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  1. Barbara Underwood says:

    They are all beautiful. Of interest to me are the wooden tiles. I have a patio and would like to cover the tiles we have with the
    Wood tiles.

  2. Isn’t it fun to see what people can do with a very limited balcony space? I love it! You found some really great examples here. Have a great night, Brenda! xo Diana

  3. All these balconies are lovely to look at as well as inspiration for decorating. They make me kind of wish I had a balcony! I do have a deck, though and any of these suggestions for decor could be applied there, I think.

  4. We have a tiny balcony like the first photo at our vacation rentals, with curvy wrought-iron railings and all. Just enough for two chairs (exactly like those) and a little table. I think we’ll add some flowers like geraniums or petunias–that can take the sun because it faces south–pretty soon. When the space is small, it’s best not to clutter.

    1. And you could add the little flower boxes that hook over the rail and have beautiful geraniums and other types in it.

  5. I love all of these balcony areas. AND, it really would not take a lot of money to do something like this. Go wild, I say! Buy everything when on sale, which happens a lot during the summer months when it comes to patio furniture.

  6. All are beautiful. I love to carpet an outdoor space. My husband does not especially if its on a deck as he hates the thought of the deck staying wet after a rain storm.

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