1. The picture of the outside has so many different green colors that it is just so lush looking and so spring-like. That alone is enough to draw a person in. I also think the blue in the kitchen is bold but there’s enough natural light coming in that it doesn’t feel moody. Thanks for sharing, it does show the power of paint.

  2. Rather too eclectic inside for me. The windows, gardens & bucolic country setting are perfection. i like the checkerboard design in the bath but not the color chosen. What a wonderful place to dine al fresco as often as possible!

    I am enjoying the variety in these Thursday tours!

  3. Those views and that garden are just the best. The house has a lot of character, with the big windows, rounded door frames, and the library. Wonderful place.

  4. That place is so very beautiful…you want to be there just to enjoy the view..and the inside is beautiful too…how lucky they are💕

  5. I love the bookshelves in the main living room and the gardens are gorgeous. I am not a fan of the uncovered see-through windows in the bathroom, I think bathroom windows should always have opaque dressing of some kind that you can open and close whenever you want privacy. I know the home is in the Somerset countryside, but what if somebody is out for a hike – do you really want to be seen in your bathroom? The idea just creeps me out!

  6. Love this house inside and the outside is idyllic. Would love to live there. We came to Canada in 1977 from England and love it here. We considered going back last year to buy a house in the countryside but came to our senses when we realized we would have to drive on the wrong side of the road and get used to English currency again etc etc. I think we are just too old for that now.

    1. Love, love this home both inside and out. Love en eclectic boho vibe.

  7. What an incredible house! The setting alone is like a dream or a storybook from childhood. And the garden!
    Thanks, Brenda!
    Hope your mystery plant arrives safely and soon!

  8. I appreciate your post from yesterday about fitting a plant in the right sized container. I do have a tendency not to follow that thinking. I always want a plant to “mother”, usually about ten! Yesterday I got a small peace lily. I had been gifted a large peace lily then passed it on to my daughter. Don’t know why but lately I have had the urge to buy a new plant every month or so. Like another reader said, we have been inspired by your home decor and plants. Enjoy your new beautiful plants.

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