Favorite Amazon Buys This Year

I was thinking this morning of some of my favorite Amazon.com buys for 2020 and thought I’d share them.

My Greenland Andorra Quilt and Throw (Amazon)…

This is the softest fabric! I just love to snuggle in bed with this quilt.

Ivy’s brush…(Amazon)

This saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to pull the fur out of the brush. You just push a button and put it over the trash and it falls out.

My iPad (Amazon)…

I usually keep it next to my bed to use at night. I love the big screen. I’m so glad I purchased this.

Plant Caddies For Patio Containers (Amazon)…

These have kept me from having to lift heavy pots.

Hatteker Pro Hair Clipper (Amazon)…

I know shaving your head isn’t for many women. But I love it. And with these clippers I can do my whole head in about 5 minutes.

Maybe after Covid 19 is over I will grow my hair out again. But shaving my head has meant I don’t have to go out to get it cut every 6 weeks. My hair grows quite fast. So it’s saving me some money as well.

Casaware Toaster Oven Baking Pans & Also These (Amazon)…

You can see them on the first shelf above the microwave. I never have to scrub these. Cooked food bits come right off, practically slide off. I love these pans!


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  1. Thank goodness for Amazon during these stay at home days. I hate giving them all my money, but it has become necessary to order online. xo Laura

  2. Love the way you display your pantry items! You have the gift of turning ordinary objects into art!

  3. I know it’s convenient, but buying from Amazon is putting the brick and mortar stores out of business. My daughters and I have stopped buying from them because it’s mostly from China, and I refuse to support anything that comes from that country anymore. This is only my opinion and my two cents for today.

  4. Always loved the various catalogues. The Christmas ones were special. Amazon is a great help these days.

  5. Ok, so I am a newbie to your site. I read that you do not have a stove? Is that correct? Do you use a toaster oven instead? I love all the bright colors in your space.

  6. Loving that quilt & sham set – fell in love and had to have my own. Perfect colorway for fall and all cotton, which is a necessity for me. Crocheting an afghan to coordinate with it. Appreciate all your great shares!

  7. What did we do before Amazon? I have been using it more and more over the years, makes shopping for so many things convenient and easy.

      1. Walmart, among others, is playing catch-up, but they, among most of the former larger brick & mortar stores, were late to that game and have had to ride in Amazon’s shadow ever since. But, it’s also nice to venture out into the Etsys of the world too when it comes to trying to get a broad array of true handcrafted items.

    1. In the old days before internet we had to order from catalogs or go directly to the store to buy anything!

        1. I bought the red pans for my 24 inch stove and I love them. The cat brush has been ordered. With the virus Amazon has been a great help.

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