I created three fall vignettes. But it was so dark outside with the storm that it was hard to get decent photos.

So I will show you one each day when I can get better photos.

This fall vignette is made up of a dough bowl for the base.

Then I found some raffia in a bag I’ve probably had for years. I spread that in the bottom of the dough bowl.

Ivy was quite interested in this part of course.

I put a faux pumpkin in the middle. Then I surrounded it with faux yellow pears. I also found a few faux acorns to add.

Creating The Fall Vignette:

I like to leave some of the raffia dangling over the base. In this case a dough bowl.

Then cut back the raffia if it spills over too much. Raffia is hard to contain.

If you don’t have a curious cat, you might not need to do this.

With the other two vignettes I used my other wooden dough bowl and a vintage wooden box as bases.

Instead of just scattering fall decor around my apartment, I chose to make vignettes to highlight the season.

I will probably be adding a bit more. Sometime this month I’ll go to Trader Joe’s. They always have very reasonably priced gourds and mini pumpkins.

Charlie Update:

I’m afraid Charlie has slid back downhill. I just talked to the vet’s office and asked them if it was time to let him go.

Dr. Poteet said he didn’t thing it was time yet. But if he hasn’t had any liquids or eaten by noon I’m to call. And then take him back in for more fluids.

Last night I filled a dropper with water and gave that to him twice.

They told me just to let him be until noon. My stomach feels twisted into knots.

His tests yesterday were a lot better than last week. But he was still dehydrated.

He was showing some spirit and eating and drinking starting Saturday up until yesterday afternoon. Now he won’t take a treat, which is how I give him his heart medication. He loves those pill pockets. But now he won’t touch them.

And so I will wait to see what Dr. Poteet thinks. Our plan yesterday was to give him more fluids Wednesday and Friday and try to wean him off them. But if by noon he isn’t better I will take him back in.

Right now he’s in his usual spot, tucked up against me in the recliner.

Dr. Poteet just called me and said the thunderstorm was supposed to clear up around noon.

Kendra’s Flip House:

Kendra just called to check on Charlie as she was driving to the flip house. When she got there she saw that someone had broken in. She had dry walled over a door and someone broke through it.

Of course she was upset. She has thousands of dollars of appliances sitting there. A window was open as well.

She has created a beautiful ceiling for the dining room. Usually she makes one dining room wall a “statement wall.”

This time the dining space was too small. So she chose the ceiling.

She has an absolutely gorgeous gold chandelier she will be adding after everything is painted. It was commissioned by an Etsy seller so it’s one of a kind.

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  1. Aw Brenda I’m with you! I lost my dog 12 days before her 14th birthday recently. It is like no other pain. Charley has rallied several times and I keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Charley really does have a secondary family in your readers. You are a good momma.
    As for Kendra, that stinks! I always remember that there are people who each day just look for opportunities to steal. Sad but true.

  2. Brenda, you and Charlie are in my thoughts and prayers. Glad to read this evening he ate some today. Take care of yourself too. Hope you both have a restful night.

  3. I know you’ll keep us posted about Charlie. So glad he seems perked up. I don’t comment often but follow daily.

  4. Your fall vignettes are beautiful. I hope this year we get an autumn where I live, it skipped it us last year. I have read that the Farmers Almanac is saying my area will get more snow than usual (not sure if that’s the old normal or the new normal) with colder temperatures (ditto) and surprising bouts of weather in between – what that means I’ve no idea. You are savoring your time with Charlie. Since he won’t take the pill pockets anymore, maybe try wrapping his heart medication in a little bit of sausage. My dogs always liked Braunsweiger or liver sausage, but maybe that’s a Wisconsin thing. At this point, what’s it going to hurt if Charlie eats a little fatty sausage once or twice a day.

    1. Charlie can’t have things like sausage. He can only have his prescription food, the egg when he wants it, and the pill pockets with his meds. Actually he finally ate the pill pockets. I got the pedialyte and got some down him. Soon he perked right up and wanted to eat. So he’s had several meals. Not sure how much he’s drinking though. Hard to tell.

  5. Sounds like your daughter needs some surveillance…what a pain people are!! Sounds like someone just wanted to damage someone else’s place!! So sorry about Charlie…a time of hard choice for you!! That is why it is likely I will not have another dog…they unfortunately do not live long enough. If a horse can live 30 years, why not a dog?? I have heard that a rat terrier that belonged to my grandparents actually did live to somewhere around 30…so it might depend some upon the breed. Enjoy Charlie while you can!!

    1. The two dogs were always ill it seemed. Charlie with pancreatitis, Abi with her heart. Then as they aged other things. He’s doing much better and has eaten several meals now.

      1. Well, eating is a good thing!! One of the last 2 dogs we had would take days where she would not eat nor drink and just laid around…I thought it was the end, but she rallied many times, taking those days “off” here and there…well, seems as we age, we kind of do the same…perhaps it is the same with them.

    1. She said she took big pieces of plywood and screwed them onto the house except for the front door. I imagine she’ll be kicking someone’s butt over it.

  6. Brenda, I am praying for you and Charlie. Thankful he ate a little and had something to drink. Stay strong my friend, your Charlie needs you.

    Thankful that your daughter is ok, hopefully there was no damage to the house.

    Take care

    1. Well, there was damage where someone went right through her dry wall where she covered a door. But I imagine that will get fixed fast. The window was open, seems they’d have gone through there. She told me there are “tweakers” that do stuff like this. I didn’t know what that was. Kids on drugs apparently. Like a meth addict who hasn’t slept in days and is irritable and paranoid.

  7. will he still eat his egg that he loves?
    you and he will be in my thoughts all day until we hear more.
    I pray for him to rebound. I think the weather and humidity has so much to do with it. sending you love. xo

    1. I talked to them at noon and they said to go get Pedialyte, which I did. He finally ate his two pill pocket treats with his heart meds before I left. I put 2 dropper fulls of Pedialyte down him. And then he ate his noon supplements. Keeping you updated.

      1. don’t know if you’ll see this. but THANK YOU! so much.
        I appreciate you. I seriously am thinking of keeping a journal again. just even for health reasons. to see if there are cycles. I have days that I swear I so bad that if it were left to some people they would put me down! and then… magically … like Charlie… I’ll wake one morning like it’s a whole new day and I’m fine! I don’t know what that is. I’m just grateful! 🙂 it could even be certain times of the moon! it affects everything else it seems… why not people like Charlie and me! ??? xo

  8. The addition of pears to your vignette is a great idea.
    I’ve never seen that before.
    Thoughts, love and prayers to you and Charlie.💕

  9. I’m so sorry to hear about Charlie. I think as much as you don’t want to let him go, he doesn’t want to leave you. Please take care of both of you.

  10. Keeping you and Charlie in my prayers. I am sorry Charlie is doing poorly.
    What is with people in society today that have no respect for somebody elses property? Really disgusting. I hope Kendra does not have to spend alot
    to make the repairs.

  11. Brenda, Am thinking of you and Charlie today. What you are dealing with is so hard. I am glad that Dr Poteet and his staff are so understanding and supportive for both of you.
    Have just gotten back to checking on the blogs and internet so only found out about Charlie today. Your internet family cares much about both of you, too. That must bring you a good measure of comfort as well.

  12. I will pray for you and Charlie. Good luck. Old age took my 16 year old mini Schnauzer last fall. I understand how much we love them

  13. I am keeping Charlie in my prayers. I hope the medications help enough to make him better. Our fur babies are so important to us. They definitely become one of our family. The break in at Kendra’s flip house is terrible. She works so hard and does such a good job.

    1. She could have all the work she wanted if she’d do remodels. People ask her all the time but she doesn’t want to do it because she said the work would never end. People would be calling all the time over every little thing. She’d rather flip the houses and sell them outright and be done with it.

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