Here are the Etsy shops for fall decor I’ve been browsing this past week. There are more, but these 5 shops are the ones that caught my eye.

So I wanted to share them with you.

Graphic for my post on fall decor

I love to shop Etsy shops. First of all, I like to support small business owners.

The second thing is, well, they have stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

And each of these shops has a 5-star rating.

1. Cheri Kay Signs

Fall sign with a quote by Oscar Wilde at an Etsy shop


I love whites, creams, and neutrals, as you’ll quickly come to see if you visit my Etsy shop at Cherie Kay Signs.

Our goal is to provide you with quality wood signs that will bring beauty to your home and life.

2. Cotton Ridge Emporium

White felted pumpkins with spindle stems for sale for fall


Two of my greatest interests are collecting and crafting.

I love finding items at garage sales, in flea markets and am not above adopting some unloved things from the side of the road.

3. Creative Fabric Crafts

White fabric pumpkins tied with jute at an Etsy shop for fall decor


After creating custom window treatments in the interior design industry for about 20 years, my daughter decided she wanted to learn to sew.

Figuring that a pillow might be the best way to start ( straight lines, no curves) and watching her love of her newfound hobby slowly turn to an obsession, we found our dining room table soon covered with pillow covers.

Lots of pillow covers. All. The. Time. Hence the birth of our tiny Etsy shop!

4. Sheila Weil Studios

Felted acorns in a wood bowl for sale


I love to create and work with my hands.

I love everything that has to do with design and making your house your HOME!

5. Wild Ridge Design

An orange wreath at an Etsy shop for fall decor


My husband and I are raising our family of ten in beautiful Ashton, Idaho. A small town 55 miles from West Yellowstone surrounded by mountains, trees and the North Fork River.

There is so much to do right out our backdoor! I can’t believe we get to live and work here!

You can buy or order fall decor at any of the big box stores, but you won’t find one-of-a-kind products. These Etsy shop owners are proud of their work and have the ratings to reflect that.

I have a Fall Decorating board on Pinterest where I’ve been pinning my favorite fall decorating ideas. You can view it here.

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  1. Love those acorns and the wreath so I will be taking a look at each of their shops. Thanks for sharing. I’m in no way ready for fall, but I can at least look! šŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Brenda šŸ‘‹
    There was a time I loved ordering things from Etsy. Not a lot though. Mostly all old quilts or my favorite ,,,,, baby blankets!
    These days, as a senior in my 70’s, I order nothing ,,,,, haha!! Nope. Done with spending unnecessary $$$ dollars on things I’ll have to find future homes for.
    As it is, there’s way too much in this house now. Wish I could give away.
    Sell every very usable item for $1.00 or $2.00 bucks!!!
    That would make me delightfully happy šŸ˜Š
    I know these folks selling their items on Etsy want to make some extra money. It’s fine. Just make sure you are going to use what you purchase.
    Then ,,,,, ā¤ enjoy šŸ˜‰

  3. Such great shops. My house is having some major repair work done as in replacing a beam! Half of the rooms are in a pod in my driveway. Iā€™m hoping work will be done soon so we can decorate for fall. I have so many stuffed pumpkins already!!! I need to ck out your Pinterest Brenda!

  4. I just ordered from Sheila Weil Studios! I love to order from Etsy. As you said, it supports the small business owner!

  5. Love the post!! Great finds and enjoyed your pinterest board as it gave me ideas to add to mine for my outside and indoor fall decor. Thank you so much for all you do. Also have been enjoying your sharing if other bloggers!!

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