Early Morning Thoughts

Lately when I take Charlie out in the middle of the night there is an ever so slight nip in the air, the harbinger of fall around the corner. Still in the day, the temps rise, and it’s as though what I felt at night was a mere mirage.

But that is the way of the seasons changing. Just a bit at a time normally. Unless Mother Nature decides to throw a wrench in things and bring on cold weather before we’ve had a chance to adjust to cool.

At least this year I have my pretty French doors to gaze through out to my patio, which makes it extra special.

I sit here and gaze at the big sun on the fence as it changes color with age. I’ve had that sun for over 10 years and it’s still beautiful. I think I paid $35 for that huge thing in Texas. Now the sight of it is broken up by the white panes in the French door.

Grasshoppers are abundant right now. Big and small. Some look like aliens.

I hope this ugly thing doesn’t make its way indoors.

The butterflies are drunk on the morning glories. The bees on the sedum autumn joy. Everything is as it’s supposed to be.

The lesson to be learned is that nature giveth and it taketh away. It brings spring flowers and then the heat of summer turns them brown and dry.

Autumn turns the leaves brilliant colors of red and orange and gold. And then the winds sweep in and blow them to the ground.

The trees are then stark and bare for months until spring comes dancing in with jonquils and tulips and daffodils.

Random memories come to me in the morning, and that is typically what I end up telling you about.

This morning I was remembering a blue and white striped ticking couch I found at a garage sale in New Braunfels, Texas when I lived there in the nineties.

It was $60, a bit out of my budget, but I splurged and enjoyed that couch for years.

Then when tornadoes mowed down many homes near Oklahoma City in the late nineties, I was back living in Oklahoma, and I donated that couch to some anonymous family who had lost everything.

Hard to imagine your home being intact one minute and then blown to bits the next. I hope they enjoyed that couch as much as I did.

These random things come to mind for whatever reason. And then I sometimes hand them over to you.



  1. I remember reading about your Texas Sun years ago on your previous terrace! I visited your friends blog, she has the same good style and plant appreciation that you do!

  2. I love your garden sun. However, I thought your original sun had gotten broken and that someone sent you the one you have now. Has it really been that long ago?

    1. That was a ceramic sun, and yes someone sent me one when mine broke. It is on the fence adjacent to the French doors. The sun I’m referring to is steel/metal (?) and has been around at least as long as I’ve been blogging.

  3. A pleasant little collection of tho’ts and memories in your post today, Brenda. And some lovely photos. The one of the grasshopper is amazing. It’s not easy to photograph insects! I have seen several grasshoppers here lately. Are they a sign of the waning summer?

    It’s funny what memories surface when we aren’t trying to remember anything specific. And what random things they are triggered by. Sigts, sounds, smells or touches can all be triggers, I found. Just the changing light at dusk or the chirping of the birds in the yard. Our minds are so amazing and full of –I guess you’d call it information.

    Thanks for sharing your mental meanderings. They are always interesting and beautifully written.

  4. Brenda I am loving your words & have gone back to 2014 & have read most, if not all of your everyday thoughts & words. I’m thrilled that you have new French Doors leading out to your patio. Can we please see them in a future blog?? I am addicted to your decorating addicted to your apartment decorating choices choices!! I’ve just found you & I look forward to having my coffee with you. Can you tell me what issue of Country sampler your little blue house is featured??
    I thank you are a very strong woman much stronger than you even seem to realize!!
    Thank you Brenda

        1. wow..congrats on that previous magazine blitz….I love your writings/such beautiful journalism. Have a blessed TGIF and weekend..Thank you.

  5. Ha ha the grasshoppers do look like little aliens! We are feeling like fall this week. Low 70’s during the day and 50’s at night. The only issue is they are saying our temps will go back up next week in the high 80’s again for a few days. The weather patterns are crazy! Happy Wednesday.

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