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  1. Very pretty, Brenda! I love how the red cabinet is especially pretty with Christmas decorations! I've decorating very slowly over the last month and decorated our tree today…so I think I'm done. Now to enjoy it!

  2. Brenda, It all looks so cozy (as all of your decor usually does)! The red really pops against your groupings. I'm slowly going at it too…going more scaled back…

  3. I can't believe it is December 1st tomorrow. My boys will be home on the 19th and 21st respectively. I still need to paint their room and get a daybed since we gave away their bunkbeds (already have a sleeper sofa). I also need to go through boxes of mementos that were damaged when our hot water heater leaked. I am going to start paring down, purging, organizing. But getting my engine revved for that is very difficult. I'd much rather crochet or work in the garden. 🙂 I will decorate for Christmas this year. Have dropped the ball on that in the past few years, but with the boys coming home, I'd like them to feel a little holiday spirit. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Brenda, you are further along with your decorating than I am. I am still putting fall things away. I feel just like you, I can't get revved up… I don't know what the deal is i am not at all excited about decorating for Christmas. I seems like a lot of work. Well I hope you have a good week. Karie

  5. I managed to remove all of my fall decorations but still need to put them away. A friend gave me a darling little decoration…3 snowmen holding a saucer above their heads so I put a red cinnamon candle on it. That's all the Christmas decorating that I have done.. I am dragging me feet this season. I am just not into it yet.

  6. Really, it just doesn't take much. We aren't having a bunch of company this year, so we will be reeling it in a bit, just doing what we feel like. Touches, vignettes and favorite things. Grins, Sandi

  7. What a cheerful little corner you have created there to greet you every morning Brenda!…and that wonderful red cupboard looks so nice dressed for Christmas on top…Charlie's eye is looking so much better…

  8. Love it all, Brenda. You don't need a lot of decor to make it festive. I have cut back A LOT this year. I am dragging my feet like you. I usually have all the trees and decor up in the whole house in one day. Not this year. That's ok, less is more, isn't it? 😉

  9. It's looking pretty festive to me. You don't have to add many touches to know Christmas is around the corner. Love that little red truck, a real treasure. Hope the pupsters enjoyed their grooming.

  10. It looks cute and festive ; love it! Charlie looks adorable.

    I thought for a day or two that it would be nice to just skip decorating, lol. What a mood! But I started and then downsized, sending a lot to the DIL and kids who were thrilled…and it is still cheery here even with a bit of it gone.

  11. Your kitchen decorating is looking really cute, Brenda. So glad Charlie's eye is healing so nicely, too. I'm doing little bits of decorating here and there. Not too motivated right now.

  12. Your festive kitchen is looking lovely Brenda! You know how I always love the way you put objects together….you have such a great knack of arranging things in groups just as you have here. I have put up a small tree so far and will get out all the twinkly lights, advent lights and bigger tree this weekend! Enjoy your decorating.
    Helen xox

  13. Awe I love the upside down container with all your wooden spoons. Very cool.

  14. Oh it looks good. I don't have anything since I am packing. I did buy a small tree to put up in the new house, so we'll see how that goes. Yours is looking great in the kitchen.

  15. I am so happy Charlie is doing so well, and he sure does look cute when he sits still. I really like your red cabinet, and the little arrangement on top of the spice holder is so cute. those birds are darling. And since you decorate with red, it all looks so Christmasey. Did you get your red curtains back up?

  16. You've had a lot of stress with Charlie, lately, that may have slowed you down a bit. A little Christmas is all that's needed. It's all adorable and I'm sure it puts a smile on your face!

  17. Brenda, I'm glad you've started decorating but honestly, hon, I think that red cabinet would look better in my living room! LoL Every time I see a picture, of it, I sit and droll, for awhile! I love what you've done so far!

    Grace & Peace!

  18. Your holiday kitchen looks fantastic, so cute and cozy!! What talent you have, my friend! Good to see baby Charlie looking so well, poor little guy!

  19. Brenda it is looking good. I have so little counter space in my kitchen it's hard to decorate in there, but I do try little bits here and there. So glad Charlie's eye is better. Just do a bit of decorating here and there as you feel like it.

  20. I've been playing house with my decorating and having a good time. Downsizing is part of the plan. I keep putting things aside to take to the local Ruritans thrift shop. We decided on no big tree, again, but it's ok. I love decorating.

  21. So happy for Charlie. Yeah your loving care and patience paid off. I know that was a struggle for him and you for awhile. So happy the end results are good. Your kitchen looks so festive and cheerful. I bet it is fun to see all those cute holiday faces in the corner of your kitchen each morning. Happy New Week.

  22. I really took my time decorating this year and even though we were in a mess for 5 days it was worth it. I didn't put everything out and it feels just right.
    Looks very nice, Brenda!

  23. I think decorating starts so early anymore. I used to try to have everything done in the first week of December. This year I was early. I wanted to take some of my Decorations to my retail space as I have too much. Now I rearrange and add things.
    I'm like you about just a little goes a long way in a smaller home.

  24. Hi Brenda, your kitchen area is looking very festive! I love the simplicity… Not sure you'll need the tree; only your very special touches.

  25. It all looks so nice Brenda….we have our tree up and our front yard all decorated…hung all 3 of my homemade vintage bulbs wreath…love them!Have a nice day!Carol

  26. You have done a wonderful job Brenda. We don't need a lot of decorations to make our homes look pretty & cozy. I am just starting to do my decorating today. It is just hard (for some reason) to get in the Christmas decorating mood this year around here too. You take care & your pupster is looking great. I am sure he is glad to be done with people messing with it too. You take care….

  27. I love that little car with the Christmas tree on top!
    just touches of red here and there make me think of Christmas… even if it's not specific. I use a lot of red tartan. my grandmother called it that. I usually just call it plaid! LOL
    she was Scottish though. things were not little to her … they were "wee." how I miss her.
    you should put up exactly what YOU want to. it's YOUR cozy little house after all… and nobody is judging! least of all us!

  28. So far, so good, Brenda! I love your small red cabinet. But here's a funny thing — when I looked at the first photo, I saw the pretty Christmas tree on the right, and my mind told me I was looking at a snowman's head wearing a top hat on the left. Then I realized it was the round face of the scales with a basket on top! I saw the hand on the face of the scales as the snowman's nose pointing upwards! This time of year, my brain is conditioned to look for certain holiday symbols, I guess.

    I usually don't do much decorating until around the 10th, but my son and his fiancee are coming over later this week so I might do a bit in the living room to welcome them. This morning I tried to make some old candles look prettier by putting a bit of gold glitter on them, but it seems like too much glitz to blend with my other homespun decorations. It was fun to play with the glitter!

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