Doctor’s Appointment Today

I had a doctor’s appointment today. Steve drove me and helped lift the knee scooter in and out of the back of my SUV.

The doctor/surgeon told me that I should try to transition from the walking boot into a lace-up cloth/canvas brace. I’ve had them before. This kind of ankle brace laces up, and is kind of hard to get your shoe on over it.

In a Doctor's Appointment Today, I learned that my ankle is improving.

Greg, the physical therapist that comes to my home said yesterday: “What are you going to do if the doctor tomorrow says you can take off the boot from time to time?”

I replied: “I will do it gradually. I’m afraid to mess things up now that I have had 6 weeks without terrible pain.”

Walking Boot Became My Security Blanket:

Then he said: “I can see where that walking boot has become somewhat of a security blanket for you over the last 10+ years.”

Yes, he’s right.

The walking boot at least protects my ankle. It is made of very hard plastic and it secures my whole foot up to my knee. When I have fallen from the scooter since ankle surgery, I’ve at least had the walking boot on to protect the incisions.

The first few weeks after surgery, I took pain pills because there was pain. But after 2-3 weeks, that went away.

Then there were the dissolving stitches that hurt because they didn’t dissolve. Now that is gone as well because they pulled them out.

So currently I’m not even taking Tylenol. But then again, I’ve barely been walking on my right foot. I’ve been on the knee scooter in the walking boot.

My physical therapist, because he’s here twice a week, has gotten to know me. He knows that I do everything fast. I move fast and talk fast. It’s just how I am.

So he tells me to err on the side of caution because doing things fast is my innate tendency. And that’s what we’re going to do. We will move slowly so I don’t hurt something before I even get going.

I’m still wearing gauze as well as two Ace bandages around my foot because the boot scrapes my skin in places. Sometimes the top of my foot bleeds due to the velcro in the boot scraping against a bone with arthritis in it.

It would be nice to walk without the boot, but at least I haven’t hurt anything more with it.

Why you must take care of your body

Torn Tendons:

The surgeon also told me that the incisions on either side of my ankle are long because so many of the tendons were badly torn. And he needed long incisions in order to fix them.

That along with progressive arthritis in my foot and ankle are why I had surgery in the first place. It will be quite a while before I can tell how much that surgery will help me to walk.

I suppose the torn tendons were what was causing such excruciating pain. The tendons, having been torn, would have probably continued to tear. And they became torn from my simply trying to walk.

Drilling out the fused bone will hopefully give me more range of motion.

But I’m not in any hurry because when you’ve been in pain 24/7 for months on end, you are not apt to rush things along once the pain is gone.

The lack of pain is absolutely blissful. It’s a whole new world for me.

It’s a world where I can relax and watch TV and read a book. There’s no relaxing when there’s so much constant pain and there’s nothing to relieve it.

What is that phrase? I think it’s “slow and steady wins the race.” And it means that slow, productive progress leads to success.

So that’s what I’m aiming for.



  1. Bless Steve for all his help…what a great neighbor!! Glad you are improving…and I think you are wise to go slow and take it easy!!

  2. Today is good, tomorrow is better, next day better yet.. You are on your way ,Brenda, one day at a time, and you’re going to do it. Pain is going to be a thing of your past! I say a prayer for you every night, that this too will pass quickly. You certainly have a huge lot of followers on this blog, wishing you the very best. Friends you have never met, but friends for sure… Hugs from WI.

  3. Such good news! The best part is hearing how happy you are, not being in pain anymore. That is a huge big deal! So happy for you. Big thanks to Steve! He’s so kind and thoughtful. You need to let him know how much your readers appreciate him ! And speaking of your neighbors, how’s Ron doing?

    1. I took the knee scooter out to the patio yesterday and spoke to him. Looked like he was doing okay. And I do tell Steve how much he’s appreciated. Plus I make sure to order things I know he likes.

  4. “Slow and steady wins the race” is absolutely correct. Love “just ask any turtle” – perfectly said. LOL I’m a firm believer in trusting the timing. I’m very happy that you’re pain free so being very careful is important. I’d do the same thing, Brenda. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing while reading or watching TV. Just do what you feel like doing! That’s how I live. 🙂
    Take good care of yourself and enjoy what’s left of your day.

  5. Omg, as I was reading your blog today, I was thinking of that verse!
    Than when I was almost finished reading this, there it was!
    So glad u don’t have any hurting pain Brenda!

  6. I had the brace like you are going to be wearing. Before surgery. Except mine was leather. Laced up the front. It looked like an old fashioned ladies shoe. I wore it for over 4 years. The worse part is that I had to buy shoes in 2 sizes. There is no way that I could put my normal sized shoe on with the brace on. Or wear the larger sized shoe on my left foot. But at that time I was still working on my feet for 8 hours a day. I still don’t know how I did it. I was in tears all the way home.
    Like you I was so glad to have the surgery! So much damage to be fixed in there! The dr said that he built me a whole new ankle.
    I think that once you have the brace it will be better as it will be so much lighter then the boot!
    But do take it slow and easy. Good things come to those who wait.
    Hugs and prayers for a great recovery.

  7. What a good report from your surgeon! You have made lots of progress. Keep up the good work. It is time to continue on turtle speed for a while.

  8. Brenda, you are making great progress and that is great news! It is good to know you aren’t in pain.

      1. Yes ,,,, for sure ,,,,, enjoying life with no pain is so great!
        Not to constantly be worried about it ,,,,, is everything.
        So glad for you Brenda!!
        As for the arthritis, very harmful.
        To me it is ,,,,, 24-7.
        Nothing much I can do about it. No more surgeries for me. Taking Motrins with meals is all. I rest a lot during the daytime.
        Just try and live life carefully.

  9. So glad for a great report glad for an exchange in foot wear maybe this time around with it will be better than last time I know just sometimes minor adjustments help so much and yes slow and steady

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