A popular way of entertaining is with charcuterie boards. The concept is far from new.

While the original French translation refers to pork, modern charcuterie boards include other types of food. For instance, pate, cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, and dips.

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I thought I’d tiptoe through Blogland and see how people who specialize in entertaining and food create their own charcuterie boards.

I thought I’d create a charcuterie board when my two daughters come over for lunch. We would have easy-to-eat snacks and not have to order out.

Cheese Board On A Budget:

Bessie Bakes put this Charcuterie Cheese Board together on a budget. So if you want to create a charcuterie board but are low on funds, you might read her suggestions. She also has lots of helpful tips.

She wrote on her blog: “When creating this charcuterie cheese board I was amazed at how many different items I had on hand in my pantry and fridge. I had plenty of crackers, olives, stone-ground mustard, and dried fruit that was still fresh and needed to be enjoyed.”

Charcuterie Board Under $25:

Love Celebrate & Bloom created this Budget Charcuterie Board by shopping at Aldi’s and a Dollar Store.

She wrote on her blog: “Some may think that charcuterie boards are expensive to make with all those cured meats and cheeses, but if you have an Aldi and a Dollar Store near you then you’re good to go! We can make a board on the cheap that looks amazing and even better it’s delicious and all your guests will be raving about it!”

New Year’s Eve Board:

Kelly Djalali of Djalali Cooks put together this Charcuterie Board For The New Year to celebrate new beginnings.

She wrote on her blog: “I have a perfect way to celebrate the end of this year: a New Year’s Eve Charcuterie Board. I love this idea because you can assemble it early and snack all night – which is my favorite way to eat. A homemade olive mix serves as the centerpiece in this arrangement, but every layer of this board plays a special role.”

Meat & Cheese Charcuterie Board:

Family Fresh Meals created this Meat & Cheese Charcuterie Board:

She wrote on her blog: “Here’s a sample New Years Appetizer Meat and Cheese Board I put together with a variety of tasty bites: hot and cold, light and hearty, savory and a little bit of sweet.”

Sweet & Savory Charcuterie Board:

Okitsmeena prepared this Sweet & Savory Charcuterie Board. Her arrangement includes small bowls, a plate, and a platter to physically separate the different kinds of snacks.

She wrote on her blog: “What better way to celebrate than with a full-packed charcuterie board with all the sweet and salty favs to perfectly describe this year.”

Dessert Charcuterie Board:

Windy City Dinner Fairy created this New Year’s Eve Dessert Charcuterie Board.

A round dessert board for New Year's
Photo credit Windy City Dinner Fairy

She wrote on her blog: “As a general rule of thumb for charcuterie boards, I like to go for a variety of different colors, shapes, textures, and flavors to keep your palate on its toes! For this New Year’s Eve dessert charcuterie board, I chose golds, dark browns, and pops of white to create a festive New Year’s Eve vibe! You can be as creative as you’d like!”

2022 Charcuterie Board:

Number 2 Pencil created this 2022 Charcuterie Board.

She wrote on her blog: “Two years ago, I made this charcuterie board to celebrate the start of the 2020 year. Little did we all know what a turn the year would take. The tradition continues with a 2022 New Year’s board.”

If you’re planning a get-together for the holidays, perhaps one of these charcuterie boards will be just what you need to feed the crowd.

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  1. As a matter of fact, I’m creating a charcuterie board for Christmas Eve! It’ll be a small gathering here…just me and Brian with my mom, aunt, and two of Brian’s sisters. But I plan on using a board or tray to arrange cheeses, crackers, uncured salami, olives, nuts, clementine segments and fresh pineapple. If I have enough room, I’ll add the sliced peppers and cucumber and hummus; otherwise, that will go on a separate tray.

  2. Hi Brenda. First time commenter here. I enjoy your posts. You are one of two blogs I read. I found you and the other blog when I moved to a much smaller space and needed ideas for how to live in the smaller space, especially ideas for storage and decluttering. I have learned a lot from you. I now have a couple groups of things displayed that I love and it looks as if I know what I’m doing when it comes to decorating. Anyway I hope you continue writing because I always enjoy the ideas, thoughts and photos you share.

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