Digital Newspapers Versus Social Media Nastiness

Along with all the crazy news that has been coming down the pike in the past few months, there was the takeover of Twitter. Elon Musk paid $44 billion for the social media service.

Though I never really used Twitter except to read what others were saying, I deleted my account in response. I won’t miss it.

In Digital Newspapers Versus Social Media Nastiness, I decided it was better to read online newspapers rather than engage in social media.

In a tweet, Mr. Musk said he didn’t buy the firm “to make more money. “I did it to try to help humanity, whom I love”.

How many of you believe that?

Elon Musk & His Questionable Tactics:

Mr. Musk’s intent seems to be to unleash the reins of Twitter’s past management of verbal nastiness. For instance, in the past you could not tweet “hateful conduct” or incite violence. Who knows what kind of brawls will be allowed now?

In today’s technology blog Engadget: “Elon Musk gives employees two days to commit to ‘hardcore’ Twitter or lose their jobs.”

He told his employees to sign the email agreeing to his ultimatums or take the severance package and go. Many have already headed for the door or been pushed out of it.

The new boss also told staff to expect fewer perks overall and 80-hour weeks.

Seems to me that he’s throwing everything imaginable at the wall to see what will bring in more revenue.

And then there’s this headline today: Should I delete my DMs? What Twitter has on you, and what you can and can’t do about it.

The negative behaviors social media sites brings out of some people.

So Twitter as well as Facebook went into my social media trashcan. I’d rather look at pretty photos on Pinterest.

Digital Newspaper Reading:

Instead, I decided to go in a different direction. I subscribed to The New York Times and The Washington Post. Both have robust lifestyle sections, which I plan to thoroughly explore. And each digital subscription was just $4 a month.

I like to read about books and decorating. And food as well as home and garden articles.

Two of my favorite things to do has always been reading or writing. When I was a girl I wanted to be a writer like the American humorist Erma Bombeck.

Social Media Nastiness:

What I’m really tired of reading is the nastiness that seems to be so popular today. The infighting and the bullies and the mocking and calling of names.

What does that kind of behavior teach the children growing up today? I shudder to contemplate that.

It’s hard to get my mind around the concept that some use this kind of tawdriness to entertain others. Not to mention the people standing or sitting still long enough to be “entertained” by it.

How did things get so ugly?

Do you like to read Twitter or Facebook or any of the other “jab and be jabbed” social media sites?

At this point, I think I’d rather be stung by a wasp. Better to get it over with than to wait in suspense.


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  1. I moved from the east coast to Colorado in May, 2020, a very isolating time. So, Facebook was wonderful for me, mainly because I have around 50 friends, mostly relatives and it’s become a wonderful form of communication. Everything else is blocked out. I subscribe to Amazon prime, Acorn tv, and PBS. No news at all. I love it and have control. To each her own.

  2. I use Facebook for 30ish minutes every day. I’ve consciously set a time limit because it can suck you in for hours if you aren’t careful. My 250ish “friends” are all people I know personally, classmates, co-workers over the years, both sides of my family, and that’s a bunch, friends I’ve had all my life. I guess I must be blessed to know such kind people because I never see negative posts from anyone except one dear friend who rants a lot about politics and when she goes too far I just block her for a while, but don’t unfriend her, then I go back and unblock her to see if she’s settled down. I’m an expert user of the scroll wheel and just zoom by whatever doesn’t interest me, which is anything by anyone I don’t know personally. I also use Pinterest a lot, but I don’t see the ads because I have my ad blocker on. All I see is pictures.

  3. I’m not a Musk fan, and my first instinct was to delete my account. But then I read a contrary opinion which said that if everyone deletes their accounts, it will be a one-sided social platform, so I kept my account. Twitter sounds like it might self-implode, and if that happens, I won’t be upset!

  4. I prefer the written word of reputable newspapers to social media junk. The ‘papers’ are well researched, well written, and when they make a mistake or mis-statement, reputable newspapers have a correction column. I read sections of 5 newspapers a day. In my opinion, social media has damaged America in a huge way. Anyone can and does say anything they please. Facts do not matter. Nastiness and meanness is the norm. I choose carefully what I allow into my consciousness, and it is not ever going to be untruths and meanness.

  5. I’ve never used Facebook or Twitter or any social media for that matter. I don’t have the interest. I don’t like having to sign up or login. I’m a private person and the Internet is not private. From the beginning I was skeptical about the use of social media and knowing that companies are collecting info about you and tracking your internet and browsing habits. Private information should be private. Our government is far too cozy with technology companies which is something I’m not comfortable with either. Here’s a long article that may interest you. It is called All Over Your Face. It was written a few years ago. Here’s a quote from the article, “”People like to think that they’re anonymous and invisible, despite posting lots and lots of information about themselves all over the internet,” says psychologist Nicholas Rule of the University of Toronto, who studies social perception. “It all feels private from your living room, but it’s the digital equivalent of posting a billboard on the side of a major highway.”

    That should give someone pause. Here’s the link to the article in case you are interested:

  6. I’m still on Facebook because my son and daughter-in-love post lots of family pictures which I love. But I’m only “friends” with a few close friends I personally know and my tiny family so I don’t get into any controversies.

  7. I agree Kris. What a wonderful world it would be, if instead of putting people and things we don’t like down, we just blogged about positive things that are going on and things that makes for happy stories.

  8. I think in many things, we are left to observe and watch and see what happens, ultimately. So many bad things have happened due to what was on these places like Twitter, Facebook, etc. So when the hubby’s employer said to no way be on any of the media places like that, we did not. We have never regretted staying off. Life is hard enough, without opening oneself up to even more hurt, if someone out there wanted to do so. Seems lots of mischief makers, and plain evil people out there. The sweet wonderful ones seem few and far between, unfortunately…or just not easy to find. I am not a fan of Musk or anyone really, but in hearing what he has done with very little even, to start with, one can admire his work ethic. Doesn’t sound like anyone handed him anything. But sometimes, when folks get too much power, they become dangerous…no matter in what field!! Don’t they say power corrupts absolutely? It seems so. So if one become powerful it would be a huge challenge to stay humble and remain helpful to others…so it seems to me. As my Mama used to say, “The proof is in the pudding.”

  9. I no Brenda u would not want to get stung by a wasp! A few yrs ago I got stung by 5 of them and 6 more were coming after me! All lined up just like in the cartoons! Thank God it was raining hard so I jump off my porch and they didn’t follow me! I ran in my house in the other door!

    I was smoking a turkey in the summer on my gas grill and I guess they thought I was going to share with them! Lol
    Even though I put coconut oil on my arm it hurt like h$ll! It made me sick to my stomach and I felt like heaving!

    This spring I put peppermint oil on a cotton ball and put it between my screen of both doors! It worked it kept ants, bees, wasps away! I put a few drops on the cotton balls every few days. Life changer!

  10. I ditched Facebook months ago and have never been happier. never really got into Twitter or Instagram but I do love my Pinterest! It’s disheartening to see what society has devolved to, where it’s OK to hide behind a keyboard and be hateful and nasty, and all the misinformation! I never thought about subscribing to digital newspapers, will have to check that out.

  11. I watch Steven Gardner on utube.
    He tells all the news that’s going on in about 15 mins. What he says he can back up everything! He’s not liked in the politics world bc he tells where all our hard earned money is going! He does research for 4 or more hrs.
    He also does contests where so many ppl can win some money bc he’s always giving back to the community!
    He reminds ppl of Superman bc he looks so different/handsome without his glasses on! Lol

    I was never interested in Twitter or Facebook. I only look at Pinterest when I’m trying to find new blogs or recipes to explore.

  12. I deleted my Twitter account years ago. I only went on it in the first place to see my niece’s tweets. They rarely tweeted and I wasn’t getting anything at all out of Twitter anyway, so buh-bye. The only social media I’m on is FB and Instagram. My FB feed is civil because I only follow those who are so. Instagram is my favorite because I follow a lot of accounts that interest me…mainly decorating, plants, books, writing, mental health, natural healing…and my friends, of course. I’ve never had any problems with drama or fighting on IG.

    I rarely go on Pinterest. Only when I need to see something on my own page, like a recipe or decorating idea.

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I think the New York Times at $4.00/ month is an introductory price. That is what I paid when I signed up but now I pay $15.00 a month.

  14. I, too, deleted my account the day he purchased Twitter. I hope many more will do the same. While I feel horrible for his employees, I do hope Twitter becomes a thing of the past very soon.

  15. I’ve always thought Twitter to be silly (short character limit) and overrated. Not sure Musk owning it will really make much difference. Both it & Facebook are unlikely to survive as they are another decade for many reasons. I enjoy the excellent photography shared on FB & wish there was a forum just for that.

    Pinterest has never won me over & Instagram us boring to me since it is not interactive.

    Maybe I should spearhead a platform! lol

  16. A loaded topic for sure! I enjoy my NYT digital subscription and I hope you will enjoy yours too:) I follow IG in certain areas: home dec and health accounts mostly. I do find some good ideas and information on IG, but I do not post personally. I seldom read anything on Twitter anymore and never post – too many haters. FB works best for updates but these days FB is mostly just used by the older gens. The younger gens use IG, Pinterest, SnapChat, TikTok…Pinterest I do use and find very useful esp if planning a project. TikTok only when a link directs me there from IG or Pinterest. I haven’t had cable for several years and primarily stream – although I can watch live TV on Hulu, I watch live TV primarily for sports, Olympics, etc. Life is just too short to spend time w negativity, jealousy and hatred.

      1. Me too! Negativity and gossip I never liked! I’ve told ppl that it most be so exhausting being negative all the time. That they should concentrate on their life being happy instead of gossiping all the time. They didn’t talk to me at work unless they had too then. Lol
        I just got so sick of it and I took the negative ppl out if my life!
        Everybody deserves happiness and they’re worth it!

  17. I got off all social media a few years ago because of all the hateful political vitriole.
    I’m ok with Elon Musk, and I respect and appreciate what he is doing.
    I realize that you and I have very different political and world views, but I see no reason not to agree to disagree and just take those views out of our equation.
    I call that tolerance…and grace. 😉

    1. I agree Carol. If you trust the “news” right now to bring you complete facts of a story you are a fool. I am hoping for less opinions and more news. Perhaps a change in the accountability of media platforms and especially it’s users.

  18. Never have used Twitter, but do use Facebook and Instagram sparingly. I also like Pinterest, but it’s changed too. So much advertising!

    1. Yes, I agree there’s too much advertising on Pinterest. Isn’t what it used to be for sure. But then I have advertising on my blog, so maybe my viewpoint on that shouldn’t count.

  19. I can’t tell you the last time I watched the news on TV or read a newspaper. It just gets so tiresome with “talking heads” just reporting what they’re told to report. I don’t miss the black ink on my finger tips. LOL I do have a Facebook account to keep up with a small number of people from my past and some hobby related groups. If it went away, I wouldn’t miss it. I’ve taken a break from Instagram for very personal reasons – needed to take a few steps back to assess what I really enjoy.
    I wish I could pinpoint when people decided it was OK to be rude and so hateful. I was told recently that it’s obvious I’ve become a hermit. If that’s the case, I’m a very content and happy “hermit”. 🙂

  20. Never did do Facebook or twitter as I had no interest. I am a pretty private person and don’t need to put myself out there publicly like that. I absolutely love Pinterest for ideas for decorating of gardening. Lately though, things I have clicked on though take you to a instagram or to twitter to see the content. Don’t like that a bit. Seems like instagram is used a bit differently, so I might look into that. Society has gone crazy enough and I have no desire to allow the nastiness another way into my life! I too, in my old age, don’t care for the hoopla of the holidays and prefer to let the pass quietly in my own home. AlI I want for a meal is stuffing with gravy, creamed spinach with onion & mushroom and sweet potato casserole. Will roast a small turkey breast for the carnivore husband so he can load up on tryptophan and fall asleep, lol. That is how I get my peace and quiet!

  21. Have never had a Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or any other “social media” account and never will. I remain in touch with family and friends via phone, email, and cards (yes, using snail mail).
    There’s absolutely too much misinformation, disinformation, flat-out lies, and nastiness on social media and I simply do not need that in my life.
    I have electronic subscriptions to several US & European newspapers and prefer to read about US & World news as opposed to listening to hyperbolic “reporting” on television. So many news presenters are exactly that… presenters reading the news as they chase “ratings” as opposed to true old-school reporters & investigative journalists.
    Are we really better off, better informed, with access to news & world events 24/7?

    1. Another reason why I no longer watch TV. I prefer to stream what I want to see, skip the commercials and stuff I didn’t sign up for.

  22. My favorite sites are Pinterest and Instagram, where I spend an hour or two each day. Love the photos on Pinterest, and I enjoy Instagram where I get all the different journal ideas, stamping ideas, and art studios from different people.
    I had to laugh to myself when I read your statement that you rather be stung by a wasp, and get it over with. As much as I would hate to be stung, I’m with you on that idea. (grin) Anyway, have a nice day, hugs from snowy white WI

      1. Instagram is fun to read!
        These are current up to date news stories your favorite people or anyone will post. Daily or amy time.
        A great way to catch up!!
        I enjoy it.
        Never did Twitter.
        Most of social media I never cared for.
        Sharing too much is not my overall style.
        How Twitter will survive a beast like em doesn’t seem possible.
        The guy is controlling to the max.
        Really too weird for society. Would never give him my hard earned dollars.
        Most all of his $ was from Tesla.
        Enough about that.
        I’m excited for Thanksgiving cooking!
        Almost time!! 🎃

  23. I had read he let go of a lot and I mean a lot of
    employees and they weren’t even told
    of their termination until they found themselves blocked. I don’t use Twitter and never have. I do use Facebook and Instagram of course Pinterest.

    1. I didn’t use Twitter like most people do, to tweet. I used it to read what was going on that would affect me. Like the political discourse of journalists who covered legislators and what was possibly coming next.

    2. The Twitter terminated employees received salary and benefits for 90 day (3 months). This is generous compared to Wells Fargo or other corporate layoffs.

  24. There’s a chance that my reply to your question will trigger a political maelstrom, so feel free to delete this: “How did things get so ugly?” Easy – with one out of control politician whose hurling of nasty personal insults and ugly racist comments not only went unchecked by fearful colleagues, but fueled an era of reckless and selfish rhetoric “like we’ve never seen before.”

      1. I agree with you Brenda and Joyce. Until I social media weeds out conspiracy theories, lies and hateful language that just enrages a mentally unstable person more, then maybe I would spend some precious time reading. With blogs of kind sensible people like you, I prefer my time better spent. Arrogant businessmen who act like they control weak people have no respect in my realm of family and friends. They end up failures more times than become successful. I am glad my children grew up with better role models than some out there now who are laughable with their morals.

  25. I agree with you Brenda. After the Washington Post interviewed me for an article, I decided to subscribe online. Also have the New York Times. The eight dollars a month is not a bad investment. Oh I forgot that I also get the Times. The online options suit me and I always know where to go back to refer to an article. For a geriatric techie, I never picked up on Twitter, Snapchat, etc. but I do use Facebook for family, Instagram for friends, and Pinterest for inspiration. Been cleaning out the blogs that I follow and Cozy Little House will be one that has every lasting hold for me.

    1. I also like that I can bookmark articles I want to return to later with digital newspapers. Steve next door loves his in-print local newspaper offering, but I think it’s costing him a small fortune to keep his subscription. Not anywhere near what we’re paying for the digital ones.

  26. People need to be kind to each other 24/7 in person and on social media. What has happened to treating others as you want to be treated? I am no prude but I am tired of of these young girls who got famous with leaked sex tapes who influence our young people into thinking these things are ok. Their mothers must be so proud, oh wait she is and making millions from it. SAD.

      1. Brenda, surely you’ve heard of the Kardashians. Though I, like most sane adults, have never watched their show, it’s possible to not know their names. And for nothing. It all started with an intentionally leaked sex tape, leaked by the mother.

  27. I have never used Twitter. I do use Facebook a lot. Yes, there can be awful people on there if they disagree with a comment, but I don’t run into that often. I do enjoy ‘talking’ to friends and relatives on Facebook, I would definitely miss them if I gave up Facebook.
    I have read quite a bit about Elon Musk; he doesn’t seem like a very likeable person.
    We have our first snow here in Southern Ontario. It doesn’t seem as if it is going to stick around this time!

    1. I don’t communicate or still know of people I went to school with, have limited family members that I actually know of, or any real incentive like many of you still do. I do understand that draw for many of you.

  28. I quit Facebook in 2021 after having been on it nearly since its beginning. I just got tired of constantly trying to block (unsuccessfully) all of the political stuff, propaganda and QAnon stuff no matter what I did it still came through. Told my family if you want to get in touch with me, email me. Was never on Twitter and glad I wasn’t, it would save me the trouble of quitting it now. I read a few weeks ago that because of bankruptcy threatening, Musk is considering starting a pay for “adult entertainment” section at Twitter – meaning pornography for sale. YUCK! Who knows what Musk will do to try and make money? Musk has also enabled people who pay $8 to set up accounts with a “check” mark which used to mean the account was verified, but for $8 anybody could pretend to be whomever they wanted. One imposter posed as Eli Lilly (the pharma company) and stated in a tweet that from now on, insulin would be free. Because of the massive amount of firings that Musk did at Twitter, despite frantic efforts by the REAL Eli Lilly (which has a legitimate account at Twitter and advertises there) to get the fake post and account removed, it took nearly 8 hours for anything to be done. Eli Lilly stock lost a lot of money because people BELIEVED the fake post by the imposter account without verifying the truth of it and sold Eli Lilly shares. Now Twitter has temporarily lost perhaps several million dollars in the loss of ad income from Eli Lilly and several other companies that have put a temporary hold on further ads. Seems to me Musk wants the company to go under because he can take a big fat tax write-off for his losses – like all billionaires get.

    1. You’re ahead of me, Jan. I hadn’t thought of the tax write-off yet. Due to all the crazy things Musk is doing to turn users, advertisers, and staff off, those shiny objects had too much of my attention to foresee that possibility that is given to people of his ilk.

  29. This is a double edged sword. Social Media can be a great way to communicate with others that you would not normally see or talk too. It is nice to see family we do not see that live far away on FB or Instagram to see what things are going on in their lives. The other side of this is social media is feeding into this entitlement that people can be rude and say or hurt others with their words and agendas. I do not know much about Elon Musk to make a comment on what he is up too with buying Twitter. I do not use Twitter so I cannot comment on that social media platform. I guess there is always pros and cons to everything. I just wish people would use social media in a kinder way. We need the in this world we live. Have a good week Brenda.

    1. If I knew more people or more family, FB might be more enticing to me. The only reason I haven’t completely deleted it is because my ad network has a FB group that contains useful information for content creators. And because we can ask questions and get them answered there.

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