Finally, the Christmas trees are up in my little house.

This is my skinny pencil tree along with a little red tree. As I normally do, I gather decor around it to fill the space up.

Finally the Christmas trees are up and decorated with all colors of decorations.

I brought my old rusty wagon in and used it too. And decorated with my existing furniture still in the room.

The backdrop is the brown wood standing bookshelves.

A poinsettia plant and other Christmas decor near the Christmas trees

I have vowed not to spend a dime this year on Christmas. Not on decorations and not on presents. I wanted a frugal Christmas holiday.

Finally the Christmas trees are up and decorated, in front of the brown bookshelves

I’m not crazy about that long red and white ribbon. But I was standing precariously leaning on my step ladder just to get it up there.

So I’ll get back on the ladder and snip it later.

My Christmas Jim Shore figurines I've collected over the years

I never really plan on what I’m going to do because things change and evolve as I go. One bit of decor will get moved and then everything else will have to move with it!

I didn’t think I was going to use my Santa and Snowman collection by Jim Shore. But I ended up getting them out and putting them in the wagon.

I brought in my vintage wagon to hold a house plant and Jim Shore figurines in front of my Christmas trees.

Here’s a view of my Christmas trees and decor from the dining room.

I can’t seem to get myself moving as fast as usual. I stand awhile, then have to sit awhile and rest my ankle. Otherwise, I could have had everything done by now.

But I knew that it was going to have to be done in stages. And this was the first stage.

Finally the Christmas trees are up and this is my pencil thin tree with all colors of ornaments.

And here’s what Charlie Ross thinks about the whole thing. Poor little fellow. He doesn’t like things moving about.

Charlie with his head under a soft afghan and his butt sticking out.

He’s one of those dogs that feel safest when his head is covered up. I imagine he thinks his butt is covered up too. But he never quite makes it that far.

I baked a great Mexican casserole today that sure was delicious. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow. Got to have sustenance while you spread the joy!

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  1. Beautiful tree!! You are doing better than me, Brenda. We bought a tree (pre-lit) a couple of weeks ago and it is sitting there with no ornaments yet. BUT…my front porch looks good – ha!

  2. Your trees and decor look wonderful! I have only spent a couple of dollars on decor, at GW. The gifts for our children and grands will be very sparse this year, but it will be and already has been a very happy and blessed time. Hugs, cindy

  3. Hi Brenda. Oh, I glad I checked out this post. I just love your Christmasing and stage 1 looks great. Poor little Charlie Ross. 🙂
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  4. Very pretty! I adore those pencil thin trees. I have one in my dining room and am looking for another one for my bedroom. I'm so happy to see your red watering can in the photos. I just walked past mine in the garage and thought it would be perfect on the porch with green sticking out of it!

  5. Brenda I love everything! especially your Santa's – I'm a bit smitten cause I have two of the same Santa's you do! I love Jim Shore……are you ready for the holidays? I thought I was! lol!
    stay well dear friend….

    Pineridge Hills

  6. P.S. I love Charlie on the couch "hiding".

    And for some reason, I am having a hard time with a couple of blogs updating. Yours is one. The last post I had from you was a week ago. And then there will be like three in a row. FYI

  7. Your trees are adorable, Brenda! And I love your wagon with the little Santas and snowmen! Your house is the perfect Christmas house with all your red and greens. Love it and can't wait to see what else you have in store!

    Great job!


  8. Your decorations are just lovely! I am a big Jim Shore fan, and I envy your collection. I love the rustic simplicity of his pieces. Poor little Charlie Ross. I find it very amusing that animals often think that if their heads are covered, the rest of them must be invisible. I had a kitty that would "hide" but his rather large bottom and long tail gave him away every time.

  9. Your decorations are just lovely! I am a big Jim Shore fan, and I envy your collection. I love the rustic simplicity of his pieces. Poor little Charlie Ross. I find it very amusing that animals often think that if their heads are covered, the rest of them must be invisible. I had a kitty that would "hide" but his rather large bottom and long tail gave him away every time.

  10. What a beautiful spot! I love that you didn't spend a dime. You have some beautiful collections. The snowmen in the wagon is my favorite. I love the ladder and the red watering can or oil can…it's cute whatever it is! Have a wonderful holiday season! ~ Jamie

  11. Gorgeous post, so festive and colourful! I am soooo glad you put your tree up, Brenda, it looks wonderful! The bit about Charlie Ross made me smile. Hope you have a happy week.
    Helen x

  12. It's amazing what we can do once we get started.. Everything looks wonderful Brenda. You started collecting Jim Shore before I did.. I don't have any of the pieces that you have.. I would love to meet Mr. Shore.. He adds so much personality to his figures.
    Your little red wagon sure makes a cute addition to your tree arrangement.. Your little "elf" looks like he's up to something..
    Charlie has the right idea.. I would love to go to bed for a day and hide my head under my blanket.. I'm just about worn out and am feeling twinges in my back.. I think I'd better rest for a day..
    My Pippa was helping me look for some snowflakes, for my Snowman tree, this morning. I thought she was out of the closet when I closed the door. Not so.. I saw her brother looking down the hall and then I heard scratching.. Pip had gotten locked in the closet so I hurried to open the door.. She came out and didn't seem too traumatized.. They have wanted to help with everything I've done.
    I'm off to Salvation Army today to give them a load of things that I don't want anymore.. Then I need to go to the grocery store. That's the way I'll rest today.
    I made a big pot of spaghetti last night for sustenance. It sure tasted good. Would love your Mexican recipe..
    Have a fun day.
    Charlotte in Virginia

  13.'s looking very cute. You are doing far better than I. I don't have a thing up and went shopping yesterday and today instead of working on it. Bad..bad…bad….

  14. It all looks beautiful! I love the Christmas trees, the little red wagon, and your Jim Shore collection. You have inspired me. I have been trying to get started on my own holiday decorating and am dragging my feet this year. I can only do a little at a time too, so you're not alone in that. I have spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease, which is painful and slows me down a lot, so like you I have to take a lot of breaks while decorating…. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  15. Your tree looks beautiful and I love your Jim Shore pieces. You know I love your decorating style and I always get some great ideas from visiting your cozy little house. Take care of your ankle, especially while climbing that ladder.

  16. Brenda,
    I like your decorating and the red wagon is very nifty-my neck and back are stiff tonight from decorating too-
    Oh well, decorating day 3 for me tomorrow!!
    Rest well and I hope your ankle feels better in the morning.

  17. Your Christmas decorating looks fantastic, so far. I'm trying to do a little snowman vignette on top of a dresser this year but I'm not looking the likes of it yet. I have to do a lot more playing around with it.

  18. It isn't easy taking photos of the tree but you got it all. I love all of your decorations and the white table is my favorite. I am not buying any decorations for Christmas, I did buy those little candle lites that have a switch on the bottom. I took your idea and staged my goodies differently and it looks like I just got it today.

  19. Your tree looks great, Brenda. Skinny little thing! Wish I could say the same about myself! You have quite a nice collection of Jim Shore pieces. I have always liked those a lot. Poor Charlie Ross! xo Diana

  20. Everything looks so festive, Brenda! I love your skinny tree! You know I spent this afternoon in the same position as Charlie Ross after spreading or attempting to spread some holiday cheer in the dining room. He looks like a good nap buddy.

  21. Brenda, your skinny tree is just perfect for the spot you have chosen. It's looking great–Charlie Ross is so funny under the blanket. I love how you put the Jim Shore collection in the red wagon–it's so You! ♥

  22. I really like that tall skinny tree! So glad you got it up and decorated. I've reached a little stopping point, but will get back to it this weekend. The Jim Shore collection is so nice. My daughter has a Nativity scene by them that was received as a wedding gift..they got married on Dec 23! So they have an anniversary this month…yay!

  23. Brenda . . . Your Christmas decor looks marvelous!!!! I especially love the little "scrap garland" on the wagon! You've done a fantastic job and it isn't about spending $$$$. You have created a loving, beautiful little home for you and your "furry babies".

  24. it looks great Brenda.. I love that wagon and your JS snowmen.. I'm adding a little red here and there- hopefully it'll give me some energy.. I mean RED is the energy color- maybe I outta spray paint myself red and see if it works.. lol..
    I'll be back to see more


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