Yesterday I had a wonderful time potting plants and sinking my fingers into the dirt. As a child I remember that I loved to play in the dirt.

I would dig and dig with a stick and wonder if you really could dig to China. Of course that was just something people said. But kids often take things literally.

At one point during my happy planting I could not take the guy’s loud music behind me any longer. What is wrong with people? Don’t they care that they could be bothering someone else?

So, teeth gritted, I walked all the way around to his door and asked if he’d please either close his windows or turn down his music. He just stared at me.

There was an unsettling few seconds when no one spoke. I told him I could not relax on my patio with the music so loud. He never said a thing, so I said thank you and left. He did turn it down though.

Then a few minutes later I let Charlie out and he barked one time. I know the guy was on his own patio with just the fence between us. I told Charlie he would have to go back in, that he was not allowed to bark.

And so I put him inside. I wanted the guy to understand that I cared about being a bother to my neighbors.

Some of you may remember years ago when he called security on me at 3 a.m. saying my dogs were keeping him awake. Which of course was not true, as they were sleeping with me. And I would never allow something like that.

He bothered me for a week or so, coming to my door and having me listen to his phone where he’d taped dogs barking and swore they were mine. He never believed me until a neighbor apparently explained that it was the big dogs in front of him barking, not behind him.

And we haven’t spoken since. Until I went to his door to complain about his music.

So I suppose it was really bad if it was my dogs making noise, which they weren’t, but just fine to blast my eardrums with his music.

And why on earth do people think music sounds better turned up to ear splitting decibels? You can’t even make out the words at that volume.

Someone asked to see more of the patio, and I’m trying to do that today. I’m not quite finished. It rained and is overcast. The sun hasn’t come out yet today so the the photos are a little dark.

Is a gardener ever finished? But I’m pleased with all I got done yesterday.

At one point I took Charlie and went to Kendra’s so she could drill holes in the galvanized container below. I tried to drill holes in it, but only managed one small one. Her bits were bigger and achieved the results I needed.

She was working in her yard planting and spreading mulch so I sat outside and watched her for a bit.

Charlie ran around the yard with her two much younger chihuahuas. He seemed to have a good time and I was amazed how much he could keep up with her two. I might have to take him to her yard to run in the grass more often.

As you can see I added marigolds to the tomato pot. Marigolds and tomatoes are good garden buddies with similar growing conditions.

Also research has indicated that planting marigolds between tomatoes protects the tomato plants from root-knot nematodes in the soil.

I planted a perennial in each of the big galvanized tubs. It’s good to mix perennials in with your annuals to build up your garden spaces over the years. Then there’s less to fill in.

Annuals will give you the quick blooms and color you desire. And the perennials will delight you for years to come.

I had to dig out most of the lemon balm and sedum in order to get to the soil. Not wanting to waste any of it, I put what I took out behind my wicker settee. I’m trying to build up an area of soil and plants back there so when I’m watering it doesn’t automatically flow down through my neighbor’s patios.

My next door neighbor never does a thing on her patio. Neither does the woman next to her. And the woman on the end just puts her house plants out there from what I can tell. And of course my patio is built to have the water run down to the end and flow out.

Okay, I’ve probably worn you out with garden photos today. Of course you’ll be seeing them all summer.

Have you been able to get out in your yard or patio or balcony and dig in the dirt yet?

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  1. Oh Brenda it looks so wonderful already, so cozy!! How awful to have a neighbor like that, I’m so sorry for you. I’m so blessed my neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves, just like I do. We both value our privacy, and they never seem to have parties or bbq’s…..occasionally I do but my music is always soft background music not loud annoy-my-neighbors music. Is Charlie sore today after running around yesterday? It must have warmed your heart to see him playing with the other pups!!!

  2. I love the aged patina of your fence. The colour is restful and beautiful. And I am not usually a fan of grey.

  3. Brenda, your patio is lovely. I know you work hard at it. I love the way you have your galvanized tubs set up. I was at a loss as to how to arrange mine, but I think I will borrow your idea. I’ve started working in my front flower beds a bit. Thankfully that cold snap we’ve had this week in OK didn’t kill anything I had just planted.

    Love seeing the pics of your garden, your home and of course sweet Charlie and Ivy!

  4. Brenda your plantings look like that have been growing for months already. You do have a GREEN thumb. I was looking to see if I could see “Jade”. Is it still growing on your patio? Hugs to all, Bonnie in WI

    1. Jade is sort of behind the wicker settee. If I put it in more sun, as I tried to last year, the sun burned the pretty leaves. It seems to do well where I have it now, though it’s pretty shaded there.

  5. Oh dear Brenda, So sorry you had to TRY to talk to the noise maker…I so wish we could all live far out in the country!! Our new upstairs STOMPER has not quit of course. I guess it will cost me an extra $50 more a month (to get a month to month rental agreement) in addition to the insulting $90 a month increase…which all galls me terribly!! But it is easier to move that way. Hubby almost passed out on me again this morning…I wonder how much he is being affected by the insane noise, tho he usually doesn’t say anything. So sad how others can make our lives so stressed!!
    Your garden is very pretty!!

  6. Hi Brenda

    Can you please post a link to the fountain you ordered? I have been looking for one for my deck for years.

    Good for you asking that neighbor to turn his music down.
    Why do people want it so loud? I remember when he complained to you about your dogs barking and it wasn’t even your dogs that were barking

  7. Glad to hear you and Charlie had a good visit to your daughters. I can just picture Charlie and the other dogs running all around! I love the love seat with the 2 big yellow flower pots! Everything looks great!

  8. I too love that Japenese Maple – so pretty and adds good color. Your patio is gorgeous as always this time of year! I just started on yard work.. have dug up big chunks of my Iris that have grown too close together – boy was that hard work. Have split alot and planted about 40 (so far) of single bulbs, all over my yard front and back. I still have several big clumps to go and nowhere to put them. Have given some to a neighbor and my sister wants some.. the rest I’ll give away for free. Next I want to plant some flower seeds. I usually don’t plant this early but we are having unseasonably warm days and nights here in central Oregon so I’m going to go for it! Marilyn

  9. Above all your flowers and plants, I love your Japanese Maple tree with it’s beautiful maroon leaves the most! It is spectacular!!

  10. I liked hearing about Charlie playing with the other dogs! Play dates like that will give him much needed exercise and keep him feeling young.
    I remember how much my dog Romeo loved visiting my daughter’s house which is in the country on 10 acres with a creek and he loved running around the property with is two friends, a Jack Russell and a Black Lab. When he realized that was where we were going he would get so excited!
    And the pictures of your patio are wonderful You have done a great job of container gardening, and what a large patio you have to enjoy! Mine is maybe 6′ X 5′. I would love to have a nice large patio like that for myself.

  11. Good for you to stand up for yourself telling that guy to turn his music down ! Your patio is just absolutely beautiful !

      1. Maybe he’s gone deaf from his own music and didn’t say anything because he couldn’t hear you. If he can’t tell a big dog bark from a Yorkie he’s either deaf or dumb, uhh….. I mean stupid lol.

  12. Your garden is a joy to behold! It’s finally warmed up today in Delaware so I am planning to put out my various yard ornaments and plant some herbs and annuals in the containers on my deck. I recently acquired a light weight bird bath and am really taking pleasure in the behaviors of the ? as they take their morning baths. It’s all therapy for the soul isn’t it?!

    1. I have my bird bath ready for them to sip at and bathe. And this morning I ordered a blue fountain that I think the birds will enjoy.

  13. What enormous space you have, Brenda. So happy to see the photos of your patio with new plants! It’s so colorful too!
    I just love the green with bits of color. I have the green with my plants, but just need some color to add to it in my little patio and garden. Any suggestions? Love the daisies!
    I believe only empathic people like us and your readers, can truly understand the idea of being considerate/thoughtful to others around us. Just the idea of being aware of others around us, is very rare to see. Be careful, to approach anyone nowadays, especially going to their door. Some folks are a bit aggressive. Also remember dogs can bark, don’t be too quiet.??

    1. I agree with Veronica’s comment. Dogs can bark – it’s just excessive barking that gets on people’s nerves. And if the person next store has his music turned up so loud, he probably can’t hear Charlie anyway! One of the charities I donated to sent me a package of “bee attracting” seeds – I will be scattering them about the driveway garden and see if they spring up. But in my area smart gardeners don’t plant until around Memorial Day weekend; it’s usually safe by then that we won’t get any more snow or frost attacks and the earth has dried out and warmed sufficiently to be good for germinating seeds. It doesn’t make the wait easier. Yesterday and today, lovely weather out there – but winds in excess of 20 mph – no use trying to clean up last winter’s leaves and stalks, they just blow around if I try to rake or cut them out and make a mess. I need warm, calm days. They’ll come eventually, but it’s hard to be patient this time of year. I’m binge-watching for the umpteenth time Desperate Landscapes and Curb Appeal on my online streaming service. Somehow, I never get tired of watching them every season – I usually start in February when cabin fever starts to set in 🙂

  14. Hi Brenda,
    You have such a nice size patio. It is looking great so far. How sweet Charlie loved playing with your daughter’s dogs. That is really sweet. Maybe they can have more play dates.
    Great exercise for his legs and back too. Have a great day.

    1. Usually when I go over there I hold Charlie because her dogs are young and all over him. But this time I just let him run for awhile. He seemed to really enjoy it.

  15. I love seeing your patio! It gives me hope that sooner or later we’re finally going to have consistently nicer weather. We had almost 8 inches of heavy wet snow Thursday, and it’s almost all melted.

    The thing I do with my dog when she starts in on a barking fit is to give her one spritz from a spray bottle filled with water. It usually quiets her right down. She’ll soon be 10, and I started it last summer. These days she usually stops when she sees the water bottle in my hand, so I don’t usually need to spritz her any more.

    Kudos for speaking your mind to the neighbor. But please be cautious.

  16. Oh I absolutely love your posts this time of year! I have a screened in patio (in AZ). Ugh. Don’t ever…. It’s just a huge dusty mess, and it’s too shady. I so wish to remove the screening and put pots out there. We have a pond and the dirt, well, isn’t dirt, so pots would be nice, but I just don’t know what would work here with all the shade. Plus I’d have to bucket-water everything. Oh well. Watching yours grow is awesome. Sorry about your neighbor. It’s why we live in the boonies. Not many are very respectful neighbors anymore.

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