My post is quite late today. I had my twice per year appointment with my doctor. I wasn’t going to go, but sciatica kept me up last night and I wanted to have her get me into physical therapy.

I also had to pick up prescriptions for Charlie and have the vet write a prescription for hydrocodone syrup for his cough. The vet doesn’t carry that and I get it at my pharmacy.

Anyway, my doctor told me to sign back up with Shipt and have my groceries delivered. And to have them leave the sacks on the front porch and leave them there until the delivery person is gone.

If you haven’t heard of Shipt it might become invaluable to you. I used it for months last spring when I sprained the bad ankle. You can shop your store’s sales too. You just order online, say when you want it delivered to you, and someone will bring your groceries to you.

Go to the site I linked above and put in your zip code/city and they will tell you what stores in your area participate. Some other stores besides grocery stores are listed as well. Like pharmacies.

I also want to thank you all for the wonderful support you gave me yesterday. It made a world of difference in how I was feeling. You are so appreciated. I never take my readers for granted because I consider you friends!

My daughter is coming over to work on the backsplash. She just found out that the plumber she spent the day with last week on her flip house had just gotten back from a cruise right before he met up with her.

Today she told me that he is in isolation and has a rash all over him and will be quarantined. I hope to heavens she doesn’t get it. Why don’t people think?

If he’s been out of the country he needs to make that known. When I went to the doctor this morning and then to the lab they asked me all sorts of questions about where I’ve been and if I had any symptoms.

Live and learn I guess.

Life will change for awhile. We’ll all just have to adapt. No more strolling around Tuesday Morning for awhile for me I guess. I have asthma and am over 60. So that puts me in the vulnerable category I guess.

Thank goodness I can entertain myself at home without any problem. I have books to read. Netflix, AcornTV and BritBox to enjoy watching. I have Charlie and Ivy. And Charlie for one will be delighted that mom is staying at home.

Be safe out there my friends. How are you coping with the current situation the world is in?

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  1. Hi Brenda, Today would be my 36th wedding anniversary. (my husband passed away 2 years ago). I still honor him on our favorite day by cooking corned beef and cabbage, etc. and listening to Irish music. I wish I could share the meal with someone, but my family is all in isolation, as they should be. Yesterday I delivered some non perishable food to the PO lobby where they are collecting food for elderly and shut ins. I think today I’d like to drop off some canned cat food to the local shelter in case they are running short. I’d love it if other people had any suggestions about how to help out in these days. Although I teach part time, since there is no school, no pay! Snow today in New England, but I’ll be planting my herbs indoors anyway. Be well, everyone.

  2. Happy St Patrick’s day everyone.
    We had snow day before yesterday.
    Really surprised everyone as we have been having such nice weather all month.
    Stay well and keep this blog going.

  3. In the city where I live in Canada there are only 10 cases of the virus so far. My husband takes a cancer drug for his Ruumatoid arthritis so this affects his immune system and we are both over 70 so we are staying in as much as possible. I will go out sometime this week to get groceries fresh veg and fruit. I am looking into having them delivered after that. Also I don’t want to travel to the pet store so I will order in cat food for Dexter.
    I don’t mind staying in, I can get on with my crafts. Simon (husband) is getting a little stir crazy, but he has a lovely workshop so I am telling him to build some nesting boxes for the birds!
    I would be a but concerned about your daughter Brenda but if you take precautions you should be alright.

  4. Brenda, if there is even a chance that your daughter was around someone that could possibly have the coronavirus then she should not be around you until she knows for sure! Some people can be carriers and not even have symptoms. This is much more dangerous for anyone over 60 so please be careful! We stocked up on groceries and are staying home now. Almost everything is closed around here – all restaurants, libraries, gyms, etc. Be safe!

  5. I love to wander around Hobby Lobby. But it will be awhile before I am doing that. My husband and I are pretty much staying in. We are taking the dog for a walk but as we live in the country we rarely see anyone. We have an immune compromised grandson so everyone in our family is being hyper-vigilant. I really enjoy your blog and your perspective. It is your blog and you are not just entitled to your opinion and you are entitled to respect. For some reason polite discussion is a thing of the past and that is a shame.

  6. I am eating a ton of junk food and will weight 600 lbs when this is over.:) I just went out to the pharmacy to buy more junk food and wore a mask and rubber gloves. There were a ton of people in the grocery store parking lot. Yesterday we watched “Driving Miss Daisy” – remember that? I loved Morgan Freeman in it, he’s a fabulous actor and the story line was deep. We still need to work on all that junk. I’m pretty mad that plumber exposed your daughter. Tell her to take at least 3000 mg. Vit C daily to boost her immunity.

    1. Please don’t allow your daughter to come over. If plumber has virus even if it doesn’t affect her she is a carrier and could pass to you with a different result

  7. Hi Brenda – I’m several years older than you and a native Texan and have followed you since you were still here in Texas. Your blog has cheered me up so many times along with stories and photos of your sweet pets, beautiful flowers and lovely home, and your grandchildren and your daughters.

    I did note that you highlighted your references for what people were fussing about a few days ago. Guess they didn’t read those articles.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing!

    June in Texas

  8. I find it unbelievable what the plumber did. He certainly must know what is going on. I am so disgusted with the lack of consideration of others in our nation. I hope your daughter stays well, and that you do also.
    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your cute, cozy apartment that makes some of us a little jealous. I so want to downsize but my husband is contented where we are.

  9. Your blog is just great. The truth can be a bitter pill
    Keep up the great work .I’m 70 and just had Pneumonia
    Apparently I’m old and in a risk group.
    I’d get a test but nobody has one. Sorry fanning the flame
    This getting old is a surprise.
    id love to wander around Joanns or Home Goods
    Talk to you again !!

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