Dreaming Of A Tiny Home?

You all know I’ve been an advocate for tiny homes and simple living for some time. I get online and salivate over these little gems…

(204 square feet in Tennessee)

Dream a little dream. And I mean little. That does not faze me. I love small, cozy spaces. 


The living room/kitchen of a tiny home. It really doesn’t look that small to me. How much does one person need anyway?


Just look at this one. A sweet little kitchen. A feeling of openness with that hallway leading to a back door. A place to eat while gazing out the big window.

Why does a tiny house make sense in this day and age? See the infographic below.

See that approximately 2 out of 5 tiny home owners are over 50? Just kind of makes sense. Many that age live alone. They are tired of the upkeep of the home where they may have raised their children. 

It frees a person up for a whole different lifestyle. One that is more carefree and sensible.

The Jay Shafer Tiny Village in Sonoma County, California. Some information about the village…


DENSITY: 16–22 houses-per-acre

SIZE: 40 -70 beautiful tiny houses (RVs), each up to 400 s.f., plus sleeping lofts

AMENITIES: A 800 – 1600 s.f. common house, private gardens, 1.5 parking spaces per house, shared outdoor space, private storage units, prominent pedestrian walkways out front with parking out back.

LOCATION: Northern California


INTENT: To create a contagious model for responsible, affordable, desirable housing.


DISCLAIMER: Any or all of these ideas might change if we think of something even better.
And how about this cute little house? It’s called The Wedge.
These rolling cabins are pricey. $82,000-$95,000. Way out of the ball park for many tiny home buyers.
(Last three photos courtesy of  Wheelhaus.com)
I know this isn’t everyone’s dream. Many people would feel claustrophobic. And for more than one or possibly two people, I can certainly see that.
But to me these homes are so desirable. Tiny, manageable, cozy. Alluring, cute. 
Next I’ll be looking at more affordable tiny homes.

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  1. I am intrigued by these tiny homes and I think they are a great idea for some people. Although I don't need a huge home, I have to have something a little bigger. I entertain and have house guest, kid & grandchildren, my sisters, nieces & nephews, friends. Also, where to put even a small Christmas tree, things like that??? But, I can definitely make due with 1,000 – 1300 sq feet, I don't need big house.

  2. Oh I totally agree with you Brenda, I love these tiny homes. I love looking at them and I love the feeling I get when I'm looking a them and dreaming of living in one. It feels so freeing to just get rid of the "stuff". When I bought my current fixer upper home last September it was a drop in size… I went from 1,800 to 1,200 square feet. Who knows, maybe my next move will be even smaller. You and I talked about it one time… we have lots of teeny-tiny homes here where I live… 400 to 600 square feet and most of them need fixing up which is what I love to do!


  3. I'm one of the people who would find them claustrophobic. Some of the tv shows don't seem as if the folks who buy them have thought it through, like a couple with one two-year old daughter. She's going to grow and have friends! How do you entertain, ever, more than a single other person? If there are two people there's no place to go to get away, if one person wants to play music or have the tv on loud. And not being a fan of open floor plans, who wants to essentially live in the kitchen? They are very practical for financial reasons, though.

  4. With the growing popularity of these little homes I just know the prices will go up as well. Sort of like the donkey and carrot- forever out of reach.

  5. oh wow– how easy would any of those be to keep clean and neat~! they are just adorable and all anyone would NEED.

    hopefully these communities will become more popular and plentiful as I truly believe at a lower price they would be hot sellers as well as improve the lives of many..

  6. When looking for space saving ideas for my small home, I browse through houseboat images and am amazed! In UK boat dwellers usually opt for narrowboats. Widebeams are the luxury version!
    I think theres more choice in USA though! Small spaces don't bother me.

  7. I think it's very funny that I see more and more of those tiny houses on blogs when most bloggers actually have huge houses. I prefer small houses, they are cosier and a lot easier to deal with for a single woman, I think.

  8. My comment disappeared, too? I think it was my error… I'm not sure what it is about tiny houses that are so appealing to me, but for some reason I feel safer in a smaller home. The smaller the house, the cozier, more secure, and at home I feel. I would love to eventually downsize from what we are in (we only have 1600 sq ft as is). I'm not sure how some families deal with extravagant homes…. they barely see each other!

  9. Brenda, you have a spooky blog…I mean my comments just disappear? I love small homes and when bought the Charmer I was single and never expected to use the upstairs. The Charmer was dirt cheap when I bought her, less than $80,000, so I didn't care if I ever used the upstairs. After I remarried we now use it. They tiny homes are so appealing!

  10. Hi Brenda, I love these tiny houses and been watching a show on HGTV about them. Something like House Hunters but about looking for a Tiny House. If I lived alone, I could certainly see this for myself.
    Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend.

  11. I think people that live in large houses with large mortgage payments are well, just disaster waiting to happen. I think these people in tiny homes are brilliant. I plan on doing this if I can save enough to build one. They are just perfect for one and one pet. I love how compact they are easy to maintain. Just brilliant way to live. I have been renting in 300 square feet for a while so I am fine with less space. Its all a matter of perspective in how you approach tiny living. No debt and no mortgage is the only way to go for me. I love the idea of being a senior owning my home without debt of a mortgage and so little house expenses.
    I love that quote on your header. Its very wise. Have a nice weekend.

  12. I've done a post about Tiny Homes too…I think they are wonderful! I have lived in several small apartments over the years. And now, since my husband left me 2 months ago, I have all the expenses for our house, which is a manufactured home in a Community of them. lot. I have all of the bills and lot rent to pay. Our house is paid off. At some point, I may want to sell it and move back home to Michigan, where I have family. But…I know I won't get much for it…even though it's only 9 years old, 1700 square feet, with an attached garage. They don't hold their value. We knew that when we had it built for us…it was to be our "last" home…since we're both retired. But…he had other ideas. So…if things change…I would LOVE a tiny home. Just for me and my 3 little Pups.

  13. I am downsizing as if to live in a tiny house–
    but am really waiting for my name to come up on an apartment for Seniors in Fl–
    I now live in NY–so am getting rid of lots of furniture and lots and lots of 'stuff'–and do wonder where all the 'stuff' comes from and why we feel the need to have soooo much 'stuff'!!!!
    love all your posts–thanks for sharing it all with us-

  14. My hubbie and I have been living in our fifth wheel this year for lots reasons. We inheirted a house not finished, and don't want a mortgage so we will wait until we a have to the cash to finish it it debt free. I really enjoy th RV. We have changed out some of the furniture to suit ourselves and make it more like home. It's nice to be able to clean in a few minutes instead of hours! You pare down and make do. I thought I needed all kinds of stuff that I don't miss one bit. When friends and family come over they are surprized that it is so comfy and there is enough room. I can say honestly I have no great desire for a big house ever again.

  15. I really look forward to your posts on the tiny homes. I would need to lose a lot of "stuff" in order to live in one, but that could be a good thing!

  16. We're fascinated with those tiny home shows on tv lately – how easy to clean they must be. I love the innovative storage ideas in them. I could go smaller and would be happy to go smaller but nowhere near tiny – my looms wouldn't fit and weaving and other fiber arts are what I do in life for my soul and income. I need a small home with a big studio.

  17. I see a difference in a RV and a tiny home. In an RV, at least ones I am familiar with, there is really no room for personal furniture or art work, etc. In a tiny home, not everything would fit, but there is a possibility of using treasured pieces. I love the idea of a tiny home. Don't think I can sell my hubby on it. Where would he put all his books?

  18. so many typos in the comment that I deleted I thought to start over again and check my spelling first – I do not like spell checker! many people live in RV's full time by choice which is basically the same as a tiny house except you can keep changing your location if you chose. My husband and I have a 24 foot motorhome with no slide outs – we live in it up to 8 weeks at a time – if it was a little bigger I would be willing to take longer trips but my husband is a big guy so 8 weeks is long enough. Little homes are neat I think and perfect for one or two. Maybe you can get one donated to you in exchange for promoting living in a tiny home through your blog and through the company that would make one! Something to look into?

  19. My husband and I have been talking about trying to buy some land up in the woods once our home is paid off and building a tiny home on on that land. We could later rent out our home here for income and then live in the tiny house. 🙂

  20. My husband and I have been talking about trying to buy some land up in the woods once our home is paid off and building a tiny home on on that land. We could later rent out our home here for income and then live in the tiny house. 🙂

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