Here are photos of my desk/craft supply storage wall. The wood and galvanized cupboard has three shelves chock full of my craft and desk supplies now.


The green cupboard that was in here before is now in the bedroom. This allowed me more storage space in the bedroom now that I have the Hobby Lobby cupboard full.

Can you ever have enough storage?

It’s kind of difficult when you don’t have a linen closet for sheets and towels and such.

Behind Door Storage:

This is a simple and rustic look.

I like that you can’t see all the craft misc. in the cupboard, that it is hidden from view. That just makes for a more cohesive and less cluttered look.

No Worry Furniture:

I love furniture that you don’t have to worry about. No paint to be scuffed. Or surfaces to be marred. This kind of rustic furniture eliminates those type of worries. I like simple. Because I find it refreshing.

At some point I’ll probably have a piece of glass cut for the top of the desk. It would be better as a writing surface.

Now I have my little printer hooked up that I got for $29 back when I bought my last laptop at Staples last summer. I still can’t figure out how to connect it via wifi.

My daughter couldn’t figure out the wifi part either. Or Nathan. But I can still use it when I hook my laptop up to it.

Three Pieces Of Furniture In One theme:

These two pieces of furniture tie in so well with my coffee bar server.

I don’t like to get too matchy-match with stuff. But I really like this type of furniture. Not to mention the price and the fact that it was already put together where I could see that it was durable.

It did not bode well for buying furniture online when there was fiberglass filaments all over the Walmart piece. That’s not anything to mess around with.

Really there are few places now where you can just walk into a store and buy furniture that you don’t take home in a box and have to put together. Kind of sad really. The end of an era that I grew up with certainly.

I need to bring a lamp of some sort in here for the desk. But I’ll get around to it. I’m just glad to have these things set up, arranged and organized.

Of course I have to add pics of the pet babies…

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  1. Love your new farmhouse style home Brenda! Although I really liked your colorful style with the pops of red also. You’ve found some wonderful new furniture pieces and can’t wait to see your new sofa and recliner when they arrive. It’s so nice that you and Nathan can help each other out. Does he pick up your furniture pieces for you from the store or do they deliver?

  2. Hi. I really like your new storage cabinet. The desk is pretty cool, but I have to admit, those slanting legs make me nervous. I sure hope that the legs on the left side aren’t too close to the walking path back to your bedroom. I know the awful time you’ve had with your ankle that got broken, and it would be awful if you happened to trip and fall due to those desk legs being on a slant like that. I’m not trying to be a killjoy and don’t want you to doubt your purchase — I just want to make sure it isn’t in your walking path. I hope you enjoy working in your updated spot.

  3. It all looks good, Brenda. Nice choices in furniture. Although, I did really like the way you had your desk and supplies set up before, too. This is a cleaner look, though.

    I LOVE that image of Ivy Lou! She just looks so self-possessed and regal! She’s a really beautiful cat. Of course I love the shot of dear Charlie with that little pink tongue flapping in the breeze, too.

    Glad you’re having fun organizing your apartment. Take care.

  4. Your home looks so pretty. I like the farmhouse look. Rustic is so perfect for your place. Enjoy. Kathy

  5. Your new look is wonderful, Brenda. Thanks for letting us take a peek. Do you remember the post you did a while back where you took a picture of the whole apartment, room by room? Could you do that again so that we can see all of your redecorating? Not to give you more work, but…. just want to see it all! Thanks!

  6. Like everybody else, I love your new furniture! You did a great job designing your space. How do you like the new bed?
    Your fur babies are so lovely!

  7. There are still furniture stores where I live that sell ready to deliver furniture, but unless you can carry it out yourself and haul it home, the delivery charges are CHA-CHING! Just for example, the last time I checked, the delivery fee from Ashley, which is probably now the largest retailer of furniture in the area, was $69! I can understand if you’re ordering an entire bedroom suite or dining room set with 6 chairs, server and china hutch. It’s a tough cost to swallow sometimes.

    You, your daughter and Nathan may have already tried this – but this is how Windows says is the way to add a printer to your network (wifi) on a Windows 10 computer: Turn your printer on (this assumes that you have a little light on your computer indicating that it is picking up your wifi signal – check your manual on that), and then: (1) Go to Settings. (2) Select devices. (3) Select printers and scanners from the left-hand column. (4) Click on “Add Printers and Scanners.” Your computer should then automatically “search” for the wifi signal sent out by your printer and hook up with it, but will it work? Who knows!

      1. I had a printer once that was the same situation. After Googling several things I learned that the printer was not compatible with my wifi provider.

  8. Love your new furniture pieces. Your place looks so warm & inviting. Cute pics of the pets. That one of Ivy Lou may be my favorite to date

  9. I love the style you have going! It all looks so pretty. I’m glad you’ve got some extra storage and regardless of how small our living space might be, you can NEVER have enough storage! There are some things you just don’t want to look at daily and it is nice to have a place to hide them away! Love the pics of the babies! Love and hugs!

  10. you are very creative and a great organizer!! I enjoy watching as you make your house a cozy home! Enjoy your week as we all patiently wait for warmer weather!!

  11. Brenda, Everything looks so fresh,love all the new furniture. Hope you are taking care of yourself and feeling better each day!

  12. Beautiful! I love this look. A friend of mine introduced me to an online store named Decor Steals. It offers lots of items in these type of materials — galvanized metal, wood, and also the old vintage enamel look. I just purchased a few of their items — shelving, tiered stand, and a few baskets. Reasonable priced but will have to wait for the items to arrive to see how durable they will be. A trip to Hobby Lobby will be on the schedule next month after seeing your furniture; I would really like to look at a few pieces of accent furniture needed for storage.

    Always fun to see photos of Charlie and Ivy. What cuties!

    Hope you have a great Monday.

  13. I love this rustic look
    Brenda and it’s so you. I might have to go buy that cabinet. Glad you can use your printer with the laptop. Your home looks lovely.

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