Abi is my sweet little trouble maker. If something happens and it has to be one of the dogs, Abi will typically be at the root of it. But this time I have to wonder: Did Abi do it?

Mama’s Yoga Stretching:

Yesterday evening I was on the floor on my yoga mat doing my evening yoga stretching. I take the strap off it, throw it on the bed, and begin. 
Our sweet potato was cooking in the microwave. I put it in there before I start, then when I’m finished, I turn it over, punch more minutes in, and go take my shower. 
Abi loves her potato. They both do. It is their treat for having to eat prescription food.
I get up, roll up the mat, and look for the strap so I can put it in the closet until morning. Sometimes Abi hides it. But this time I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it.  

My Sweet Boy

How did this happen?

I finally give up and go in to turn the potato over. I see Charlie Ross eating at the hard food bowl (also prescription food). And twisted every which a way around him is the strap to my mat.


The Weapon

The round loops at each end were around his neck and the other end around his back legs. And back to the front again.
I quickly start unwinding him, afraid it would choke him, lifting him up to get the thing off him. If he’d had a parachute, he looked ready to jump. 
It looked like a person deliberately strapped him into it. And then wrapped and wrapped until it was tight.

Did my Abi somehow do it?


How did Charlie end up wrapped like a sausage in that thing? I don’t know how on earth it could have been done.

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  1. Oh my gosh, don't you wonder. You are a good mom. Instead of taking a picture you saved her. After y near choking experience with my sweet Springer, it is scary. I thought he had died. Those sweet pictures. Esp. love the one of someone peeking out of the blanket while the other cutie sits and poses, hah. We were up all night with our Yorkie vomiting. She is quiet today and pitiful. I must find a new vet that can help her with all her problems. I now need to go somewhere and wash tons of linens. We have a well and it would be too many loads to do here. Besides I am keeping the laundry done up in case of a showing.

  2. oh my dogs will be dogs. 🙂 well Im glad she is ok but cute to hear your story. This gives me a smile on my face as I try to go to sleep after a few hours of frustration…life. thanks for sharing..wish we had a video of that!

  3. I went picking huckleberries today with a friend. Her lab mix dog jumped in the back of the pickup and sat down on a galvanized bucket. She turned around and looked at the bucket stuck on her rump, then turned her head back around like she was saying "there is really nothing I can do to fix this". So I fixed it for her.

  4. Oh gosh !! Glad they are ok – toss the strap! YIKES………our terrior is not a big fan if we are on the phone either!! LOL _ and like you mentioned ……….if it happens to cut in to his food time – forget it ! #SweetPups

  5. *chuckles* Those two! Sometimes I really wish my critters could talk, but it is probably for the best that they can not. I can imagine Abi enticing Charlie to wrap himself up, then he goes a little too far… What a pair. Are they siblings?

  6. That's funny! It's amazing how curious dogs can be. They are so cute. My dog tries to steal papers off the coffee table or tissues out of the box. The only problem with that is that he chews it and swallows it! So, we have to put that stuff up when we see him searching it out.

  7. It was Abi! She is trying to play it cool, but that innocent look is a giveaway each time. Leo tries that also and I have come to distrust it. Poor Charlie, doesn't stand a chance. Just want to eat them with a spoon, they are so delicious!

  8. Yes, how on earth did that happen. I have mentioned that I have 2 Yorkies too. They always act up when I am on the phone, just like children do. They are clever little dogs who often get into trouble, in fact I call them Yorkshire Terrors because they are the best ADT system. No one gets in the drive, up the steps or in the door without me knowing it. Fifteen minutes before it I hear the storm they are already warning me. They can do so many funny things and get themselves into all sorts of trouble. At times they are worse than children. My husband called them the "Kiddies" and they are so very much like children. They think they are bigger than a Great Dane, they rarely back off from anything, showing themselves to be fearless. I am not telling you what you do not already know. They are alert to all things and smarter than tacks. I have had 4 in total, but not all at once. Two is a nice lot to deal with. My male has his melt downs when we are going somewhere. There is no hiding the leash from him even if you sneak it past him and lay it on the table. He will jump up and down till he spies it and then proceed to be a royal pain in the butt. Twice a day we go through the ritual of the meal time drama which never changes despite all my efforts to try and remedy the bad behavior. They will do this eating and barking thing which has driven me crazy since it started years ago. I have no clue what that is all about. Seriously, if I could afford the Dog Whisper I would get him here pronto. How on earth your dog managed to get himself all wrapped up is a mystery. I guess one should just be thankful that no harm came from it all, but a lesson to no longer have the same routine for a repeat performance. Gotta love these little creatures they are so loyal, and even if you leave them for 5 minutes they are so happy to see you, just like you have been gone for days. We learn a lot from them, mainly unconditional love.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne 🙂

  9. lol lol.. those lil faces and your story crack me up.. thanks cause i was sobbing when I opened your post:( cant seem to get my emotions steady today or heck , last few days. called the phyc doc – prolly change my meds- again , grrr..

    btw== where did you get that pretty blue quilt?

  10. Daisy Mae the Diva Doxie just told me that Abi emailed her and told her that she wrapped Charlie up like that because he told her to quit whinning for her sweet tater! She said…"that'll teach my brother"….bahahaha!!!! So funny, Brenda! Glad he wasn't hurt though!

  11. They are both so darn cute! You never know what the furkids are going to do next! I used to brag on Callie and tell everyone how sweet she was and that she didn't bother anything. No more! She's suddenly gotten to where she's into everything. I suddenly feel like I have a 2 year old in the house to pick up after.

    1. OMG you made me laugh out loud with your response, I have dull knife also, oh and do the other 2 take advantage! Sometimes it is just to funny, and I just stand there and laugh at their antics! The sure are entertaining for sure!

  12. Only Charlie and Abi know what happened with the strap.. Maybe Charlie was doing "doggie" yoga ?

    It would have been fun to have had a video camera set up.. Then you'd know what happened.. For now, only the "shadow" knows.

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