is beautiful and I love the boho style. I’ve recently read that minimalist decor is on it’s way out and moving toward a more “curated” or “collected” vibe which is what I feel you’re doing. I say leave the trends to “those people” (who ever they are?) and do what makes YOU happy. I love the colors and the joyfulness I feel the room has. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I Love your BoHo Flower quilt ,Brenda! loved the colorful quilt paired with the metal flowers and the garland at the top; everything came together beautifully! I loved the music video and powerful rendition of “What the World Needs Now” because we certainly do need Love in these very troubled,unsettled times both in our Country and Worldwide…. Thank You for sharing….

  3. I hate to play favorites, but you can serve me up some Linn-Manuel Miranda any day of the week! That was a treat. Thanks.

  4. Your wall re-do brings to mind memories of my teen age bedroom. As a reward for making the A-B honor roll in my sophomore year my father let me, much to my mother’s chagrin, decorate the room any way I wanted. To her credit, although she was not pleased with my “hippie” style, she respected my need to express myself and tried her best to accept my choices. That being said as soon as I moved out on my own the room was transformed to comply with her “early American” style.

    These days I prefer a less is more, clutter free decorating style for myself but I do enjoy seeing how you and others decorate. I’m glad your ever evolving decorating brings you peace and tranquility.

  5. The wall looks great! I really enjoyed the song. I was in that era and the song brought back so many memories. You are right, what the world needs now is LOVE!

  6. I love how your wall looks, I would never have thought about hanging those flowers over the quilt but it really does finish the whole look.
    I think a lot of us wish for, long for peace. I don’t know what we can do for world peace but we can start at home. Lets begin with being kind to each other and hope it catches on.

  7. What a beautiful quilt! Your home looks so cozy and inviting. Wish I was sitting in front of your fireplace right now. It’s cooold outside😁

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