1. As you scroll thru the photos your kitchen cutting board looks like a jack o lantern at first glance. pam

  2. Your decor always looks nice, no matter what you do. I always enjoy seeing how you change things up according to whim or season.

    Don’t be surprised if Ivy and Gracie don’t end up as “playmates”. I’ve had multiple cats (and still do – mother and son) and they don’t play together. They might just curl up together sometimes though – when they get used to each other.

  3. Brenda, when I saw the title of today’s post that said “Fall in the Apartment” I immediately tho’t “Oh, no, Brenda’s fallen; I hope she’s not hurt badly!” I was very relieved to see that’s not what you meant at all! So glad!

    Your apartment looks lovely, as always. The new paintings on the walls are really easy on the eyes, they give a feeling of calmness. Also, I love your lamps, especially the ones in your living room. I have noticed them and liked their design and color for quite a while. You have such good taste for decorating. Always something interesting and pleasing to look at.

    Glad to hear the kitties are doing okay, too. Thanks for sharing your “fall in the apartment”!

  4. Love all the soft fall colors. Your new kitty is adorable. Could you repost the link to the canvas with the golden leaves please?

  5. The kitten is cute Brenda!
    Use your flashlight from your phone and you’ll prob find her.
    That’s what I do esp when I drop a choc chip on the floor, I grab my phone and find it b4 my dog does! Lol

  6. Brenda,
    these photos are beautiful. I love your picture in your bedroom; it feels spiritual. Your kitten is sweet and Ivy Lou, adorable as always.

  7. The soft neutral colors in your rooms are soothing. They remind me of spring and summer. Your new painting is interesting. Personally, I do not think it fits with tour other nice, softer things. I kept searching for one of the patterns in your lovely quilt in the painting. Thanks for the idea of a seasonal painting.

  8. I suspect soon the kitty cats will be curled up together for warmth when the weather gets cooler. Glad all is doing well there. Nice to see seasonal decorations you can live with versus some of the gaudy fall decorations people carry to extreme and look way too busy for me to look at each day.

  9. Brenda, I love all of your touches of Fall. Pumpkins always make me smile and the ones with the wood knob stems are adorable. Can I ask about the brown and white transfer ware round plate behind your pumpkins?

    As for the kitten, I am not sure how I forgot to comment and welcome your new family member! Congratulations!

  10. I love your green bedside tables. Very pretty color. I also love that picture above the yellow pitcher. Ivy is quite the girl. I love reading about her and Gracie Mae. Kittens and cats love to sleep, and kitties love to get into cupboards and behind furniture to sleep. Just be careful if you have a dryer in your apartment because they will curl up in there. They are both adorable.

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