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Doing A Little Christmas Decorating

I’ve just begun decorating for Christmas. I have the tree up and I’ve been putting ornaments on it, but I’m not finished yet.

I did create this little vignette. Not sure if it’s staying there. It was just something small to get me in the mood I suppose.

My Christmas decorating will be more muted in color this year. Because as you know I have boho color everywhere and I’m afraid a lot more color might be overwhelming.

Kendra’s Failed Thanksgiving Meal:

You may recall that Kendra had a near breakdown when the store preparing their Thanksgiving meal called to tell her there was some snafu. They were sorry, they told her, but they didn’t have her meal.

Then they called her back and said they had one for her and it all worked out.

Yesterday she put the turkey in one of those foil pans with the juices. And darned if that foil pan didn’t have a hole in it.

It leaked all over her expensive oven. She has several types of ovens. But Scott is the cook. She’s never even used this one and is worried that the oven is ruined. When she opened the door smoke billowed out and it’s a complete mess, she said.

Then to top it all off, the meal was terrible. So much for the turkey dinner that caused so much anxiety.

Kendra’s Birthday:

Today is her birthday. I’ve already called her, and as I did with Kasi a couple of weeks ago, sent her an Amazon gift certificate. She is 46. Their birthdays are exactly two weeks apart.

She plans to have a relaxing day. Take a bath. Maybe make pancakes for the kids, she said.

She’s picking up her boyfriend Scott at the airport this afternoon. He’s been out of state setting up hospice for his mother.

So I believe they’re bringing in Thai food for her birthday meal.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a great weekend as well.


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  1. Sorry to hear how badly that meal turned out…but isn’t it fitting for 2020? Ours was less than stellar too…other than the super yummy result of my gluten free apple pie which pleased us and our daughter and grandson whom we gave some to later on!! We ate it FIRST!! Why not? Eat dessert first and you will always have dessert right??

  2. The oven she used is probably top-notch and can stand up to when those types of mishaps happen. I expect it will be cleanable. The old boiling water in a pan trick (to make steam) to loosen up the gunk inside the oven works well, along with a hardy pair of rubber gloves and lots of scrubbing with natural cleaners if one doesn’t want to use commercial cleaners like Easy-Off. I’ve been doing Christmas decorating off and on. We had an unexpectedly “warm” (for my area this time of year) day with lots of sunshine and I was able to spend a couple of hours pulling the porch trees out of storage and getting them set up in the planters. It always takes longer than I think it will – I was outside at least a good 2 hours putzing with that, then putting in batteries into the timer lights and making sure they worked. Smaller Christmas tree is up on the table that is too tall for it and now I’m futzing with it to fill in empty spaces, holes, gaps, and basically putting everything on it except my kitchen sink, which is too big to fit. The mantel decoration this year are Kirkland’s trio of “mercury glass” tall votives, a chunky “mercury glass” candle stand, a couple of old white with some sparkle feathered boas and a strand of 50 LED “warm white” lights. It’s actually brighter than the tree. Should have put an extra 100 lights on the tree. That will have to wait until next year. I’ve been Christmas decorating in small segments of time interspersed with plenty of watching online news and entertainment. I usually leave my decorations up until mid to late January anyway so there’s no rush, and I have only myself to please here πŸ™‚ You have such a knack for decorating Brenda, I’m sure whatever you put up for your Christmas decor will be beautiful, as always. Me – I’m trying to imitate the lush style of Ramon at Home from Youtube. Not even close thus far, but he does inspire me to reach for the stars πŸ™‚

  3. I just started Christmas decorating, too. I have to be honest ~ I’m not enjoying it this year. I’ve been feeling extra anxious lately, and trying to get everything just so and going through all the Christmas stuff and unpacking and putting regular stuff away…I feel stressed out and agitated. I think a lot of it has to do with the stress of the times we’re living in, plus I’ve really been missing my son in CA a lot lately.

    Ugh on your daughter’s turkey mess. I hope she’s able to get the oven clean. And I hope she had a good birthday.

  4. Certainly a Thanksgiving she will remember for a long time. Sounds like a deep cleaning is in order.
    Our power went out at 10 am Thanksgiving morning til yesterday afternoon. We still made beef bourginon and mashed potatoes on my gas stove top! Can’t wait to see your treeπŸŽ„

  5. I like the subdued color of the little Santa displayed with candles. I won’t decorate until it is officially December. I like having the fall colors around until the end of November. I’m sorry that Kendra had a bummer of a Thanksgiving meal. I hope things go better with her birthday festivities. We didn’t even have a turkey meal this year — I asked my husband if he would grill hamburgers! He said that sounded good, so that’s what we did! It was just the two of us, so, we didn’t disappoint anyone who wanted turkey. The weather is sunny but brisk here in central KY and the sky is a nice blue. So we are going to take a walk now. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Brenda. My girls are two weeks apart, too…but spring babies. Our turkey was still frozen on Thanksgiving morning. So by noon we were preparing for a vegetarian meal, when my husband chipped the ice out of the cavity, cut it in half and defrosted the rest of it in the microwave. I guess that man needed his meat! πŸ˜‰

  7. Sounds like Kendra has my luck, lol! Sure hope things start looking up for her!
    I am seriously contemplating skipping Christmas decor this year and just enjoying Christmas movies and music. Time is moving so fast and I am too worn out to put things out and then have to pack them up again.

  8. Working on decorating my little home, as well. I love your vignette!

    That turkey was simply not meant to be. Lots of hugs for Kendra with birthday wishes.

  9. Working on the tree here as well.
    Your poor daughter, good grief has she had the week from hell, hope it gets better!
    Had a terrible turkey breast here on Wednesday that I cooked for a friend that has nowhere to go, it went right to the trash.

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