Fewer Rats & More Snakes

I guess the good news is that there are currently fewer rats, but more snakes.

Yesterday the maintenance man, once again, filled my outside air conditioning unit with Freon. I think this is the 4th or 5th time in the past month or so.

He said it obviously has a massive hole or holes in it and the unit needs to be replaced.

I asked him if he thought they would do that.

He said no. They’d even get mad at him if they knew he put more Freon into it. Because they say that we’re “out of season for air conditioning.”

Well, tell that to the weather.

When I Move Out:

He said they will not do anything else while I am living here. They will wait until the next person moves in. And then go 4-5 go-rounds with them over it and finally replace it.

He said they care nothing about the tenants, some of who have lived here for 30 years. All they care about is the rent they receive from us every month.

I AM SO GLAD I’M LEAVING SOON! (Sorry for the caps, but that’s how angry I am.)

I asked him how the snake and rat problem was going.

He said the rats have been less of a problem since they have all these pest control boxes everywhere on the grounds. There’s a box next to my wall.

But he said a few weeks ago he got an urgent call on a weekend from a woman across the pool from me. She was very upset and told him to get over there and find the snake that fell out of her ceiling vent.

More Snakes In The Ceilings:

And she told him that this is not the first time snakes had fallen from her ceiling vents.

The maintenance man has the heebie-jeebies about snakes, but he went over there and caught it. He said it wasn’t all that big.

BUT WHO CARES HOW BIG IT IS? A snake is a snake.

He told me that someone is moving out daily now. Well, I’ll soon be one of them.

I worry about my 85-year-old neighbor who has been here for 25 years.

Finally yesterday I could see a chink in her armor. She has tried to put up a brave front, but she called and said she was going to miss me.

I told her I would still come over and take her wherever she needed to go. She’s getting her booster shot in January. I’ll take her for that.

She said: “Well, it won’t be the same as having you so close.”

My Poor Neighbor:

No, it won’t. But I’ve tried and tried to get her to talk to her son in California about the problems here. I told her that she needed to apprise him of the current situation before her lease is up and her rent is raised $150.

But a few months ago her son lost all he had to the wildfires and she doesn’t want to bother him, she says.

She told me that he would drop everything and come pack her up and take her back home with him. But she needs to tell him what’s going on here!

I’ve found apartments I thought she might like. One is only 3 blocks from where I will be.

I’ve found apartments for the elderly that are income-based. But she’s afraid of change. I do understand.

Lack Of One-Bedroom Apartments Available:

There are very few one-bedroom apartments to be found because everyone wants a one-bedroom apartment. It’s why I agreed to a two-bedroom apartment.

No telling how much longer I’d have to wait on the three 55+ lists to get a one-bedroom.

Well, that’s the current status around here. Just thought I’d share it.

There are U-Haul trucks going in and out of here.

So maybe that’s just what they want. Then they can have the place demolished for the millions of dollars the land is worth.

They wouldn’t care a whit about tossing everyone out. Because they obviously have no heart and no conscience.

What a sad state of affairs.

How Can People Be So Uncaring:

I don’t know how these people who own the apartment lay their heads on their pillows and sleep at night.

But then they swept in a couple of years ago and bought 7-8 apartments when they came to town. And none of their apartment complexes have decent reviews.

They apparently run out of money and for a time stop buying supplies.

My elderly neighbor had to wait 3 months to get a cheap filter because they hadn’t been paying their bills and their credit had been cut off. This is why I purchase and replace the filters myself.

The maintenance man sometimes does not get paid.

The tree trimmers stopped literally mid-tree because they had not gotten paid.

I can look from my porch across the pool at this poor tree that looks like a tornado hit it. It was trimmed on one side and then left that way.

But COVID has made people feel even more desperate and afraid. Times are hard. It is a time to be compassionate to others less fortunate.


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  1. It is such a blessing that you found a new apartment. If only you could convince your neighbor to move. It surely seems pretty clear that they are driving people out for their own financial gain. That is absolutely horrifying about the snakes in the ceiling!

  2. That is bizarre with the ceiling snakes. The Slum Lords sound more than evil. So nice for your friend that you care about her…but probably not nice for you because that creates worry for you…as would for me when concerned about friends and their well-being. So hope you can live peaceful there and sleep at night for a bit longer and that you and your friend are able to figure a way to get her to safey closer to where you will be..or with her son. On a JK note…since she has some hoarder issues..lets hope the snakes are not originating there. Yikes. :0( .. It sounds like the Slum Lords have a plan for the future of the property and it does not include making the current rent-paying residents happy. Sad. Let me end with Karma usually comes to those who are evil. Happy New Year 2022 to our World…we sure all need some more happy these days.

  3. Our town has a severe shortage of affordable housing. Recent newspaper article about a local modest trailer park where people have lived for years. It adjoined the elementary school where the Principal walked the children home everyday. They had a nice community looking after each other’s children and caring for their neighbors. Developers bought the Park for millions of dollars and systematically are driving the tenants out — even blocked the gate to the school and posted signs. Tenants who rented their trailers were forced to either move out or buy their trailers. Lot rent was sharply increased for those who owned their trailers. And there is nothing that can be done.

  4. It seems often in our lives too, by the time we moved from someplace, in most cases we were SUPER glad to be gone!! We have a slumlord of sorts here too…from a 3rd world country…so I figure he must do business like they do there. Any rate, living in the midst of his huge construction zone is just too much. We are leased till end of summer and I so hope we can go then!! Some of the neighbors complained about the lack of heat and it is very cold and we are snowed in for days now (would only get to about 66 or 67 in our apt)…so finally they came and fixed it…but I am getting a cold now. Thanks a lot…did not need THAT!! I hope this next year will bring better times for us all!! Looking forward to your new place for you!!

  5. My dear friend, this place that you’re escaping from – and that your dear friend needs to do so, also! especially if she has a son who is willing to lift even 1 finger to move his mother along!!! (so many of us don’t have that …) – sounds very similar to the place I escaped from a couple of years back now. And, just out of being curious …. I did a quick search on why snakes drop from ceiling vents – it turns out they’re ESCAPED PETS – yikes! Now that REALLY makes you look twice at your neighbors ;-

    1. Well, there must be quite a few of them. The other apartment (that I know of; I’m sure there are more) is a long way from this last one I heard about. I’m told there is no firewall. So it’s open, I guess across four apartments. My own apartment had had a fire just before I moved in. They didn’t pass laws for firewalls till the 80s I think.

  6. There are just no words for the conditions of your complex. So glad you’ll be out soon. I too hope your neighbor will finally give in and call her son. I’m sure he would be devastated to know the conditions his mom is living in and that she didn’t reach out to him.

    1. And my neighbor said these were high-dollar nice apartments back when she moved in. I guess it just went all the way downhill over the years.


  8. I feel really bad for your 85 year old neighbor bc she shouldn’t have to live that way!
    Maybe u could get her son’s # by saying u need it b4 she gets the shot just in case something happens.
    Even if she gets mad at u she will be safer than that place!
    Stay safe Brenda and count the days, hours, minutes when u can finally move!
    🎉Happy New Year 2022! 🎉

    1. I’ve thought of asking her for his number, but she would be very wary. She’s something of a hoarder, and I don’t think he’s ever been here. I imagine she’s afraid for him to see her apartment.

      1. Hoarders do not care if people see their finds. They like their things out so they can enjoy what they have collected.

  9. I am so very happy you are getting out of there. The owners are cruel and greedy. So many take advantage of the elderly. The laws in this country are so screwy. Seems like these days the people breaking them are protected, not the victims.

  10. I can see why you want to get out of there! Feel bad for your elderly neighbour. Not fun when you get old….

  11. I am worried about your elderly neighbor. Is there a city or county service for the elderly that can help her if she decides to reach out to them, if she doesn’t reach out to you or her son? I feel sorry for the maintenance man, he sounds like a good man stuck in a rotten job that he needs so he stays, even though the conditions are not very good. Snakes falling out of vents in the ceiling, OMG! I would evacuate immediately. Do you not have ANY oversight in Tulsa of building regulations, for pete’s sake? If the owners of this complex want to sell the land for redevelopment, they could do so tomorrow. They don’t have to TORTURE their tenants in order to do so, there is no law in place that says they couldn’t sell up tomorrow and evict every single tenant after their leases run out – end of story! My concern for YOU is that they’ll come after you for money and sue you for “damaging” the apartment even though you’ve replaced appliances and even fixtures (like the toilet/sink, etc.) out of your own pocket over the years.

    1. Well, from what I’ve seen, tenants don’t have many rights in Oklahoma. One apartment in town shut down the place (saw it on the news) and kicked everyone out. Didn’t wait till their lease was up. Apparently they can do that.

  12. I am so glad you are moving and moving day can’t come fast enough. I can’t imagine being in a place with snakes falling out of the ceiling. That is beyond disgusting.

  13. I’ll be happy when you are out of there, and I so wish your neighbor would go too. I’m in a similar situation in my building where the property manager has all the maintenance staff coming into our apartments when we are not here and spying on us. I have warned her to stop it. They are supposed to give us 24-hour notice unless it is an emergency. They are spying on us for whatever reason, and I am sick of it. I’m having nightmares, and I can’t sleep right. I can’t afford to move so I might have to take legal action. As a Christian, I don’t want to do that but I don’t know where to turn. So I feel for you and the other tenants.

  14. Very sad and devastating to the people living in those apartments. Most likely, everyone will soon move. A must really. I think there are countless places similar. To complain is often scary for people. They don’t want to cause trouble. Sometimes you just have to speak up. Thankfully, your moving day is soon Brenda.
    Cannot even think about those horrendous creepy crawlers. Ugh. Makes me so sick.
    To better days ahead!!! 😊

    1. Well, there are the elderly that probably can’t move. Where would they go? When the rent goes way up, they might not have any choice though.

  15. I think investors have so much money they seek out places like this to put their money but don’t want to be involved in the day to day operations at all which is sickening. It’s like tech giant investors buying a medical complex or a nursing home and don’t know one thing about operating it. Yes a sad state of affairs in this over abundance entitlement land while others have to beg for a paycheck like your maintenance worker!
    Keep on helping that elderly neighbor Brenda all you can as you might be the encouragement she needs especially now that her son is dealing with his own loss after the wildfires. I have a sister out of state very much the same way, afraid of change, has a son far away and would hope a kind neighbor like you would assist her as needed.

    1. I’ll do all I can for her. If I had her son’s number I’d be tempted to call him. It would make her very angry though and I don’t have his number.

  16. Brenda, I am so happy that you will be leaving this place. The reason that there are snakes is because animals follow the food chain, and snakes eat rats. I would not be surprised if the boxes that you refer too are not even baited for rats but that it is the snakes eating them.

    I am sorry about your 85 year old neighbor, perhaps once you have moved she will contact her son for help.

    I am counting the days until your move and excited the New Year will have you in a new spacious place.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. There are people who can’t get bank loans to own their own homes, so they get stuck in this system and can’t dig themselves out. The owners know this I’m sure. They’ll take advantage of everything they can.

  17. Snakes in the ceiling? Refuse to put in freon? No fixes? Good grief, I’m so glad you’re moving. What a slum lord and isn’t this like the umpteenth slum lord manager?

    1. Yes, we’ve probably had at least 10 managers and even more maintenance guys since I moved in nearly 8 years ago. They are the epitome of slumlords. My neighbor told me that when she moved in 25 years ago, this was a grand place.

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