Fall Is In The Air

The fall season officially begins on Tuesday, September 22. Last year we didn’t get a hint of cool weather until later in October, I seem to recall.

Last night I kept waking up cold. I finally dug around in the drawer for a pair of socks.

Socks in September? Well, apparently so.

A Change In The Air:

But there is a definite change in the air. Early in the morning and late in the evening when I go out with Charlie, I feel the difference on my skin.

A coolness suddenly wraps around me as soon as I open the door and the outdoor air greets me.

I guess that means I’d better start thinking where I’m going to store the blue water fountain for the winter.

And get busy snipping on those shaggy plants that have grown to that awkward stage.

Some Plants Are Still Blooming:

Yet it was mere days after I cut back the daisies that buds appeared. Setting atop the stems like tilted hats.

I noticed yesterday that the yellow rose plant has decided to bloom again. Crown-like buds have suddenly appeared.

It seems like just yesterday that I was masking up and making 30 minute appointments at the nursery. Hurrying from one section to another before my allotted time was up.

I remember marveling at the gorgeous red leaves on my Japanese Maple. That today looks tired with many of the leaves crinkly and edged in brown.

I recall sitting at the little dining table and gazing out at its beauty.

My First Real Success With Cucumbers:

Then there was the success of my cucumber plants. Particularly the ones I planted from seed.

That plant gave and gave and gave. Every night I had sliced cucumbers with my evening meal.


They started out like prickly odd-shaped babies. In just a few days it seemed they were miraculously ready to pick and eat.

I gave extras to my daughters, along with peppers and cherry tomatoes.

Missed Out On The Zinnias:

I was going to plant the zinnias Margie sent me. But then Charlie got sick and I was distracted for a week or so. And time got away from me.

Spring. That’s when I’ll plant them. I’ll already have my zinnia seeds ready to plant come spring.

I’ve brought all but one house plant in that spent the summer out on the patio. I ran out of potting soil.

My Next Door Neighbor:

Ervina from next door came over and I gave her several that had grown so lush I had no good place for them.

She has no pets so can put her plants on the floor or anywhere she wants to.

I got her started with house plants and now she’s got a green thumb quite possibly greener than mine.

Are you ready for fall? Ready or not, here it comes.


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  1. I’ll be honest – I’m in the minority on not liking fall. Yes, fall is beautiful. And the cooler temps feel great. But, it’s also depressing to me because my oldest son died in late September, and my father, grandpa, and mother-in-law all died in October. I love the lush foliage of late spring – summer…so when the leaves all fall off the trees and all the flowers and plants shrivel up and die, it makes me sad. And I know what’s right around the corner: cold, gray days that seem to last forever.

    Happy birthday to Charlie! He’s doing great for 14 years old, especially with his health problems. Give him a belly rub for me!

  2. Ready for fall, but still a ton of summer yard work clean-up to do, LOL! It seems to multiply every year, just like my perennials do. I cozied up my living room by switching out accessory decor (throw pillow covers, area rugs, “art” work printed from the internet for my frames), a new cozy throw added this year, I feel positively luxurious when it’s tucked around me when I take my afternoon naps. Added autumn prints in the dining room/kitchen area and removed the pink from the summer until next year. Had the upholstered furniture cleaned on Friday – it looks brand new again. I ordered a winter’s supply of gel fuel for my living room fireplace so I can have nice toasty fires in the evenings as it gets colder. Plus is that gel fuel is environmentally friendly. After a week of cold, gloom and lots of rain, this week was cooler than “normal” (at least, what normal used to be) but sunny. We did have 3-4 days of haze high up in the sky from the wild fires far to the west and I swear sometimes the skies looked pale orange. A “cold front” came through 2 days ago and cleared out the skies, they are now blue once again. Today it is in the low 70s and will be around that range all week, with no rain in the forecast. I have some flowers that are still buds, not sure if they will open before it gets too cold, but everything was refreshed by the 5-6″ of rain we got over that 5 days period a week ago. Our lawns around here love this time of year, and all the rain we finally got after a dry July and August (that appears to be our new normal) revived everything. It seemed no matter how much I watered it just wasn’t ever enough, but it kept everything alive and green. My iris be needs to be cleaned out, not looking forward to that, it’s a mess. I hope we have an actual autumn (that runs until the end of November, fingers crossed) this year. It by-passed us last year.

  3. I put on socks here in Texas. It is so wonderful to step outside to cooler temperatures. Next for me is buying a mum for my back porch.

  4. Brenda, you know I live not far from you and last night while getting ready for bed I was so cold I had to turn the thermostat back, got in bed to watch a little TV till I got sleepy but my feet were not warming up one bit. I too had to get up and rummage for my bed socks but had to shuck them in the night. Loving this Weather! Going out to rip out my flower beds today because if I let it get much colder I might not do it and will be looking at their sadness till spring. Happy Sunday!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your pictures, and your life of peace and happiness ! I’ve been reading for a while, but this is the first time I’ve written.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures and stories !

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