I decided to put a decorative film on my living room window. I like the look of it better than the look of the window, so that was a cheap fix. More on that below.

I went out this morning to the grocery store and to pay my rent. The manager is apparently afraid to drive on the roads, so had to drop my check in the slot. I didn’t have any problem driving around, but then I drive a four wheel drive SUV.

At the store I bought two pounds of ground beef and I’m going to have Nathan cook us a meatloaf. I’m sure his would be better than mine, and he always has all the fresh veggies to add in.

Me, I add a meatloaf packet and breadcrumbs, then ketchup and milk along with eggs and call it good. I will be anxious to see what he puts in it.

My doctor called and said I was low on potassium. So I got bananas and dark greens for salad. I don’t know what else you can do to up your potassium. Guess I’ll Google it like I do most everything else.

Lawsy it’s cold outside! I still have not bought any gloves and there was ice on my windows this morning. Took a lot of scraping so I could even see out.

I.Am.Ready.For.Spring! As you can see in the photo above, I’ve got my old gardening magazines right next to where I sit and have been idly thumbing through them.

My little Duraflame stove is hissing along and I’m thankful to have it. This is the coldest winter I recall in a long time around these parts.

After I checked out at the Walmart market I was steering my cart along ready to leave. It was early and not many people were out yet.

There were two men just standing in the middle of the space to get to the door. Truly just standing there. I had to ask them several times to move so I could get going.

I don’t know about you, but when I stop to chew the cud or whatever they were doing, I get the heck out of the way so other people can pass me. Well, me chewing the cud while in a store would be a rarity. I’m all business when I’m shopping.

This is Charlie just a bit ago. He has the strangest expression on his face. Kind of a dumbfounded look.

Then instead of saying “oh I’m sorry to be in your way,” they just kind of gave me the old stink eye. Well get on out of the way and think of someone besides yourself.

Yesterday I was in Home Depot buying window film for Nathan to put on my living room window. I asked when I walked in where it was. She told me Aisle 13. I go to Aisle 13 and it isn’t there.

So here comes this man who worked there on one of those little scooters. And so I ask him. He says go ask the window guy and points his little section out. I ask the man sitting in the window section and he says: “Ah no, they’re all the way at the other end of the store.”

I mentioned to him that I was directed to his section for help. In other words I wanted him to show me so I wouldn’t have to keep circling the darned store. But he proclaimed that he didn’t go down there and deal with that kind of thing.

Okay, suit yourself. Sit there doing absolutely nothing and make me go hunting for it. The woman at the front who first directed me felt bad when I told her and gave me a $15 discount.

I asked her what all these men had to do that they couldn’t help a customer. And she said: “I don’t know. This is why I am single and live alone.”

My thoughts exactly.

So now it’s on my front window and it looks a lot better. Not only that, but I don’t have to put the shades down at night and it will help block the sun when summer gets here.

Speaking of sun, there is none to be found today. Just a cold gray overcast day.

We’re ready for you, springtime! Any old time you want to waltz on in the doors are wide open for you!

When I bought this film I wasn’t thinking of Ivy not being able to see out that window as well anymore. Oh well, at least she has a smorgasbord of birds to watch from the French doors. And that’s as close as she’s getting.

I was buying Charlie’s medication at the vet’s office the other day. I haven’t been able to locate them online. Enalapril and Salix I think is how they’re spelled, since I don’t want to get up and go look.

Anyway I asked the woman if I should start giving Ivy adult cat food. I’ve been feeding her kitten food so far. But Ivy is far from a kitten in size now. She told me to go ahead and feed her adult cat food, so I picked some up this morning. Ivy is about nine months old now.

And right this minute Ivy is proclaiming that it’s lunch time, aside from the fact that I fed her breakfast just a few hours ago and of course it’s all gone. She thinks it’s lunch time around 10-10:30.

Of course I got window film with leaves on it because it reminded me of nature. What do you think? Have you ever done this to any of your windows?

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  1. Just a suggestion you might want to check into. Ask the vet if he/she will call those meds in to your pharmacy. I work at a pharmacy & we have a few furry customers ? We are told we’re much cheaper on prices.

    I enjoy all of your posts & look forward to them. I’ve been following you several years. Hope your weather improves. Here in North Alabama it is WET!! Been raining off & on, mostly on, for a couple of weeks. Lots of flooding.

  2. I love the window film. I think I will try it on some of our south facing windows. As for people standing in the way of shoppers, my husband and I were at a very busy pharmacy getting his prescription filled. There were only two windows open and a long line of customers. One man finished getting his prescription and then proceeded to stand in the way talking to another man. The pharmacist tried to get him to move, but he wouldn’t so I told my husband to go on up and say, “Excuse me!” and go to the window. Well, that insulted those men and when they walked by me they said something snarky, but I just smiled. I have no patience with unmannerly people.

  3. I really like the window film on your window – looks great, will let in a little light, and offers privacy.

    Meatloaf is so easy to make. I don’t think there’s anything you could do that would make it turn out bad. We don’t eat it often, but when I do make it I like to use a combination of ground beef and pork. Instead of using bread crumbs, you can try using oatmeal. And you can even add in a little BBQ sauce of Worcestershire sauce to give it more flavor, too. Sometimes I like adding some sauteed onion and peppers. I use eggs for a binder but I know some people use a little milk, too. But what really makes a meatloaf good is making a simple sauce (mixture of ketchup, little mustard, little brown sugar) and brushing it on during the last 15 min of cooking time. Or, some people lay bacon strips across the meatloaf too, while cooking. There’s so many variations – it’s fun to experiment! 🙂

  4. Brenda it was the strangest thing! And it’s JUST me I’m sure,,,,,but I saw the window film (beautiful design) and felt this tightening in my chest like claustrophobia a bit? Like I knew I should be able to see out but couldn’t. I’m sure once inside and focused on the beautiful patio, it would be a non event to even notice. Not having people see in is a huge blessing. Light coming in always, also a blessing. There’s never a chance to pull back a drape though and see who’s out front or anything. Somehow that scares me a bit.

  5. Another couple of good sources of potassium are melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, casaba, etc.) and raisins. A doctor told me years ago that, pound for pound, raisins would be the best bet for helping keep potassium levels up. I don’t know if you take a diuretic or not, but some of them are potassium-depleting. Doctors usually want you to increase your potassium-containing foods first to see if that will keep your level within normal limits. If not, he (she) may prescribe a potassium supplement. You don’t want to have a deficient level or a high level — both are dangerous. “Within normal limits” varies from lab to lab, hospital to hospital; but generally, it is 3.5 to 5.3 (easy to remember — just reverse the numbers). I love your blog, and I hope all the changes you’re making in your lifestyle help you to be more comfortable.

  6. Really like that film on the windows. I know you are going to enjoy it and it adds a bit of privacy. Amazon carries loads of that film. I was going to use it in my bathroom then went for one of those pleated shades as it fit perfectly.

    Ivy has lots to see on the back patio. She’s not being denied anything. I have my nine mth old cat on reg adult food now. She is a scamp also. Just full of it.

    I too use an egg and oatmeal in my meatloaf. The oatmeal acts as a binder. Never tried carrots. Then I pour ketchup on top and sprinkle with brown sugar. So yummy.

    Try looking at valleyvet.com. We order meds for the horse from there but I ckd and I think they have both of his meds. You just need the vet to call them in w the prescription. It’s on file for a year. I know the meds there were like 50% cheaper than the vet could sell me. We are all into savings.

    We still have rain in store for us. At least we’ve had a few days to dry out. And Calf is out of its drought. Yeah. Have a good weekend and can’t wait to hear about the meatloaf. Nathan sounds like a wonderful guy. I’m happy he is there for you.

  7. the window film sure is pretty, but what about ivy? She is used to looking at the outside world from those windows. I guess if you want to keep it you could have a hole cut in it for her. I hate the thought of keeping a cat inside for all of his or her life and I know we are told of the dangers of the outside for cats and of course there are some. I have had cats all my life, they have been allowed outside (I monitor them) and none have come to any harm. I liken it to myself not being able to leave my home ever, I would go crazy.

  8. Love the window film. I’ve never seen it before. How clever you are! From your description of your view out that window, the film would be a vast improvement. I really enjoy your posts and the pictures of your fur babies. Stay warm and enjoy that meatloaf!

  9. I love the window film Brenda! It looks so pretty and Nathan did a great job of putting it up for you. I’m glad that you don’t have to take Potassium supplements just yet. If you can get what you need from food, that is definitely the better way to go. I get aggravated at those who just stop wherever in the store to chit-chat. And you are right, they don’t seem to care that they are hindering others. Hope you had a great day! Love and hugs!

  10. I imagine Charlie looking at Ivy and thinking, “Well I’ll be doggoned. What is she up to now?” Dumbfounded is a good description of the expression on his face.

    Hmmn, the window film is interesting. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it before. I have a friend that bought a kit and painted the window to her front door to look like stained glass which I tho’t was rather attractive from a distance, but not so much up close. I think the film would be nicer, especially for privacy.

    Yeah, it’s still bloody cold here, too. No snow for two or three days, just cold. I think we all are just chomping at the bit for signs of Spring. I was thinking today that I would maybe go to the grocery store and splurge on a bouquet. I usually buy some daffodils in March when they hit the stores. They are my favorite Spring flower. I find the smell just heavenly.

    Nice idea to get Nathan to make some meatloaf for you. I used to make a pretty good meatloaf following my mom’s recipe but haven’t made one for a long time. It is one of my favorite meals, though, with baked or scalloped potatoes and a nice cole slaw. Yum, I’m making myself hungry! And I’ve already had dinner!

    You and the fur babies stay warm! Hugs and pats!

  11. I’ve run into the exact same problem at Lowe’s! The men just kind of stand around talking to each other. You ask for directions as to where something is, and they just direct you rather than go show you… and half the time, it ISN’T where they say! Only one time has an employee actually walked with me to the spot and showed me.. and guess what? that was a woman! I had to laugh when that lady said that’s why she’s single and lives alone! She’s the smart one! I HATE having to wander and look for things, as I have a bad knee and when I start walking around in the stores, it starts hurting, so it’s not easy to just go up and down 10 million isles! The window film looks pretty, though may be a little dark in the winter.. but I can see how it’ll be nice when/if the sun comes out! We’re buried here in central Oregon under about 30 inches of snow. I hate it! Marilyn

      1. In our town, the Lowes parking lot is nearly empty at all times…and Menards’ lot is always much fuller!

        Makes a statement, eh?

  12. I like the window film idea! I’ve seen them in catalogs (Harriet Carter, I think) and really with me being at ground-level in my apartment, it would be a good idea! …. Chuckled ruefully in agreement at what the cashier in H.D. told you ;>

      1. It sure does. As well as a crapload of sugar. And artificial colors. Basically, poison in a bottle. It’s unfortunate that most doctors don’t have a clue as to nutrition. Stick with real foods – bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, avocado, yogurt, apricots, etc etc (you can google) – and you’ll be fine.

  13. I like the film on the window. I want to get this to put on my side window that I hung my old farmhouse window over the top. I cannot put blinds or drapes on this window so I am thinking of getting this film for privacy. I am glad you love it and it was easy to put up.
    Have a good evening and rest of the week.

  14. Oh Brenda you have inspired me once again. I need that window film for my laundry window where the next door hippie likes to peek in! It’s behind the washer and dryer so really not a window that overlooks anything. Beautiful choice too.

    Oh and it’s so dreary here in OKC too. this is one of the grayest winters I can remember for a long time. Reminds me of living back east. I want my Oklahoma sunshine and also planning and pining for being outside playing in the dirt.

  15. Home Depot is going into the toilet – much deserved. My husband had a kidney removed and the remaining one has Stage 4 disease. He cannot have anything with Potassium or at least a tiny amount. I have to soak potatoes to remove the potassium. He can have white mushrooms – never black ones. The same with beans white no black. He cannot have orange juice, oranges, squash, parsnips, etc. etc. etc. The last time he went to the Doctor’s he looked at me and said I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up, he is doing great. So just eat dark mushrooms, black beans, citrus fruit, etc. etc. and you should be fine. Good luck.

    1. That’s great! I had no idea potassium could be that important. When I think of potassium I just think of bananas. Obviously this is one topic I have not adequately Googled!

  16. I like the window film, it’s pretty. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar on two corner kitchen windows above the sink. The cold is being caused by a huge blast of Arctic air dipping down from Canada. It’s roughly covering most of the United States between the Rockies on the west and the Appalachians on the east! We’ll be in it for several days – maybe as long as 10 days. Well below normal temperatures are affecting about 3/5ths of the country all the way from the Canadian border to the southern border and coastline. Ugh! No way March is going to be a “spring” month where I live in SE Wisconsin. Ground is frozen solid, nothing but iced over snow mountains and covered lawns every where you look and more snow is promised over the weekend.

  17. I recommend a potassium supplement. You’d have to eat a lot of those foods to really make enough difference – at least that is what I’ve been told. I’m low in Vitamin D, and I am drinking OJ, increased dairy, I do get some sun even in winter with my outside chores, and I take a D supplement.

    The film looks lovely! You don’t make decorating mistakes anyway. Personally I wouldn’t block a window view unless I don’t like the view itself. That might be the case for you – so I think it’s a great solution. I thought you were looking to buy a small house or condo – so I’m surprised you’re making improvements there – did you decide against it?

    Ivy has really grown into a beautiful cat –

      1. Ah, it’s good to have someone in the family to bounce ideas off of with good insight and sound advice.

  18. At our other home several years back, I used a beautiful wisteria window film (though it reminded me more of grapes) on our pair of kitchen casement windows over my sink. My daughter also put a pretty floral film on the lower sash of her bedroom window for privacy. I did put a short row of the kind you have across the bottom of our slider door panels because, at that time, Romeo would bark at anything he saw outside of that glass! The film helped tremendously. When the sun came through the wisteria film, it looked as beautiful as stained glass. Ironically, my neighbor thought I actually HAD put new stained glass windows in when she saw it! She loved it.

  19. Great entry today…and love your window film!! THAT story is exactly why we try hard to avoid Home Depot. Other stores…Lowes, etc. I do wonder HOW they stay in business as customer service ain’t it. However, as my hubby has more and more problems walking, if there is one of those motorized carts available, we always get him in one of those anyway…and with your ankle? I would most definitely try to get one of those in any big store, Brenda!!
    Hope the meat loaf comes out yummy…though it is one of those things that should taste good no matter what. I make mine using eggs,oats, onions, shredded carrots, ketchup, a Tablespoon of Worchestershire Sauce, sometimes a bit of milk and sometimes more than just one kind of onion too. I discovered last year making a summer salad we like that using some red onion, white onion, chives, green onions makes it incredibly more tasty. I keep dehydrated red onions and white onions on hand (get mine in big containers from Costco)…so you just let them sit in your liquids a bit like while shredding the carrots, and then add rest of stuff. Long ago we stayed with some folks who always made LOTS of meatloaf in order to have plenty the next day for sandwiches, cold sandwiches…which is also a treat…use mayo, mustard and pickles and tomatoes too if you like. Keep us posted on how this meatloaf is made for you!!
    Oh for potassium…yea bananas are the best…but also potatoes and almonds have quite a lot in them too. And as always, love the funny animal photos…very photogenic they are!!

  20. Many years ago, blood pressure meds would make my mother’s potassium low. Once she was too weak to walk, was taken to the e r, and learned the cause. After that, she always kept dried apricots and a banana beside her bed.

  21. My daughter in law put the film on a bathroom window upstairs because she didn’t want a curtain in there and it looks good. Then a later she put it on her back door that looks into the garage and that looks good as well. Except for looking out occasionally you will probably like the film on that window!

  22. Seriously?? I was just talking to a friend about the film…. I may decide to put it on my side lights… on either side of my front door….. way less fussy than curtains or even blinds………………………

  23. You are going to have to change the name of your blog to “Cozier Little House”. I love everything you do. Makes me want to come and have a cup chat and cup of coffee wit you. So warm and cozy.

    1. And I sure wish you could! Or sit outside on the patio with sweet iced tea come springtime. I’ll be bringing more color into the living room, even if the sofa ordered is neutral.

  24. Brenda, I love the window film, it looks great! I am sure that Ivy will be fine looking out the back window. Charlie looks so cute and Ivy looks a little mischievous. Have a great day and stay warm.

      1. Ivy and my Molly would get along great—she also thinks that lunch is at 10:30 am! She is kind of obsessed about food and thinks I should feed her every time I set foot in the kitchen! Love the pics of your fur babies.

  25. Love the window film, Brenda.

    My grandmother, who raised me, always put shredded carrots and Quaker oats (uncooked) in her meatloaf. She was making sure that I was eating healthy food that I wouldn’t have ordinarily eaten. There was no way one could tell they were having carrots and oats in her meatloaf. Whenever I make a meatloaf, I use these ingredients, along with the traditional ingredients, and everyone loves it.

  26. For many years I have taken an over the counter Potassium supplement every day as I too had a low level. It’s always in the normal range now.

      1. Potatoes are a good source of Potassium.
        Your window film is lovely. Hope Ivy doesn’t get frustrated that she can’t see out the front.

  27. That’s so funny, I saw an ad for window film just the other day and I thought of you!!! I think it was from Walmart, and it had leaves and flowers all over it, it was quite pretty! That looks great, Brenda – smart solution! I’m guessing it will help slightly with temps also. Nice job!

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