I imagine there are a lot of people who are scarred and traumatized by the year 2020.

So many of you might want to toast the last month of this hard year with an alcoholic beverage on Christmas. Or even New Year’s.

I’ve found a variety of recipes for you, depending on which alcoholic beverage is your favorite.

This Cranberry Prosecco Punch is from The Toasty Kitchen and you can find the recipe here.

This Christmas Margarita is from the blog Call Me PMC and you can find the recipe here.

This Candy Cane Infused Vodka is from the blog Cooking With Amber and you can find the recipe here.

These Christmas Mimosas are from the blog House Of Yumm and the recipe can be found here.

This Snowflake Peppermint Cocktail is from Tidy Mom and you can find the recipe here.

If you like martinis Real House Moms has a good one and you can find the recipe here.

Who could have thought this year would be such a hard and devastating one?

Well, we can now look toward 2021 and hope it brings more hope and health and happiness.

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  1. That Christmas margarita is so pretty! If I were having a party, I’d probably make them. Maybe next year.

    I’m more of a wine drinker anyway. I prefer a nice Cabernet Sauvignon in the colder months and a crisp, dry white in the summer.

  2. Love Prosecco. This cranberry with it looks wonderful. I saw a study where the only commonality in super seniors is that they had an alcoholic beverage or two every day.

  3. What pretty photos! It would be fun to be at such a festive occasion after this tedious year. I’m like others here who rarely drink, but if I do I like something sharp or bitter rather than sweet. I like a shot of Irish whiskey or a gin and tonic. But I wouldn’t turn down one of the pretty peppermint concoctions!

  4. I only drink once a year but these look very appealing! My daughter and I usually buy those little nips of Kahlua for New Years Eve.

  5. Wow ,,,,,, pretty looking holiday 🌲drinks.
    The last time I had any alcohol was probably 5 years ago. Never have been a booze drinker. Just a few sips of wine with the holiday dinner. So, even though the colorful glasses of cheer look good, I have no idea what they taste like.
    Best of to everyone for a happier, and much healthier 2021 & beyond. We are all counting on way better days/times in our futures.

    1. I haven’t had alcohol since around 2000. I just never had the taste for it either. But I figure with the difficult year we’ve had, there will be people wanting to have a drink on Christmas.

  6. Those drinks look beautiful but I’ve stuck with pink wine – either White Zinfandel or Rose, for many years. A drink with some hard alcohol in it would probably put me to sleep even though back in my much younger party hearty years my drink was brandy and sweet – a Wisconsin thing I learned when I travelled out of state and ordered drinks at dinner, etc. Looking forward to 2021, and while waiting for spring (it’s not even officially winter yet and I’m already impatient for spring) I’ll be working on various projects around the house. I am hopeful that everybody will have a much better 2021.

  7. Not much for alcohol here as it usually bothers my stomach. I do however, enjoy hot chocolate with a shot of cherry brandy in it during the winter. Sometimes I change it up and use amaretto, Baileys Irish Creme or creme de menthe.
    Warms me up on those very cold days!

  8. These festive drinks look lovely and picture worthy. As for me, this year 2020 has been so traumatic I’m just going to pop the top of a cheap beer and toddle off to bed and wait for the new year with visions of health and prosperity dancing in my head. I hope you and all your commenters have a wonderful holiday no matter how they spend it. Blessings to you all. Sandra

  9. They all look delicious! With the exception of a once or twice a year margarita, and an occasional two fingers of Bailey’s, drinking isn’t of much interest to me.

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