There’s nothing I like better, during this prelude to fall, than finding very frugal ways to celebrate the fall season.

I had a yard full of acorns back in Texas. Now I’d have to go hunting for them! 

I also had lots of oak leaves. They were so pretty as they turned gold and orange and brown.

But, if you have some plastic Easter eggs left over from Easter, you’re in business…


You can make your own customized acorns! Isn’t this a clever idea? No, I didn’t think of it myself. But whoever did is very creative.

Or, you could get the kids or grandkids together at the craft table (or dining room table) and make an owl tree…


I just love owls. I have a Pinterest board with birds and owls on it that I add to a lot. Click here to see.

Then I saw this idea…

(I couldn’t locate the actual URL for this craft.)
Just walk around and find yourself a pretty shaped leaf and use its imprint to create art! 
And if you love that candy corn that comes to your grocer’s shelves this time of year, you might like to make the craft above. I think it’s just precious.
(And I really love candy corn!)
This about sums it up for me…
Tomorrow I’ll be back with a cupboard that last week was mint green. I couldn’t help it. I had to change the color. You’ll see tomorrow what I did!
(I used paint that says you must wait three days to put anything on the surface. Three whole days!)

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  1. Oh this was a delightful post. Thanks for these ideas which remind me it's time to decorate for fall. Since we just moved I have no idea where the little squirrels and owls are that I get out this time of year. Maybe I can come up with something new from these ideas and let my usual decorations wait until next year.

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