Today is when I try to get last minute errands done before my left eye surgery tomorrow. I can’t wait to be able to see well. Three weeks looking at the world with such disparate eyes is getting old.

I’m going to pick up a few groceries this morning. I try to plan ahead and not be gone long due to Charlie getting upset over my leaving him.

I think he fared much better when Abi was here to keep him company. I got to thinking about it yesterday and realized that this is the first time, these months since Abi died, that Charlie has actually been alone when I’ve been gone.

I had two cats before Abi and Charlie. Then I moved here and my ex got the cats, to my dismay. But I had to follow the divorce judge’s orders to divide the pets. 

Then Charlie always had Abi. Now he is alone. So no wonder it stresses him.

Vintage mason jars and white dishes

I went out on the patio yesterday and cut a few plants back. I told myself I wouldn’t. But then I vetoed my own ruling.

My pepper plant has gone from producing lots of green pepper plants. To producing orange peppers that then turn into red peppers.

I don’t think I’ve ever planted peppers, or not for many years anyway, so is this something they do at the end of the season?

Red pepper plant on my patio

The peppers have slowed way down in producing and growth. I do like to watch the colors changing, just as something different in the garden. A garden is made up of all nature’s seasons.

I can’t eat the peppers, I quickly learned, no matter what color they are. I’ve been giving them to the apartment manager lately, whose husband loves them.

Charlie and I had a quiet Labor Day. I didn’t go out at all. I seldom do when I think a lot of other people might be out in the stores and on the roads.

For supper I had an egg salad sandwich, a dill pickle, baked beans and chips. A simple fast to prepare meal. 

And Charlie of course had his beloved egg. My goodness he gets so excited when he hears me crack the egg shell in order to peel it off.

Along with his cut up egg I give him his antibiotic squished into a chewable for joint pain, and the liver supplement the vet told me to give him.

My living room chair, etc.

I had been wanting to make some fabric pumpkins for fall. But I haven’t been able to see well enough to do something like that for three weeks, so probably won’t get around to it.

I was looking around here and thought: where would I put them? I don’t have a lot of surface space right now.

I don’t have a coffee table set up in the living room. I don’t like to clutter up my table where I eat. And the table at each end of the couch is pretty “spoken” for.

I have various projects I want to get started that are not fall related. It seems in recent years I have strayed from decorating seasonally as much as I once did.

I no longer like to see a lot of things gathered in one space. As I get older, it seems my views have changed in that area. I look back on old photos on my blog and see that I have all manner of decor gathered in vignettes.

I liked that look then. I don’t now.

Well, I’m off to run those errands before it heats up outside.

Are you decorating for fall?

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  1. Hello, I am praying that your surgery goes well today. Also praying that a solution is found for Charlie’s anxiety when you are gone. When we had a dog (Jack Russell/beagle mix), we always put her in her crate when we were gone. She thought of it as her house, and it’s also where she slept at night. She was so cute about putting herself to bed in the evening — around 9:30 pm she’d get up, look at us as if to say, “I can’t stay up with you night owls any longer,” and then trot off to her crate in the guest bedroom. She felt very safe there. Like Charlie, she didn’t play with toys, but when we gave her one she immediately took it to her crate and stuffed it in there. It probably is too late to get Charlie used to the idea of a crate, I guess. Again, here’s hoping and praying the day goes well.

  2. I hope Charlie does well with his new medication. Getting home as soon as possible post op should help.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  3. Leave the TV or a radio (talk show) on when you leave Charlie. The talking on the shows will keep him company.

  4. Sending my wishes for a successful surgery tomorrow. Also, that you are able to get a clearer picture of what Charlie’s health issues are. I hope after you are home from the surgery you and Charlie can just veg out and spend a relaxing rest of the day and evening together.

    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this but I was wondering if you had heard of or tried the “thunder vest” that is supposed to calm nervous dogs. I’ve never seen one but it’s supposed to be a snug-fitting little vest that helps calm the animal during stressful times. For some dogs that would be during a thunder storm. thus the name. It might be something that would calm Charlie when you are away or he might hate it. You’d probably need to start him wearing it when you were with him to get him accustomed to it. Just an idea. We all want so much to help that little boy deal with his nervousness and fear.
    Best of luck tomorrow, Brenda!

  5. Glad your surgery date is here! Prayers for a successful surgery. Also, pray that Charlie will be ok while you are away. Seems like he must get very anxious without you. Maybe, just maybe, a kitten would be a great match and a comfort to him. .
    My parents always had peppers that turned red. They seemed to be sweeter than when green.
    Again, successful surgery!

  6. Brenda,
    I’m so excited for you to have 2 working eyes tomorrow. I remember how awful it was waiting for the 2nd eye to be done. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Charlie tomorrow during your surgery.

    1. PS ~ could you put Charlie in your bathroom while you are gone? Take up any rugs, and leve him with some water? That would help contain any messes…

      1. He’s never been confined to the bathroom. That would make him worse. Any time he’s been in there with me he kind of freaks out if I shut the door when someone is here. I’d rather clean it up.

  7. Poor Charlie…must be so hard for you, Brenda. You are so loving to him and take such good care of him. Hopefully the new vet med will help him be calmer and not so stressed. And it will be so good for you to have this surgery behind you so you can just heal and forget about it!
    I have done a little decorating at the lake…our other place is just full of moving stuff. I am finding I am starting to edit a lot more, too. Getting rid of lots of stuff with this move…

  8. Brenda, I was wondering if the vet ever determined what the “strange cells” were in Charlie’s urine, or what the growth in his bladder is? I have heard of bladder stones…. I am not a vet of course, just been worrying about the little guy.

    1. He hasn’t done a biopsy. Just two ultrasounds. But Charlie doesn’t make it all the way through the ultrasounds because he gets tired and lays down. He has a bad back and it hurts him. I’m kind of afraid of a biopsy because I read that can spread those cells. After I get this surgery I’m going to press the vet on what we can do because this wondering is going to do me in. I just get so worried about Charlie and then I’m stressed and then he’s more stressed.

  9. I leave the radio on for my dog all the time and certain songs he sings to. I have even left newspaper on the floor, but he never uses it. He also gets a special treat just when I leave my house. I put it in a gallon water container, bent just a little and it takes him no time to get it out. Lol. I have a special toy too, that he gets when I leave. That’s what works for me!
    I usually decorate my downstairs the 1st of Sept, but it’s still hot this year and I also want to paint first, b4 putting everything up. I don’t decorate that much upstairs though. I also decorate my parents house for Christmas, since 5 yrs ago. I don’t have many Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, like I do with my Christmas ones though.
    Wow Brenda, just think by tomorrow you’ll have 20/20 vision! Have a great day!

  10. As I have mentioned before my sister in law is a Veterinarian. It warms her heart so much when her patients have wonderful and loving pet parents like you are.
    I am praying the new meds will help Charlie.

  11. Would it be possible to get 1 of those carriers you wear like a purse to take him with you if he likes the car of course.
    There’s a product called Rescue remedy,its all natural,comes in drops or a spray,we used to use it for thunderstorms,it worked great on our dogs.

    1. I take him places where I can. He stresses when I take him too. He shakes. Maybe he’s picking up on my stress. Or he needs a companion. I don’t know what to do. But I’ve got to see him through whatever is wrong with him because it might get really expensive before I think about another pet to keep him company.

    2. I was going to mention Rescue remedy. It worked for both our Goldens. Here you can get it at a drug store that carries natural products.

  12. I don’t decorate for Easter or autumn anymore, the house I’m in now is smaller than my former home and the fireplace mantel doesn’t have a wall behind it – so that cuts out a lot of decorating right there. I used to up up seasonal art work at the old house, for instance. The mantel is also much smaller than the fireplace I had at my former home – that one was a built-in gas fireplace, just loved it. Just a lot less space to put things and hang things. I also find that I don’t like the fuss and bother – only during certain times of the year. The fireplace I have now is gel fuel, and I love it, but it’s portable and smaller to fit the smaller size of the house and my living room, and the gel fuel doesn’t require any outside venting. I get the look and heat of actual fire crackling behind a chain mail screen without worrying about cleaning up ashes if it were a wood-burning fireplace or venting to the outside if it was a gas fireplace. I use it quite a bit in the winter time, if only for the ambiance during the holidays. I love to sit in the living room with my Christmas light all ablaze and the fire going in the fireplace. The fuel comes in cans that fit inside holes hidden behind the ceramic logs, so you can’t see the cans, only the flames that appears to be coming out of the logs. It’s a pretty good effect – and warm! The cans each last beween 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I still like decorating for Christmas, it makes the dark days of winter and the awful cold we can get here fade into the background a bit. It cheers me up to pull out all of my things year after year and sort through them, switch them around sometimes because I don’t use everything every year, and even add to them – like my cardinal decor, and my red/black/green/gold plaid accents. I like the rich colors, too, they lend a feel of comfort to me somehow. I almost can’t stand it when it’s dark out by 4:30 p.m. and always look forward to the Winter Solstice in December, after which the days grow longer again, even though only minutes each day. It’s already depressing me that it’s now dark outside here by 7:30 p.m. Yikes! And it’s still hotter than Hades here, and dew points in the tropical range – above 70! So now it’s getting dark earlier and earlier and I still can’t enjoy sitting outside, it’s just too uncomfortable for me and hard to breathe the thick air, even just sitting still trying to read is uncomfortable. I haven’t grown peppers much. I remember one time one pepper on a green pepper plant I had grew sort of half red and half green, but that was it. Our growing season is different here than where you are Brenda, shorter. I’m just hoping I get a few more tomatoes off my lone plant this year before it gets too dark and too cold for it to survive. It didn’t do well this year at all, compared to the production I got off my lone tomato plant last year – when I was plucking and saving green tomatoes to ripen indoors into November when the freeze scares got serious and I couldn’t protect the plant by covering it anymore!

    1. The only tomatoes I get now are bad, so I have to toss them. I don’t know what kind of disease they have. Haven’t had this happen before. But they have cuts down the side that look like a knife made them.

  13. I will usually change out the wreath on my front door, with minimal fuss inside too. Some pretty ceramic pumpkins and a coordinating jar candle does enough for me. They will go on top of my tv armoire on a teak tray with a burlap placemat. I like to layer things like these.

  14. Well, he did not do well while I was out. Read my above comments so I don’t have to write it again please. I have been combing through blogs on my Lovely Reads list at the top of my blog looking at what bloggers are doing right now in decorating. It inspires me and makes me want to do stuff. But have to wait till after tomorrow to do anything.

  15. My decorating urges seem to come and go. I am excited about decorating for fall and for Christmas this year. Last year I did not feel as well (had the flu) so rest was more of a priority than decorating. I do love the large selection of pumpkins — glass, fabric, sponge, decoupage, etc. — that are available in the stores this year. And I do like to look at the fall flowers that are already available at the garden centers (of course here in northeast Florida, it is still in the high 80’s during the day and high 70’s at night so it is really too early for the fall flowers). I love browsing websites to see front porch ideas and hope to copy a few for my own front porch. Maybe it is just the hint of a bit of coolness in the breeze this past week that has me excited about a little bit of cooler weather.

    Thinking of you and hoping your second eye surgery goes smoothly and successfully. Hope that Charlie has a good day today while you are out and about. At least in the next week or so, you should be at home with him quite a bit while your eye heals. He will certainly be happy about that. Take care.

  16. I guess I’m in the minority. While I hate clutter, my pumpkins and autumn decorating has been out for a week now. I just love it, doing vignettes and groupings. That looks so much better than little things scattered all over the place. I use trays, bowls, placemats as a base. It pulls everything together in a more cohesive way. I love autumn.

    I allow myself a limited amount of tote boxes for each season and don’t fill beyond those so it keeps stuff down a little.

    1. When you use a base like a tray, etc, as you mention, it seems to limit the cluttered look because it is more cohesive. Wise choice!

  17. I really like simple. I used to decorate too, but now, it just seems to get lost in all the rest of the stuff I have. I’ve decluttered quite a bit – like you downsized all my decor, but somehow it’s no different. I thought maybe to simplify in that I choose one area to dress up a bit. Maybe a table cloth and some mums. But I live in AZ and the dust is out of this world! I look at everything in terms of dusting, then I just decide against it all.

    1. Oh goodness, I don’t think I could take worse dust than there is here. I wonder if yours is even worse there? Oklahoma is so flat there is nothing to stop the dust.

  18. I do very little decorating as I get older. In fact, I’ve got to go through my fall items & see what I can take over to a consignment shop. You’re getting rid of items & getting paid at the same time. Works for me! Hope Charlie does fine when you are gone….I’ll be praying for your little guy!!

    1. Well, diarrhea when I just got home this morning does not bode well for me being gone tomorrow for surgery. Read above comments.

  19. I couldn’t stand it and so I actually decorated for fall and winter last month. I brought back my colorful living room area rug, added my large ottoman to use as a coffee table, and changed out the throw pillows and added more wall decor. Everyone who has seen it says they love it much better than my minimalist look Haha! It seems cozy but a bit too cluttery for my liking, but it is feeling pretty homey.

    1. Well, edit what looks cluttered. Only take away one thing at a time, then stand back and look at it. Then maybe put those things in another separate vignette.

  20. No I never decorate for any occasion now. If someone was coming over for Christmas I may decorate then but if its just my husband and I (and Dexter our cat) I really can’t be bothered, I would rather do something else then spend the time putting things out and then having to put them away later.

    i too never go out if I think there will be crowds in the stores or lots of traffic on the roads. I get irritated sitting in the car that doesn’t go anywhere fast because of volume of traffic. I would rather stay home and spend the time in the garden or doing crafts. Haven’t done much of that lately because of renovations going on, we just had new flooring laid and I couldn’t believe the dust it caused, so that is my priority right now to get the place free of dust and then to get the painter in.

    Glad to hear Charlie is doing better, he is such a dear, he reminds of my cat who is very nervous and hates visitors, he usually hides until they have gone.

      1. Separation anxiety maybe, something like that. Maybe the medicine to calm him down given within a certain period before you leave will help him. Or, since Charlie looks small enough, perhaps you could tuck him into a large bag and carry him with you when shopping, etc. I’ve seen other people do it with small dogs. It doesn’t bother me, and since they’re in in a bag, confined, I don’t see why it should bother anyone else, either.

  21. If you can’t eat any peppers, then you probably have a sensitivity to nightshades. Do you feel sick or “off” when you eat potatoes or eggplant, too? Those are also in the nightshade family. And yes, peppers go from green to yellow to orange then red, depending on how long they’re left on the vine.

    Egg salad sounds good in this hot weather. I can’t eat baked beans though, as I can’t digest beans anymore. One bite would be about all I could handle. I’m either just going to make a veggie stir-fry tonight or BLT sandwiches. The farm stand down the road has the best tomatoes.

    I hope Charlie does OK today while you’re gone. I need to go run some errands today, too. Have a good day, Brenda!

    1. I never eat egg plant. I can eat potatoes. I just got back from running errands. Rushed as fast as I could and was gone an hour and a half. Came home to diarrhea on the floor. No blood thank goodness. Obviously he can’t take me leaving him. I don’t know what to do. Called the vet and they said come get medication called Composure. Guess I’ll have to take him with me. As tomorrow and for a week I won’t be able to lift him.

      1. Poor Charlie, he is really having a hard time. I know it is hard on you too. Hope your eye surgery goes well tomorrow.

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