Christmas and New Year’s are over with and all the decor is packed up. So it’s time we start thinking about winter decorating.

Below is a collage of things that make me happy during winter.

The graphic for winter decorating

These are all elements I like to decorate with come wintertime.

  • Green house plants remind me of nature
  • My little portable fireplace that keeps me warm and looks so pretty
  • Red tulips I pick up at Trader Joe’s
  • Good books to read
  • Music that speaks to me
  • Candles to make it feel cozy

Below I’ve found photos of winter decorating by various bloggers. I hope you enjoy them and that they provide inspiration for your own home during these cold gray months before spring.

  1. County Road 407

County Road 407 posted about decorating her entryway 3 different ways. What you see above is one of the three decorated entryways.

All the green she’s used relaxes me and reminds me of plants emerging in the springtime.

2. Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Follow The Yellow Brick Home likes to use botanicals and garden decor to decorate for the winter months.

Garden decor reminds us that soon winter will pass. And that we will be digging in the dirt before we know it.

3. Sarah Joy

Sarah Joy has her own tips and tricks to liven your home up during the gray winter months.

She says the first thing she does is remove any red decor leftover from Christmas.

4. The Crowned Goat

The Crowned Goat provides 8 winter tips for decorating your home after Christmas.

5. Zevy Joy

Zevy Joy decorated her living space in neutrals. The whites and beiges look great for winter, but I think I’d have to add some color come springtime.

7. Love Grows Wild

This Love Grows Wild blog post was actually meant for Christmas. But it could also be used for winter decorating. A cute little nook with a table, chairs, and table decor look very cozy. I can imagine sitting there with a cup of hot cocoa.

8. Liz Marie Blog

Liz at Liz Marie’s blog brings out the fresh greenery and pinecones. You might add candles to light up the scenery on a shelf. (But if it’s on a shelf, I would use faux candles due to the danger of fire.)

Winter Season Decorating:

As they say, for everything there is a season.

Winter can sometimes be fleeting. But I like to cozy up my home while the wind rages outside and the cold air surrounds my window.

I plug in my wax melt electric warmer and the scent I choose that day drifts through the rooms of my apartment.

My wax warmer in the kitchen

Come wintertime, I like to decorate with warm throws, scented candles, and house plants. Anything that makes my home feel cozy and warm until spring arrives.

(And I’ll be doing this, making my home cozy, at the new apartment soon! Three weeks from today.)


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  1. Brenda, I still have my Christmas things up. We leave it up until at least January 6th to celebrate Epiphany. Then I take down the big tree and a few of the little ones but leave one up in the living room(it is a bird themed tree) and one in the bedroom(I like to read by the light of the tree before bed and when I wake up). They make me happy and they make long gray days seem brighter. The biggest project this year is taking the pinecone garland I made, down from the porch, it is so heavy and it is about 24-28 ft long. As for winter decor, anything cosy, plaid throws, lots of candles, etc. Looking forward to seeing your new place. Hope your foot is feeling better.

  2. I took down all my Christmas decor the day after Christmas and had it packed up the next. I ended up donating a bag of decor I hadn’t used and knew I’d probably never use again. Felt good to get rid of more stuff.

    I like the links you posted, especially the one from the Crowned Goat. I noticed a lot of the other bloggers use a lot of pine in their winter decor, but it reminds me too much of Christmas. I’m also allergic to it, so there’s that factor, too. 😉

    I love texture and coziness for the winter…pillows and lots of throws/blankets. I also like light and scent…fairy lights, non-toxic candles, a diffuser going with essential oils.

  3. I like a lot of glitter and glam for Christmas as a general rule, but for next year, I’ve already done all my (on clearance) shopping for a Woodland-themed Christmas tree that will incorporate some items I’ve collected over the years and used on prior trees. Pre-and-Post Christmas, I layer in plenty of warm throws because I’m a freezy cat. I will often have a fire going in my gel (ethanol) fuel fireplace, and snuggle up in a corner of the sofa with a couple of throws on – one wrapping my shoulders and one on my legs. I use layered area rugs on top of the carpet in my living room to make it cushy-cozy, throw pillow covers in my “color for the season” to dress up my neutral furniture, and coordinated “art” work in four frames on the walls (2 each in different areas) to add a splash of color to my neutral painted walls (it’s a pale greenish-gray color). I have lots of battery-lit candles scattered around the living room, but also a few real candles that I carefully isolate away from anything that could burn. I make sure to blow them out and move them to the kitchen on non-burnable surfaces away from anything combustible before I go to bed. I don’t even think about switching out decor until the end of April, because Aprils in southeast Wisconsin can sometimes be winter-like. Depend on it – if I change out the decor too early in April, winter returns! I am not a “lots of lights on” type of person, my house is dark and for some people WAY too dark, but why pay for electricity when I’m the only one here and I am generally looking at my computer screen? I don’t need lights on to do that! I spent 46 years under bright overhead tube lights working in offices my entire career – my eyes appreciate darkness these days.

  4. Like everyone I am anxious to see your new abode and how you decorate. I hope you have a perfect place for your little fireplace.`

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