Monday I had an eye exam. I knew I needed new glasses. But I put it off because my glasses are always expensive. But the nose piece was just about broken off. So I had to do it.

I have to wear bifocals. But I just hate those lines across the middle of the lens. So I always get progressive glasses.  If you’re not familiar with them, here is some information for mature wearers of glasses.

So my glasses end up costing around $500. Which is what I paid to order them this time too. A good chunk of change, huh? But worth it to me because if I’m awake, I’m wearing them.

Another clematis bloom.

I was told that I will probably need cataract surgery within the next year or so. He said I might even notice a difference in my sight in my right eye earlier than that.

He also said that it is possible that once I have surgery, I have around a 90% chance of not having to wear glasses all the time anymore. Just reading glasses.

Have any of you had that happen?

That would be a pleasant surprise, because I’ve worn glasses since childhood. I never opted for contacts, because I cringed at the idea of putting anything in my eyes.

Aside from the petunia plant above, I have another petunia plant that has about a dozen black blooms. I just didn’t capture a decent photo of it. 

I also still have tomatoes to eat. Though as you can see the leaves look pretty bad!


And I still have loads of Johnny-Jump-Ups. Plus I still have purple petunias blooming.

And roses, though they look a little bedraggled…

Now to the book I received yesterday…

Here is the summary blurb from…

Squeezed into a coat closet with his classmates and teacher, first grader Zach Taylor can hear gunshots ringing through the halls of his school. 

A gunman has entered the building, taking nineteen lives and irrevocably changing the very fabric of this close-knit community. 

While Zach’s mother pursues a quest for justice against the shooter’s parents, holding them responsible for their son’s actions, Zach retreats into his super-secret hideout and loses himself in a world of books and art. 

Armed with his newfound understanding, and with the optimism and stubbornness only a child could have, Zach sets out on a captivating journey towards healing and forgiveness, determined to help the adults in his life rediscover the universal truths of love and compassion needed to pull them through their darkest hours. 

Here’s how I’ve been getting books lately.

I look for new books on, or I go to and find them. Then when I have the author’s name, I look for a link to their website, or I Google their name. Many times I find their email address listed, and I then email them telling them of my interest in their book.

I’ve had quite a few email back and give me the link to their publisher or publicist.I then email them with my interest in a certain book, and they email back and ask for my address in order to send me the book.

Mary Kubica’s publisher, after I sent them the link to my review, said they’d put me on a list for all women’s fiction and suspense books, which is what I told them I prefer to read. They told me if there’s anything specific that I want to read to let them know.

So this has been a great way to get books for my daughter and I to read. Authors and publishers really want feedback and reviews of their books on blogs as well as the mention on social media.

Speaking of my daughter, she will be bringing me a Thanksgiving meal sometime that afternoon. So I don’t have to cook or do anything this year.

I’m planning on digging out my Christmas decor over the weekend.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, however you choose to spend it.


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  1. I wore contacts for years but when I had my cataract surgery my vision improved so much that now I only wear readers from Walmart for reading the local paper and some paperback books. The surgery is easy peasy.

  2. I've worn glasses since I was 8 years old. I wore contacts from age 16 – about age 51. I can't wear them anymore. I don't see well enough with the bifocal ones. I've tried wearing regular ones and then using cheaters, but then I'm wearing the cheaters all the time, so what's the point of wearing contacts? I'm due for an eye exam in Feb., so I might try contacts one more time. Putting them in my eyes has never bothered me. They're so thin, you don't feel a thing.

    I wear progressive lenses, too and yes, they're expensive. They're not the same as bifocals. Progressive lenses are multi-focal lenses, usually with three graduated vision fields.

    My mom had cataract surgery a few years ago and her vision is perfect now. And she said the surgery was really easy.

  3. Your flowers are still beautiful and the photographs make me feel like I could reach out and touch them or lean over and smell them. You are pretty darned great with that camera!

    Thank goodness for cataract surgery. I had cataracts removed from both eyes in 2012 and opted for the multifocal lens. For me, this was a great choice. I no longer need glasses or contacts for reading (and I was up to 3.75 magnification) or to see at a distance. Before the surgery, I was at the eye doctor every 3-4 months trying to adjust my contacts and the strength of my reading glasses. I have been so pleased with the results. It is wonderful to wake up and be able to read the clock and to read labels on cans at the grocery store without glasses/contacts. And I feel comfortable driving again (especially since I can actually read the road signs).

    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day, your daughter, and your pups.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Brenda. That black petunia is beautiful, quite interesting. I got both prescription glasses this yr, reg and sun glasses. I wear trifocals and progressives so they add up. But hit a great offer thru my Kaiser and it wasn’t so bad considering. Enjoy your dinner tomorrow. I’m sure it will be delightful.

  5. I am so crazy about those black petunias! My flowers are all gone now. We've had freezing temps several times now. I hope I can find the black petunias next year. I love them planted with shades of pink and lavender petunias.

    So, do I understand correctly that you don't have to pay for the books that are sent to you because you review them on your blog? If so, that is a great deal and probably well worth it to the publishers and book sellers.

    Brenda I had cataract surgery several years ago and I was told that I could opt for implanted lenses that either gave me close vision or distance vision and with the distance vision I would only need reading glasses.
    I tho't that sounded great because I also had worn glasses since I was a child and had bifocals with the reading correction in them as an adult. I tho't it would be nice to not have to wear glasses all the time. Well,
    things didn't turn out exactly as I expected. My distance vision was good and I did need reading glasses for close vision. However, I still need bifocals because there is a mid-distance that you use for things like cooking or cleaning or anything that falls within that distance and I cannot see clearly in that distance range at all. It is really impossible for me to function without correction for that area. So, I am back to where I began wearing glasses all the time. I just wanted to tell you my story so that you know about this possible outcome. If I had known, I would just have opted for keeping my close-up vision and using glasses for the distance like I always had. You might want to recount my outcome to your optometrist to see if he/she has encountered the problem with any of the other patients who have had cataract surgery. Anyway, if this information is helpful I've done my job!

    How nice that your daughter will bring you Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your peaceful and restful day with the pupsters. Will you share your turkey with them? Ha, ha!

  6. My father in law had worn glasses for years and years, but after cataract surgery. My dad who is 89 years old had cataract surgery several years ago. He had never needed glasses. He still doesn't need any glasses or even have any vision restrictions on his drivers license. I took after my mom's side of the family and probably needed glasses for distance vision even as a child but never knew it until I was a teenager and my dad was teaching me to drive. I was driving along and pulled out in front of a bus. My Dad remained totally calm, and a few minutes later asked me why I had pulled out in front of that bus. "What bus?", I replied. He couldn't believe I had not seen the bus. I couldn't practice driving any more until I got my eyes checked. Sure enough, I needed glasses. I've used contacts intermittently but now days my eyes are just too dry. I am still using single vision lenses, and put my glasses up on top of my head when I read or do close up work. I can still read the tiny print that comes as prescription information without any type of glasses. Many people need a magnifying glass to read that print.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. My Mom and my sister both had cataract surgery. Perfect vision after the fact, no more glasses!
    Happy Thanksgiving Brenda. What a treat not having to cook. Enjoy 🙂
    Take care

  8. Brenda,
    My sister wore thick glasses since she was in grade school. Had trouble with contacts. Anyway, she was horrified to be told she needed cataract surgery & said it made her feel old. Came to find out that she could get lenses implanted to correct her vision at the same time.
    She was REALLY scared to have the first one done. Found out it went smoothly & totally changed her vision! Wasn't scared for second side at all. Now she doesn't wear glasses, except cheap readers if she needs to. Says it's like a miracle!

  9. Brenda, I had cataract surgery 8 years ago at age 56. It was the best thing I ever did! I've worn glasses since the third grade and was never a candidate for lasik surgery. I got the toric lenses, which cost more, but I only need glasses to read a book. I can read larger print just fine. I'm not sure what improvements have been made since then. My eye surgeon mentioned that they were making lenses where you might not need reading glasses. Check into it. Since you get one eye done at a time, the only downside is that 2 weeks in between. One eye is great and the other isn't. You won't regret it.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the pupsters,Brenda.
    Enjoy your meal,I decorated for Christmas last night,swear each year Im not going too,its just me and the kitties,then I get caught up in the spirit,I guess…
    That black bloom is stunning!
    Been wearing glasses since I was 5,so 58 years,they havent made a pair I can't wreck,I drop them,sit on them,I get my exam at Americas Best,2 pairs for 69.95,take my prescription and order a couple of spares from Zenni.Im as blind as a bat without them so this way Im safe.Tried the progressives a few years back and couldnt get used to them.
    My daughter was in the eyeglass field from the lab to the optometrist she did it all,the markup is insane!
    My cataract is still a stage 1,2 years later,so no talk of surgery yet,several church people have had though,no more glasses.

  11. Brenda, I also need to have cataract surgery, hope to address this next year. I have worn glasses since the 8th grade.

    I am glad to hear that your daughter is bringing you Thanksgiving dinner.

  12. I just had my eye appointment last week, and made the decision to try the digital progressives. I wore glasses for years, then just needed readers. Now I can't see far away or close up, and it's time. My dad no longer needed glasses after cataract surgery. My husband is going to need cataract surgery, too…I wish they would just do it instead of making him buy another expensive pair of glasses that he probably will no longer need.
    Wishing you a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving Day, Brenda!

  13. My dad wore glasses all his life until his cataract surgery – now no more glasses!! I think he might have cheaters for reading fine print, but other than that, it's miraculous what that surgery can do!! I wear contacts, because I can't stand the feeling of glasses on my nose….it actually hurts after a while, because of my allergies/inflamed sinuses. Which seems to be a constant condition, uggghhhh. Getting old is no fun! I never wore glasses OR had allergies until I was over 40!! Happy Thanksgiving, Brenda! xo

  14. I've never seen a black petunia, it's lovely! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Brenda. I do enjoy reading your column and seeing the beautiful pictures of your garden and always photos of Abi and Charlie. Carol

  15. Hi. My mom used to wear contacts in both eyes. Then she got cataract surgery in one eye, and only wore a contact lens in the other eye. Then she had cataract surgery in the second eye, and now she is contact lens free! She doesn't need glasses either. I think that is pretty amazing.

    I wear glasses — used to only wear them for distance, but about 10 years ago or so had to get bifocals. I do get the no-line lenses. I had to get new glasses last month, and because our budget is tight I got some real no-frills cheapies — about $150 including tax — but I was still able to get the no-line lenses. I got them at the Walmart vision center. My frames were under $40, and I didn't get the quality of lenses and the coating I usually get, but, the end product definitely allows me to see better, which is the main thing. I got my eye exam at an optometrist whose office was connected to a different vision center, but there were no budget frames available there so that's why I went to Walmart for the glasses. I hope to get an upgrade in the future, but these are fine for now.

    The flowers are lovely. I have one of those yellow daisies, and a few bedraggled mums.

  16. I have been putting off getting my eyes tested because of the cost of new glasses. I only need then for distance.

    Happy thanksgiving, isn't it nice not having to cook! I am not cooking at all, we ordered a new stove 2 weeks ago because our other one was not worth repairing, we got delivery of a new one a week ago and then realized it was damaged, so they ordered us another one, should have been here yesterday, didn't arrive, called and was told it will be here tomorrow! I will expect compensation but won't hold my breath!

  17. I had lasik surgery years ago and went from being horribly myopic(my nose rubbed the ink off newspapers) to almost perfect vision. I do have one pair of glasses to wear at night when my eyes are tired, but seldom use them. It was truly life changing for me. I'm not sure if cataract surgery is similar, but the options available are so numerous compared to what I faced when I was younger. I certainly went through a great deal of teasing when I was young, "four eyes" and "coke bottles" were a few phrases flung at me. Children can be so cruel. Anyway, good luck with whatever decision you make. Happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Happy Thanksgiving to you Brenda! I'm glad your daughter is bringing you a meal. I will be leaving this morning on a 4 hour drive to my son and daughter in law's.

  19. I hated wearing glasses and switched to contacts decades ago. Contacts these days are thin and very easy to wear. They are also less expensive than glasses.

    I have been buying books from amazon and they can be expensive since I read them in 2 or 3 days. Thanks for the idea to contact the author or publisher.

  20. Good morning Brenda. We have been ordering our glasses through Zenni Optical for years, Their prices are amazingly inexpensive. The one and only problem we have had is with one pair of my sunglasses..the lens fell out but was easily fixed. Their customer service isn't that great but again, we haven't had any real problems. Regarding cataract surgery, my two sisters have had that done and their vision has improved tremendously.

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