Decorating Finds

I found a few things for myself at Tuesday Morning the night I went to my daughter’s house. I bought her the mortar and pestle, but I got something for myself and Ivy as well.

There was this sweet little table l fell in love with.

Since my income tax appointment went far better than I thought it would, I bought it for myself to put in this exact spot.

When I find cat toys that are just a couple of dollars I usually get them for her, as she so loves to play.

Charlie never played with a toy in his life. They were wasted on him. So I love that she enjoys them so much.

However I didn’t want to sit or stand and hold the end of the stick so she could play with the feathered end, so I stuck the stick part inside the sideboard drawer and it holds it for her.

What is it about feathers and cats? She has a big time squirming and jumping and grabbing at the feathers dangling down.

On Thursday I sat with my granddaughter for awhile because she was out of school sick. Then her mother took her to the doctor yesterday.

Marley had eaten a banana before they left because her mother didn’t want her to take medicine on an empty tummy.

Her mom said she got in to see the doctor and began throwing up so violently her nose was bleeding. Poor child.

I have only thrown up twice that I can recall in my life. I know that it isn’t pleasant. I hope whatever this is passes soon because it’s just miserable to be 11 years old and sick and stuck at home.

After I left Marley I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things to make taco soup. and I bought this gold garden stool while I was there.

I’d seen it the time before, thought it was so pretty but had passed it by.

However I know how much these things cost and it is a good size so I wasn’t passing it by again.

You can see it a bit better here.

As I was leaving the store with it in my cart one of the women working there said as I passed by her: “Oh, I thought I might buy that beauty for my friend.”

Well, too late now. And there was only one.

I’ve learned that when I really love something and it’s a good price and I go home without it, I usually regret it if I hurry back and it’s been grabbed up already.

A girl’s got to have a little bling, and this sure fit the bill for that.

With extra care I placed it in my car. And with equal care I carried it inside while a neighbor walking by held the door open for me.

I put it in the very place I envisioned for it at the store. Right in front of the little table with the pretty scroll cut outs.

I think my daughter is having photos of the flip house taken because it’s finally finished. I’ll show them to you when I get hold of them. She did a remarkable job on that little house.


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  1. Love your new decor finds…they are perfect for your home. How in the world can we get through this Winter without a little bling, for sure!! I believe in living it life is short..and lucky little Ivy..can we say spoiled. lol ;0) … That must be a really bad sorry for your Granddaughter and hope she will be well soon..I know yall are worried about her. :0( ….. The taco soup does sound great and nice for Winter, for sure. Thanks for sharing your life through your lovely blog. So nice hearing your daily updates. :0)!!!!

  2. The taco soup sounds delish! So nice that you did not lose out on the garden stool before it was snapped up by another shopper.

  3. Oh, poor Marley. I hate throwing up worse than anything. I hope she’s doing better by now.

    I love your new little table. What did you have there before. I can’t remember. And your garden stool is definitely blingy! I can’t imagine it being out in the weather of the garden, though. Seems like that would ruin the finish. I think it really does go with the boho look you’ve been experimenting with, too. I vote for keeping it inside–maybe with a plant on it.

    Glad you got to spend time with Marley despite her being sick. I bet it was comforting for her to have you there. That’s what grandmothers are for–being a comfort when Mom can’t be there.

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and peaceful with your fur babies.

  4. I love your garden stool and the table you put it with. I think we all need a little bling.
    I love reading about your kitty and dog. I have a cat Pumpernickel who goes crazy when she smells bleach. It can be in a cleaner, for laundry or a new container not owned yet. She’ll roll all around and rub her head. She’s crazy!
    Or for

  5. Love the table and the stool, isn’t it too precious to put it in the garden? I think so.

    You seem very upbeat now Brenda, so happy for you.

  6. So sorry that Marley is so sick. Love your finds. There is a Tuesday Morning right down the road from me that I have never been in. I will have to check it out.

  7. The gold “blingy” garden stool is really cool! Sounds like your granddaughter might have picked up some kind of stomach virus or possibly has the flu – we’re in flu season unfortunately.

  8. Things are really going well for you, I’m glad you got to watch Marley, even though I’m sorry she is sick. The stool, the income tax situation, I’m glad you’re happy. I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the flip house!

  9. Cool finds Brenda! I agree that everyone does need alittle bling in their life!
    Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend with your fur babies and your family!

  10. Will you be using the garden stool in your garden? I’ve seem them before and didn’t realize it was a stool. What is it made of? I agree every girl needs a little bling in her life.

  11. Hi Brenda, I am enjoying your blog very much. I am in Melbourne,Victoria Australia, so we are right in the middle of Summer,and Iam sure you have read about the awful Bushfires we have been having for the last few months.
    But fortunately, appart from some heavy days of thick smoke haze and a recent dust storm, we are fairly safe and unscathed here in Melbourne,which is a beautiful garden city with very temperate weather most of the year.We have beautiful colourful Autums and springs,and mild winters,Summer can be long ,and with the odd heat wave when we find ourselves sweltering through 100+ temperatures.
    I just wanted to tough base with you and let you know how much I enjoy your blog and sharing on your daily journey in your part of the world.
    Like you, I am a creative soul,I love crafts,like embroidery,I do a bit of painting,sketching,and love Jazz and classical music while I read as I am a voracious reader.
    i enjoy decorating, I love plants,flowers,birds, all nature.I have a small collection of Turttles (figurines),but thats another story I”ll share in another ocassion:)
    anyway, I hope to keep on reading your blog and sharing,I have been thinking of starting a blog myself,its been an idea for quite a while, maybe this is the year it will finally happen.My blog would be around wellness ,as I am also a qualified Aromatherapist,and have run many live workshops on the topic,So, who knows,the year is just getting started.
    I hope you have a great,relaxed day and weekend.

    Lots of blessings,
    Maritza Burgos Rivas

    I am still working in Social Community Services for more than 20 years!,though I am now beginning a new career in Teaching at College, where i hope to end my working life,

  12. I love that garden stool!
    Planning on adding a bit of bling to my house as well:)
    My 2 furbabies are like Charley,they play for a few minutes and just leave the toys,their favorite is Temptations treats…so that’s what they get.
    Here’s to hoping you don’t get what Marley had,those stomach bugs seem to spread like wildfire!

  13. That table is adorable.

    I love that you are connecting with your family more and more. Wonderful for all of you.

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