1. I don’t usually like scary movies, unless they are on the Hallmark channel. Those series I can handle and enjoy. Otherwise, I get way too paranoid that someone’s gonna get me! I also don’t mind reading some cozy mysteries. They are not so scary that I can’t read those. I prefer comedies, romance, adventure, and drama.

  2. I would love to get Netflix or Britbox but I have been told I would not be able to record anything. I have to record almost anything I watch so that if I fall asleep I can pick it up again the day!

    1. Streaming services like Netflix allow you to watch part today, part another day. If you sleep thru the part, you can start again and fast forward to the part you want very quickly. You can’t record, but if your only reason for wanting to record is to watch more later, you can still get what is most important to you. It is not pay per view. You pay by the month to watch or not as you choose.

    2. If you start watching a show on Netflix and have to stop for any reason, just pause it and turn off your tv. When you come back to the same show, it will tell you to resume. You won’t miss a thing even if you fall asleep in the middle!

  3. I don’t watch anything that is going to give me the creeps. The world is scary enough in real life, I don’t want to go to bed at night worrying that somebody is going to break into my house through a window or grab me on the street as I’m walking back home from the supermarket! I have a collection of DVDs of my favorite movies, and occasionally I will rent a movie on Amazon. My streaming is limited to HGTV and Magnolia network and some other shows on Discovery+ and I watch videos of interest on Youtube. I have started my quest to read a whole pile of books I bought during the first part of the pandemic. They’ve been staring at me for nearly 2 years as they sat on the shelf. I tend to get so wrapped up in yard work and gardening during the summer that reading flies by the wayside, so I’ve made a concerted effort to RELAX, sit down and read instead of doing the perfect lawn trimming job or picking old nut shells out of the garden beds. It’s been wonderful being able to sit outside in my Shezebo as SE WI has had some mini-streaks of not too hot or humid weather every now and then, and I’ve been enjoying reading again. I actually forgot how MUCH I enjoy it. I’m halfway through my 3rd book in less than 10 days.

      1. I feel the same way too Bobbie! I’d rather watch the talent shows or utube food videos and adventure or romance movies!
        There’s too much violence in the world already! I can’t watch gory movies bc I’d be jumpy and have nightmares! Lol Not fun!

        Cooking or baking new recipes and decorating is what I like to do b4 watching tv. Or learning something new!

      2. Yep. Ditto.
        No scary films for me anymore.
        Throughout the the years, I’ve had enough. 😢
        In these times, I could never watch Halloween again. Or The Shining. Etc.
        Even the film Room gives me awful nightmares.
        All of em, and there are hundreds ,,,,,,, are icky.
        No entertainment value whatsoever.
        I will often watch film Noir on TMC.
        Depending on the film though
        Interesting to me is when TMC runs old Japanese movies.
        Always with subtitles.
        They are different, but entertaining.

  4. Hello Brenda,
    I am Anne, a French subscriber. It’s about the Chestnut Man, I haven’t already read the book and didn’t watch the serie yet but I can recommend you, by the same novelist, “The Killing”. Maybe the best “noir” serie I have ever seen. You should love it !
    There is also a Danish author I love : Jussi Adler-Olsen. He wrote many novels but I can’t tell you if some had been adapted on movies or series. I am reading his last book called “Natrium Chlorid”.
    Another woman novelist I love is a Scottish author : Val McDermid. Some novels had been adapted on serie by the BBC but stopped for some reason. Love the books and the series as well.
    Hope to have gave you some ideas,
    Take care of you.


    1. Jussi Adler-Olsen is a fabulous author, and his Department Q series is wonderfully written.
      The English translation of the latest book in the series, “Natrium Chlorid”, will be available in late September and will be titled “The Shadow Murders”. Looking forward to reading this 9th book in the Department Q series.

      1. Hello Amy,
        I am reading the latest Jussi Adler-Olsen in the French translation and the title is simply “Sel” (Salt). I am surprised you have to wait until September !
        I’m enjoying the first pages.
        Happy reading !

    2. I’m glad you reminded me. I meant to put “The Killing” on that list and forgot.

  5. So happy you’re back on line. How are you? If your watching TV, try Lincoln Lawyer surprisingly entertaining.

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