1. I was really impressed with the way you displayed how sticking to one color palette works well when using leather furniture. I’ve always been interested in trying out leather as a material for my furniture, but I didn’t think too much about what kind of style I would go for or the colors I would use. Sticking to one palette could definitely make things easier for me, so I’ll keep that in mind when I shop around luxury furniture stores.

  2. I could use your help in putting my living room together. This house is contemporary….and im trying to add a little bit farmhouse to its decore, but dont have a clue….

    1. Head over to Pinterest. Put in the Search box something like: adding farmhouse to contemporary home.

  3. I could never entertain leather anything, to me its the coats of so many animals that have been cruelly killed for human use.

  4. I love my leather chairs! I just pray that my old girl doesn't tear the leather jumping up and down – she struggles so much to get up there now. Poor old girl!

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