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  1. I’m hoping and praying that things will be getting better for u Brenda! Maybe next time u go to the office u should have your phone in hand and mention about recording and do it. Then you’d have more protection from that rotten woman! Meanwhile start looking for other opposition too. Good luck!

    1. I like the recording idea!!

  2. Hi Brenda – I’m sorry for what you are dealing with. I would follow Dianne’s advice. In fact, I would only communicate in writing with the rude, incompetent manager. In my apartment experiences, the “managers” are simply paper pushers, a face for the off site owners. She will deny and obfuscate at best, lie at worst. You have to protect yourself. Take pictures from start to finish. Take care.

  3. Living in an apartment is more difficult than I ever imagined. This week I have written suggestions about keeping a journey with the time including the hour, day, and month. Then write what happened. If it is written in black ink it is considered a legal document because it can be shown on a screen in court. Of course, I am not an attorney. When dealing with difficult people like this I give them three or four changes to correct things. Then I use written on paper notices. Good luck.

  4. Your remembering the good things about your old apartment. Don’t forget the bad! There were rats and snakes way to close for comfort. There didnt seem to be any like minded people or any neighbors like the ones you have now.

  5. Omg, I just wrote a LONG comment and it just disappeared! I can’t rewrite it all, so short version…. I have a bad feeling about this. I think she is going to retaliate by either evicting you or not renewing your lease. She has a vendetta against you. I was wondering if you could buy a house. You end up paying for all the maintenance yourself anyway. I like the idea of a tiny house. I’m so sorry, and I with there was some way of helping you. That’s a very shortened version of what I previously wrote.

  6. Brenda, did you ask her how your landscaping managed to flood the apartment above you?Most likely the dripping from her apartment is still coming into yours. And you should read the law closely, can they retaliate if you report them to a local TV news network? seems like a good human interest story and investigation they would be interested in. at this rate, I would probably want them to just remove all the carpet everywhere and live with concrete floors and my own rugs. it would certainly be cleaner.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I am grateful we have managers a bit older here…though also, not all that helpful. Yours is beyond nasty!! Sounds like the laws there are about like the ones here. I HATE how they always send out NASTY THREATENING notes whenever they have to tell us something too. Is there a law against being nice about things? I irritate them as I ALWAYS write comments on the paperwork they constantly send out to be signed etc. The last one I wrote “So when is a contract, a contract?” Seems to me if they can change things whenever they want, what is the purpose of a contract then? And when I pay the rent down in the line on the left of the check I have been writing “Rent INCREASE by 13%”. I have heard that our checks are seen by many…and it is a form of advertising. If that is what they want. No reason not to be honest. You were smart to take 2 friends to witness for you. Very wise in this nasty time we live in. You are right as to how older folks are being treated. I noticed it getting a lot worse when we turned 70ish. Funny thing, seems these rude kids never consider that given some years, IF THEY LIVE as long as us…might live under the same circumstances. Sounds like the condition of your bldgs are getting bad. Maybe they are trying to chase renters away? Sending hugs, Brenda…I so understand your being depressed. Me too. Wish we could move too!!

  8. You could look into tiny house living. There’s a complex in Tulsa called Eden Village. There’s also a tiny-house, park-model complex called Lifeway Homes. At least you would live in your own small building. Does Tulsa permit ADUs (accessory dwelling units), which are tiny homes built in the backyard of existing houses. If allowed, maybe your daughter would consider building an ADU on her property. If RVs are allowed to be parked on private property, that’s also another possibility. You can’t leave any stone unturned at this point. Wishing you the best of luck.

  9. Sad, I am so sorry this has happened to you and the rude manager should be ashamed of herself. Prayers for a swift resolution to this mess.

  10. This is a very serious situation. I would act as quickly as possible to find a new place to live. You cannot keep dealing with this landlord ,,,, whoever they are. Obviously, couldn’t care less about tenants.
    Is it possible for your daughter to find you a small home that can be easily cared for? She seems to know all the ins and outs of what’s available to buy. That would be so wonderful for you Brenda.
    Best of everything ,,,,, that something positive will happen after all this terrible aggravation.

  11. Brenda,
    You need to be in touch with your county or state office of the aging!
    Or a local politician,this behavior on the part of the management and their employees.
    Ridiculous to blame you,your daughter or anyone for that matter for their lack of maintenance and or refusal to deal with drainage issues.
    Don’t get depressed,get mad and raise hell.
    You’re very fortunate,you have a witness to the deplorable behavior you were subjected to…Remember Ben Franklins the pen is mightier than the sword.

    1. Yes yes yes ,,,,,, absolutely 💯!!

  12. Jeannette says:

    I can certainly understand why this ordeal has made you depressed. Like others, I think your name needs to be on a few lists just in case…..Take care

  13. This is beyond horrific! As hot and humid as Oklahoma’s climate is, it will not be long before you have mold issues because of that wet carpet. I know you don’t want to consider it, but you may have to check into moving away from Tulsa.

  14. Dear Brenda,
    I can’t believe how bad things are for you! I would suggest being proactive in finding another place to go to. I have a gut feeling that woman in the office is going to start the eviction process. You should contact a lawyer on the Q.T. Don’t share that info with anyone. Find out what protections you have from an expert. I know you have good neighbors; but one of them could innocently say something and gossip travels fast.
    Why did you feel the need to leave your last aptmt? Wasn’t it snakes or rats in the ceiling vents? Didn’t you also have bad neighbors? Also, wasn’t the management always changing and you had issues with the A/C and other maintenance problems? It might be time for a conversation with your girls helping you to live in a house that is safe and dry. I am concerned about the wetness and potential mold happening. That is a problem you don’t want to deal with!
    My husband and I once bought a house from a woman who was so deathly sickened by the mold in her house that she had to move to Arizona to be able to live. She sold the house for a huge loss. We had a huge undertaking to remove the mold. We tore off roughly 35% of the house and then rebuilt. A lot of special corrections and inspections before the house was deemed liveable. This took over a year! We both worked full time; I drove a school bus temporarily that year for having the summer off. We lived in a borrowed R.V. trailer. My husband and his friend installed my washer and dryer after 4 mos. I had a pizza party in my temporary shop/family/laundry room! Oh, what you can do when your back is against the wall!
    I am praying that this turns out okay for you!

  15. Contact aarp and ask for assistance with this problem. They have the means and knowledge to help. Another alternative is get your girls involved with the local maintenance statutes regarding safety issues for your area. It sounds like this has been an ongoing issue for this landlord, showing a precedent. You could also contact local TV consumer advocate for help and besurè to stress the repercussions you could have with regards to ” blowing the whistle” on this situation. Just suggestions, hope they help get this situation resolved. The manager needs to be replaced, such behavior is unacceptable in a consumer focused industry. Go above her head and have Steve and others back you up! Might be safer if you have an advocate do this, ie daughter in construction.

  16. I would think there are plenty of seniors at regular apartments for the same price. To think you’d get treated worse is rather cynical, so I would have to disagree. I’d think you’d have a better chance of getting treated better going to a regular complex. And I agree with the other poster – get on some lists and wait it out rather than waiting until you can’t stand it anymore and need to move. Whatever you decide, don’t ever walk into that office without another person. You’ll need a witness (like Steve) to the conversation and the horrible treatment, otherwise you won’t have a leg to stand on. I’m so sorry. This is all so wrong. And who are these crazy people anyway?

  17. Carolyn in Texas says:

    I’m so very sorry you’re having to deal with such a mess! Regardless of the cause of your flooding or whose fault it is, your apartment management should be doing what they can to correct the issue. It can’t continue like that. Living in an area that’s not flat can be a real nightmare. We deal with that in our back lawn as we’re on the side of hill with neighbors uphill. Any changes they make to their lawns or paths causes additional rainwater to flow over our lawn. As they say, you can redirect rainwater and runoff but you can’t stop it – it has to go somewhere.

    I recall when your landscapers were relocating stones and pavers and adding gravel/rock, I was concerned that the purpose of the existing stones was to aid in drainage. But, we had no way of knowing as it hadn’t rained heavily up to that point.

    Even if the work your guys did caused the water to be redirected to your apartment, it’s still the fault of the apartment management for not inspecting the work as it was being done to ensure that no harm would come to you as a result. And there is a no excuse for the way in which they spoke to you.

    Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way that the situation gets corrected and you soon have a safe and dry and cozy home once more. Many (((hugs))).

  18. All of this is unbelievable – and a nightmare. I’m so sorry. I can understand why you’re upset and depressed. You’ve said a couple of times that you wish you had stayed in your previous apt. But remember – you had horrible experiences there – and with management, too. I wish there was an easy answer.

    1. I agree with you, Melanie. It’s easy to have nostalgia for that previous place when you’re in a crisis, but those problems were truly insurmountable and nobody there was equipped to deal with them. No support from good neighbors like Brenda has here, either.

  19. Brenda, I just want to cry after reading this. I am so sorry. Your readers have felt so happy to see you in this place until it all just came crashing down. Unbelievable that there are no safety nets for seniors who are at the mercy of greedy landlords.

  20. Following the weather, I know Tulsa got drenched again with rain yesterday (5/6/24) and a town only about 30 miles away from Tulsa got hit by a tornado, Barnsdall, and suffered tornado damage from a tornado a week or so ago. It’s not your garden that is causing the issues, it’s bad (or missing) rain gutters and clogged or inadequate drain pipes to drain the water away from the buildings. None of the improvements that you did in your little garden and patio area altered the slope of the exterior soil. Are any of the other neighbors on the first floor along that same walkway where you are having flooding issues in their apartments? That manager, she was probably hired because she IS such a nasty mean person, deliberately used to intimate people who – around our age – were taught to have good manners and especially for women, to never push back! So, Oklahoma law allows a landlord to charge penthouse rents but the tenants are living in slum rentals, with absolutely NO rights to demand they receive decent and sanitary housing for the rent they pay. You can’t continue to live that way, Brenda. Signing off for now, we’re getting another bad thunder storm here in Milwaukee (part of the storm system that has caused you so much grief in Tulsa).

  21. I’m so sorry to hear how your being treated , and what your going through . I know you’ve said there are not many places to move to , but have thought about getting on some lists ? If they were to call you with an opening it doesn’t mean have to take it. Good luck with your situation. I work with a lot of people in there early twenties, they can be very rude and think they know everything. I can hardly Wait to retire.

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