Well, I’m done painting for awhile. I hope!

It is overcast, so it’s kind of hard to get good photos in here. And the narrowness of the room makes it hard as well. 

Notice the lower half of the wall is no longer brown. Took quite a few coats, but I’m glad I got it done.



The main motivation here was to thin furniture out and give the area visual space. No furniture crammed together.



I gave a new coat of paint to most of the furniture as well. Once I painted the table with mixed paint, I needed to add a coat to the other pieces to bring them up to date.



I wanted light and bright in here, in this oftentimes dim dining space. And I didn’t want to cover every bit of wall space with “stuff.”



I couldn’t back up to get a full photo here. But the coffee bar is opposite where it was. And the table took its place. They just got switched.



The reasoning for this is that with my living room furniture angled, I needed a bit more space along the small wall. 

The coffee bar was more narrow, thus it gave more room to walk into the dining space from the living space around my chair.



Above, the blue hutch just as you last saw it. I didn’t give it a new coat of paint.



Many of you wanted to see more red, and I think I’ve got a good mix of red in here. 

Red is such a happy and spirited color! So it makes me happy to add it to my spaces.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. 

I’m making plans for our “Urge To Purge” series in January. 

And I created a Pinterest board called Minimalism if you want to check it out. I find that just scrolling through it is relaxing.


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  1. Your home looks lovely, Brenda! So colorful, bright, and happy! I love the blue hutch with the blue and red dishes. Probably because blue is my favorite color.

  2. This looks really, really nice, Brenda. The yellow pulls it all together and I love the red dishes in your blue cupboard. Your prints on the walls look so pretty too!

  3. You've given yourself quite a Christmas gift, Brenda. The dining area looks fresh and bright for the new year! I like the furniture placement and love the little touches like the flowered cups and framed prints of flowers above the coffee bar. They go well with your dishes in the hutch and the artwork above the table. The only thing I would add is a flower popping up out of a couple of the glass bottles on the table. Wouldn't have to be real, just something fun. Your hard work really has been worth it.

  4. It looks lovely. I can't imagine you being too much of a minimalist though. Maybe when it comes to things, yes. But not decorating. I've always been drawn to how you are able to combine color and pattern and all your collections to make a truly cozy home. My boys are home for the holidays and they do say I have too much stuff on the walls. My oldest boy wants to do handstands (he's into yoga) and he says he has no space to do that. HA! I do want to purge and organize. I really do. But it's such a process. So I'll be following along with your series in the new year. Hopefully I'll get motivated to whittle things down.

    1. You're right. NOT decorating! I have most of my walls done now. In terms of taking some of the displays and such off them. I'm enjoying looking at the white space. Something I never thought I'd say!

  5. Looks really good, Brenda! We're having work done in our house next month and my entire kitchen will be painted a creamy white. (Right now it's blue with white wainscoting on the lower part of the walls.) Can't wait!

  6. I love the white walls Brenda! So clean and bright. I'm about to paint my youngest sons room white… after I putty about 100 holes. He had shelving on two walls so it's a lot of prep but time for a change. Like you, we're aiming for pops of color against the white. He has brown furniture so hopefully it'll be warm and cozy but bright and clean…I'm hopeful! Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas. Happy New Year!

  7. You always do such a great job of finding just the right color combinations! Do you start with an inspiration piece like a painting or rug from which to narrow down color choices? Or do you simply go with what appeals to you? Your home looks awesome, Brenda!

    1. No, I just kind of throw it all together! Someone emailed me about things reminding her of a quilt. And I think back to the years I spent designing and making quilts. I think my consciousness of color combinations, now that I think of it, perhaps came from putting colors together for a quilt.

  8. Your space seems much bigger now with the new arrangement and colors, Brenda. I just love your blue hutch filled with all those fun dishes! The pale yellow you chose is a pretty soft color that coordinates nicely with your reds and blues.

  9. It looks great! A very clean look and I love all of the colors, especially the pops of red. I'm going to go check out your Minimalism board on Pinterest now. 🙂

  10. Love the white walls and pops of red. I, too, tried brown walls above my chair rail, but it just didn't work for me, I recently repainted them light blue and it makes the space so clean and light.

  11. I love your changes! it's very lagom!
    and so cheerful.
    I have a question. do you have to get permission before you can paint your wall or cabinets in the kitchen? or other walls too for that matter.
    I think it's against our apt lease to do any of that here where I rent.
    I would LOVE to change the kitchen wall here but I don't dare.

    I just wondered if you asked permission or just had the courage to simply DO IT and let the cards fall where they may! after all… if we move they always repaint anyway.

    1. No, I don't ask permission. The manager has been here quite a few times, as I give her things I purge for her model apartment here, and she never says anything. I want things to be how I want them. If I were ever to move, I'd maybe lose the $300 deposit. Totally worth it to not worry about what I choose to do. You have to love where you live!

  12. Your place is looming great. I love the red polka dot dishes with the red glasses. Take care and keep warm. There was a record high in Dallas yesterday after being below freezing just days before.

    1. I'm trying to get away with big pieces painted red and use it as an accent, as this place is small and needs lighter colors to make it look more spacious.

  13. Love the new arrangeme. The colors are perfect. I like red and yellow together and the blue is the perfect contrast. Great job. It makes me want to do some painting and rearranging. Have a wonderful day. KARIE

  14. I thought of Valentine's Day with the red, very cheerful and bright, especially with the new white walls. I love the bird plates on the hutch and the blue dishes almost match the hutch. A very pretty and inviting dining room. I think this might be my favorite arrangement Brenda.
    Kathleen in Az

  15. Brenda, it looks beautiful! I think the hutch and those pretty dishes really stand out now. Also love the openness of the space and your furniture angled in the living room. You should feel a great sense of accomplishment!

  16. I love your colors! The shade of yellow is just right… and yellow is a tough color. The swatches look perfect but when it's on the wall it's either too gold or too marigold or just too… something. The shade you chose is lovely.

  17. I really like what you have done with your space. I am liking the little blue cabinet with the red dishes. It brings good color to your space. Of course I love all the red! You have done a good job! Now, just sit back & enjoy yourself for a couple days.

    1. The many ways I've redone this apartment in the almost 3 years I've lived here should prove that you can do most anything you want to in a small space. If I've wanted a look, I've somehow managed a way to bring it about. Never think apartment living is limiting!

  18. I have a table just like your drop down. It is painted barn read and resides in my living room. Love your changes. How do you paint indoors so neatly? I would have dripped paint everywhere!

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