Farmhouse + Cottage Style Decorating Mixed Together

Have you heard of the style “cottage farmhouse style?” Yes, it’s a thing.

It’s the blending of two popular decor styles. And it’s about comfort but also elegance as well.

Cottage Versus Farmhouse:

A beige and wood living space with a stone fireplace

Farmhouse style is relaxed, down-to-earth and centered around family. The kitchen and dining spaces are the heart of the home.

Cottage style features checked patterns and soft white furnishings.

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A white entryway with bench

Farmhouse style is also ultimately about simplicity, where wood surfaces are often worn.

Shiplap became a trend with farmhouse style. Sliding barn doors and farm animal wall art came upon the scene about the same time.

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The Shared Features Between These Two Similar Styles:

So how can you blend the two styles?

A creamy beige desk and upholstered chair in an office nook

Most importantly these two styles have the same values of being welcoming, comforting, and relaxed.

Within the same spirit, these two styles have similar home decor features that help to meld them together.

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Shaker-style cabinets, slip-covered furniture, and exposed ceiling beams are often seen with these two types of decorating.

White kitchen island with granite countertop an sliding barn doors

Above sliding barn doors share a room with white cabinets. A white pitcher filled with sunflowers graces the countertop.

This room is a well-designed example of farmhouse + cottage style.

It is all about homespun and homemade.

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White kitchen with light green accents

In this kitchen, a soft green and white palette are coupled with a wood surface for the kitchen island.

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A kitchen with lots of white and wood

Rustic wood shelves display plates and glasses within easy reach. The patina of worn cutting boards is displayed on a shelf above the stove.

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Shiplap in the above room is coupled with tile on the walls.

A simple fabric curtain is gathered on a rod beneath the farmhouse sink, which is the essence of cozy cottage style.

Both of these styles are family-friendly.

Farmhouse style dining table with two types of black dining chairs

A rustic ladder holding decor is leaning in the corner of the dining room, softening an empty and often awkward space.

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Two different styles of black dining chairs surround the big farmhouse dining table.

Mostly neutral bedding with a dark iron bed frame

These two styles convey comfort, cozy rooms and an overall family-friendly environment.

Simple linens and a thick cable blanket all say “cozy + comfort.”

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When I look at these rooms, I see these two styles, cottage and farmhouse, mesh together seamlessly. Homebodies would feel embraced within these walls.

Are you more interested in cottage or farmhouse style? Or do you like them mixed as in the home above?

{Photos via Cottages & Bungalows magazine}

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  1. I think my house is mainly cottage style, leaning toward English cottage style. However, my kitchen is truly farmhouse cottage style. Mainly because I can’t pass up a cute pig, chicken or cow!

  2. Beautiful rooms. You can’t go wrong with white, cream, gray and black, add some wood and metal and a few pops of color in accessories. It only took me since age 18 (now fast closing in on 70) to learn that, LOL!

  3. Lots of good ideas here. In my own home, I prefer a bit more color. I liked the kitchen with the touches of green.

  4. I definitely have a mix of the two and find it so comfortable. I’ve got some old pieces like an oak china hutch, an older ice box with the original metal still in there where the ice went, and a beautiful antique stove that was in my husband’s house growing up. My daughter’s room is definitely farmhouse and very white.

  5. This is ME! I just prefer a little more color but this is my simple little house. I was thrilled and excited to read your post, Brenda. Lots of ideas to glean.

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