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This 800 square foot apartment is home to a Peti Lau. Her apartment is inviting with its relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Peti has traveled extensively and brought home art from all over the world.

She says: “There was a Barcelona Sofa that I found in my old neighborhood in the East Village. I carried this huge sofa three blocks, taking breaks in the middle of the street as it was so heavy, and then managed to carry it up three flights of stairs.

“When I got home I realized why it was thrown away. The straps were all broken. So I took black vinyl rope and roped the entire sofa in place of the leather straps that broke and repurposed it! The story of how I got this sofa from point A to point B is pretty funny, too.”

She loves to entertain her friends in her beautifully designed living space and large dining space.

Her home abounds with color and texture. She layers her furniture with many different fabrics in various styles. She designs with four elements in mind: Eclectic, worldly, romantic, and dramatic.

Simply adding fabric to this table brings it up a notch in elegance and romance. She adds delicate tea cups and saucers, candles and plants to the surface to round out this table top vignette.

Books and magazines are stored in her white book shelves, adding even more color with the various book spines. Though there is a lot in this small space, it is well-organized and not haphazard.

Peti is not afraid to mix and not match. She is inspired by her travels which gives a worldly theme to her surroundings. She adds feminine touches in the many layers she brings to her furnishings.

The book shelves also serve as a mini bar for entertaining. Corralling necessities in a tray brings a cohesive look to this area of her home.

The dining space is more than adequate in size and open layout to entertain and serve guests.

Fresh flowers add a romantic touch to her table.

This is her loft bedroom decorated with a touch of Old World style charm.

I hope you enjoyed this designer’s home tour in NYC.

(Photos were sourced from this site.)

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  1. Beautiful apartment. I love color. I like to surround myself with many “things” I am NOT into the minimalist movement. My home is my haven..a safe spot from the hassles of this life. I only have 1200 sq feet, but it’s packed “my way”. And I am happy. Full but not disorderly.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I suggest everyone go to the site just to see the video, so you can actually see how she ‘built’ her bed loft, and where it is.

    While this is an excellent sourcebook, it also makes me sad and yes even upset, that so many people accept the unacceptable because of location, location, location! Let’s look at this woman 30 years from now – or if she gets a chronic illness — will climbing into such a bed loft continue to work as well for her?! I think not.

  3. I love all the layers in her decorating. So creative! I wish I knew how to decorate like that. This is one of my favorite apartments…

  4. Brenda, I haven’t received your blog in my email in 2 days. I was beginning to worry about you until I got the idea to google you. Has something changed in your distribution method?
    My daffodils & Hyacinths are popping up. No sedum though.

  5. Very nice, Brenda, I love this ladies decor and especially that sofa. It’s very pretty. I enjoy this type of post very much.
    Have a wonderful day!

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