Doctor’s Appointment & The Complex Drama Continues

First, I wanted to let you know that I had to go through my primary care doctor to get a referral about the cyst/ulcer in my mouth. An ENT scheduler called me yesterday and I have an appointment tomorrow morning.

It isn’t hurting much now and has gone down a bit in size. I guess it was swollen from my having accidentally bitten it. Still, it’s a bit hard to eat around the cyst without biting it.

Apartment Complex Update:

Yesterday morning I dropped Charlie off at the vet’s office for his acupuncture appointment. They called me about an hour or so later to come to pick him up.

As I was driving toward the complex gate to leave, two fire trucks blocked me. There were about 8 firemen milling around.

I also saw a man in a suit standing on the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets. So I parked and went up to him and asked if he was someone with complex management. He said no. That he was the chaplain.

Oh no, I thought. What has happened now? Has someone died due to the negligence of the owners of this place?

They Never Follow Through Here:

We were promised someone from the regional office would be here to answer our questions yesterday. But he hadn’t shown as of noon. Whether he ever showed up I don’t know.

No one was hurt, as I had initially feared. Apparently, there was a water leak due to a water heater exploding. I suppose, not knowing who else to call, the resident resorted to calling the fire department.

The firemen were looking for someone who managed the place. I told them there was no management or maintenance and hadn’t been for nearly a week.

A Violation Code:

They said something about that being a violation code.

One fireman said, “We’re going to try to find some help for you people. We will find out who owns this property.”

But that never happened.

Earlier that morning I had called the Tulsa courthouse looking for someone with jurisdiction over this problem. They said there was no one who fit the bill.

And they suggested I contact an attorney. I wasn’t paying for an attorney.

I’m not calling any news outlets because I fear retribution. I’ve been asking around so they will surely think it’s me if that happens.

I have now called the fire department (before this happened yesterday), the sheriff, and the police department. No one seems to know what to do.

I called the manager of another complex who stayed after this new owner took over to say this was an accident waiting to happen over here.

Stop Pushing Buttons:

But I was told to: “Stop pushing buttons and leave it alone.” Then she hung up on me.

I’m going to meet my youngest daughter for lunch. It is her 41st birthday and we always meet for lunch on our birthdays. She chose Chinese food today.

I have a few errands to run before we meet up so I’m heading out soon.


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  1. Good luck Brenda. Looks like there will be a shake up. Praying everything will be settled soon.
    This all seems so stressful.

    Hugs for you, Charlie and Ms. Ivy

  2. Truly bizarre that there is no management. Who do you write checks to? Can you contact them with that information and ask when they plan to have a complex manager or property manager look over their new complex? As a developer, I can tell you that makes no sense at all. You all must be so frustrated.

  3. I get those sores some times myself.Very common in Women.Buy some Peroxide and start switching with it at least once a day.You can also but mouthwash with it in it.Much more expensive though. ,

  4. Hope you can get help with your mouth tomorrow and feel better soon………… really is very serious being there with no Management Team. If you are like me..I have been retired 4 plus years now..and though I think at times a part-time job would be good rather it just stresses me out thinking of a commitment to someone else’s schedule, rather than my own. I know you are busy at home with your own work/blog but it is on your schedule and different when you have a boss other than yourself. :0( …., I sure agree with other friends above, though…you would be !great! at a Managerial job and about getting things done properly.. Wishing Best wishes and less stress your way..

  5. Boy, oh boy, never a dull moment. So glad you have an appointment to see a doctor about the sore in your mouth. I hope it’s nothing serious and can be resolved swiftly.

    The complex drama gets more interesting with time. They (the new owners) are very lucky no one was hurt when the water heater exploded. Contacting the Tulsa Health Department (as someone has suggested) is really the best way to go, although having the Fire Department involved is good too. I was a Code Enforcement Manager for over 20 years (in California). When situations like yours arose, I worked closely with the Health Department to resolve these issues. The Health Department oversees tenant residential properties and enforces any health code violations. The Tulsa Building and Code Enforcement departments will also help. You may have to file a complaint which can be done online.

    I had several cases where the owners were absentee – in fact, had abandoned the properties, some of whom had moved out of the country – and I contacted the bank that had the loan. They are also responsible for the property and will also try to contact the owner. It is a mess but sometimes getting everyone involved is the only way to go. When you pay rent, you are entitled to live in a safe environment. Do not give up and don’t let others intimidate you from doing the right thing.

  6. Glad you’re going to the doctor to talk about the sore(s) in your mouth.

    Not much to add about your complex that others haven’t already suggested. With the fire dept on it now, I have a feeling things will start moving along. Who do you pay your rent to?

  7. In my opinion, building code regulations are being violated as well as potentially health/safety code regulation.

    Tulsa Health Department/Housing Inspections: If you have a complaint, question or concern about a structure’s safety or compliance—or about your rights as a landlord or tenant, please click here to complete an online complaint form or call 918-595-4200. We’ll conduct an on-site inspection, if necessary, or refer you to the right course of action. Website:

    Tulsa City Ordinances – Building Code. Scroll down to Title 55 – Property Maintenance. The various “Chapters” laid out underneath this Title set out requirements for a property owner.

    Here is a complete list of City of Tulsa agencies and services available for residents to contact – comprehensive, with telephone numbers:

  8. I had something similar in my mouth. As they continued to grow (there were 2 of them, one large and one smaller, my dentist sent me to an oral surgeon. She numbed me up good, cut them out and stitched them up. They were sent to the lab for testing. Diagnosis: benign fibromas. The following week, she removed the stitches and all is well now.
    They’ve been gone for a month now and I no longer have to worry about biting them or trying to eat around them. Hope yours go as well. Carol

    1. Try calling Legal Aid. They are free, very confidential and knowledgeable about housing problems. Hope you feel better soon. It sure is hard to keep yourself healthy when there is so much stress. Have a wonderful Bday lunch with your daughter ?

  9. Gosh, I hope this management issue gets resolved soon, Brenda! What an irresponsible company this new one must be. So sorry for the hassle to all the residents. Try not to let it get you down, though.

    Also hope your birthday lunch with your daughter was pleasant and took your mind off the management debacle.

    You know I once had something appear inside my lower lip called a mucocele by my dentist which was a mucous-filled sac that was easily irratated. My dentist removed it surgically and it has never come back. The procedure wasn’t so very pleasant but it took care of the problem. I hope you can get yours taken care of soon.

    Do you remember the very funny lady on the old Saturday Night Live–Gilda Radner? She was always saying, “it’s always something.” And whenever problems seem to pile up on me I remember Gilda and I always laugh. Just something about the way she said that struck me as funny and of course it’s true. But you just have to keep on keeping on and see the funny side if possible.

  10. Ugh!! This makes me so mad, but sounds like the fire department may be on it now. The water heater exploding may have been a blessing in disguise. I would follow up with your local fire station and then talk to the housing authority. Glad you have a referral for your mouth sore. xo Laura

  11. Tulsa does have an Housing Authority. Google them. Hope they can help. I know this is discouraging to you. You have a great location and nice apartment.

  12. I’m so glad you got that appointment tomorrow!! Then you can make an appoint. with a new dentist!! {wink}
    I don’t know enough about apartment living to give you any advice… It does sound very unsafe ~
    Hope your squeaky wheel gets some grease soon.

  13. Hi Brenda, Kat from Texas. Just wanted to give you some insight and encouragement today.
    I use to have a sore in my cheek like that. And yes, I ended up biting down on it far too many times!! I went and had it checked out and the cauterized it so it would heal. They told me since that is a moist environment that it is hard to heal. Let me know how it goes, am praying for ya!
    I was an apartment manager for about 3 years in California a long while back. That situation your in is terribly wrong and indeed so many violations are being broken. Please do not worry about pursuing this, someone else mentioned there are laws to protect you and that is correct. Just be smart about it. And remember the wheels of the government,even local, turn slowly!
    Have a wonderful time with your daughter!!!! You are truly blessed to have her near, my daughters are in California ? God bless you dear!

  14. I like Kris’s idea of you working part time (temporarily! until you couldn’t stand it any more!) for new management. You’ve been there long enough to understand the real issues and would be an excellent advocate for your more senior neighbors. When questions arise that you’re not able to answer, you’ve got us here to brain storm for you! (Ann Landers got her job not because of WHAT she knew, but WHO she did!) I’d type up a nice little resume and introduce yourself to the new manager when (or “if!” he/she shows up) – ask for an hourly at-will wage or a reduction in rent. Describe yourself as a party interested in having the complex succeed. Offer to show them your beautiful space and tell them you are creative enough to initiate a monthly newsletter and/or social events. I’ll bet they’d hire you on the spot!

    1. “I’d type up a nice little resume and introduce yourself to the new manager when (or “if!” he/she shows up) – ask for an hourly at-will wage or a reduction in rent. Describe yourself as a party interested in having the complex succeed. Offer to show them your beautiful space and tell them you are creative enough to initiate a monthly newsletter and/or social events.”

      Wow, You are one smart cookie!!! 🙂 These are excellent ideas. You are very fortunate to have these ladies in Your corner!!! 🙂 barb

    2. How is the monthly rent paid? Did you go down to the management office at the end of the month to pay? If that is the case hopefully/probably? someone will finally show up on behalf of the new owners….since $$$ is involved…and that person will have information. Let’s hope.

  15. Hi Brenda,

    Your state, or city, or county must have a housing authority office or department. Those would be the people in charge of this mess the new owners have made for you.
    Hope you can find some answers.

  16. Hi Brenda,
    New to your posts and just want to say good luck on the sore in your mouth. I am enjoying your writing.

  17. Hi Brenda,
    OMG about your complex still having issues with no one there to run the place. I asked my husband who is a fire chief and he said they are in violation and if here in Illinois they would be fined everyday and then the city would have to step in and take the owners to court. I am sure your city will do something like that too. My husband said they would have the building department dealing with the violation. So maybe try calling the building department. I would not worry about retribution because there is the whistle blowers law and if they try to do anything to you they can be sued big time. That is so un safe to not have anyone there. Hey have you thought about a job or temporary job. Maybe you could step in and be in the office until they hire someone. Just make sure they pay you big dollars for the headache!!!!!!! Have a great lunch with your daughter today.

    1. Yeah, on the job thing – You sound (i’m new here) like someone that could really get things done – Maybe they would not mind putting Charlie’s bed behind the “counter” or in “Your” office so he would be close. Good things to consider – You sure sound like an advocate to me – It would “space” Your mind away from things coming down on You and one of the things You could/would actually be remedying by doing something. Definitely consider that – Then You would not be seen as an “enemy” by management, but a helper.

      Also, the photo with the trees and the birdbath, as I was scrolling down to it, it looked just like a painting. Very, Very, Pretty. barb

  18. I don’t know if you have any food allergies (maybe unknown to this point) but I used to have problems with biting my cheeks when I ate at times. I finally figured out that eating some foods would make the tissue in my mouth and even my gums at times, swell up a bit…making it crowded in there when chewing. Avoiding those foods has taken away my problem at least. Maybe consider some tests for food allergies if no one else comes up with anything.

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