What a sweet little Spanish-style courtyard apartment in LA. 

What’s not to like for a single girl?

Jamie previously call Austin home. But when her jewelry line started taking off, she headed to California.

She utilizes her 600 square feet rental to house all that she needs in which to live and work. She and her cat George Michael. 

She has a very eclectic style. Mixing boho with modern and vintage.

Her desk is tucked into a corner of her narrow kitchen. This is where she works on her artistic endeavors.

Could you see yourself living in this small abode?



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  1. I love this apartment! It is so cute and I love boho chic too as my tastes run to the eclectic. I wish I had the tenant's decorating and design sense.

  2. It's cute and I like the purple doors on the front, but it's a tad small for me. I guess I have too much junk! 🙂 Oh, I was thinking about your neighbor the other day, the one who said the puppies were keeping him up at night. Did he move? I hope so.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

    1. I was wondering if that neighbor was still bothering you too, Brenda. I sure hope not! I live in a little 600 square feet cottage with my husband and 3 little dogs. Our home feels a little bigger to me thanks to the vaulted ceilings and large storage closet, but I think this small abode is really sweet too. However, I dislike animal skulls and deer head replicas on the walls… The kitty in the doorway is very pretty.

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