Tips For Decorating With Leather Furniture

my living room

Leather furniture can look cold and uninviting. But there are lots of ways to warm it up.

My furniture, just to be transparent, is not real leather. But it looks the same. At least to me it does.

By choosing one color palette, in this case shades of blue, these accessories give your room a very unified look.

This chocolate brown couch/chaise and ottoman is rich in depth.

If you like a neutral palette, you can liven it up with neutral accessories and give it texture with greenery. 

This chair might look a bit lonely in this corner, if not for all the green plants that adorn the room. Plants lend life, color and texture to the setting.

Using them in corners “round” the corners making the room look less boxy.

You can procure a more rustic look with the proper accessories. Adding varied casual pillows, flowers and lamps lends a warm farmhouse feel to the room.


This look is more contemporary and classic. The caramel colored sectional is played up with darker brown tones and the addition of bookshelves, end table and coffee table.

A gallery wall, with objects collected in primarily one color hue, gives this room personality. The wicker coffee table adds texture. 

This living room with two leather chairs use a patterned ottoman to serve as a coffee table. Anchored by a beige area rug, this room looks polished and cozy.

This is more of a feminine look with the pink blush and white accessories. The plush rug adds softness to the room.

Black and white is always in style and lends a touch of elegance.

These two chairs are look nice and comfy in front of the bookshelves. Add a pretty pillow and some layered paintings and you’ve got a nice little library reading spot.

Accessories are key to adding more warmth to leather and faux leather furniture. 



  1. I was really impressed with the way you displayed how sticking to one color palette works well when using leather furniture. I’ve always been interested in trying out leather as a material for my furniture, but I didn’t think too much about what kind of style I would go for or the colors I would use. Sticking to one palette could definitely make things easier for me, so I’ll keep that in mind when I shop around luxury furniture stores.

  2. I could use your help in putting my living room together. This house is contemporary….and im trying to add a little bit farmhouse to its decore, but dont have a clue….

  3. I could never entertain leather anything, to me its the coats of so many animals that have been cruelly killed for human use.

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