Finding Comfort & Joy

At night after I turn the bedside lamp off, I listen to the various sounds of my wind chimes. There is a wooden one, a metal one and one with flat seashells.

Altogether they create such beautiful music when the wind is blowing. Which in Oklahoma is much of the time. I like to listen to them before I go to sleep. The sound is soothing.

Reading Before Sleep:

This is after I’ve read whatever book I’m reading for an hour or so. And before that I’ve watched an episode of the current British TV show I’m streaming. My routine doesn’t vary much.

This morning Ivy has been meowing a bit (she doesn’t meow very much). She’s been acting like she sees a ghost and then hightails it into another room. She’s such a funny creature.

What Ivy likes seems to dictate many of my decisions in this apartment. For instance, I wanted to put my skinny tree there in the corner of the French doors like I did last year.

But last year I hadn’t yet ordered Ivy’s big cat tower. She spends so much time at the top of that thing staring out at the patio. So I can’t bring myself to move it.

The Living Room Cupboard:

Then there’s the cupboard I have in front of the living room window. I thought about moving it and putting my beverage tub of house plants back there. It’s an excellent source of light.

But Ivy loves to sprawl out on the top of that cupboard in the sunlight and sleep. No, I just can’t do that to her.

In fact that’s where she is right now, with one back foot and tail hanging over the side.

The sun is just now beginning to shine its rays through the window blinds to warm the cupboard. She has lately begun having her morning nap up there.

Soft Music:

I’m listening to “The Modern Romantic: New Relaxing Classical Piano Music” by Laura Sullivan. Isn’t it amazing what music can do for your mood, depending on the kind of music you listen to?

The way a melody strikes a chord in your heart.

In these days before Christmas, when so much has gone wrong in the year 2020, we need to find comfort when and where we can.

The smell of candles, a stack of unread books waiting to be read. Pleasant and soothing music and a place to call home.

Sad Times:

There are so many people without homes. This week I’ve seen people sleeping wherever they can on the ground. Illuminating the horrors of 2020 even more.

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend Christmas without a roof over your head? Not to know where your next meal was coming from?

Please, please let 2021 be a kinder year for everyone.


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  1. Have a happy and blessed Christmas and New Year, Brenda. I have enjoyed your writings this year and happy you and your daughters are united again with love.
    You mention your three wind chimes a lot-just wanted to say I also love wind chimes. But not someone else’s chimes. I do not put up windchimes because of the neighbors; I think they would be upset by their monotony of sounds. I have had ‘Windchime-Neighbors’, the best neighbors ever, except their windchimes drove me batty and I was so glad to see them move!! Just saying perhaps you might take a survey to see if your neighbors are aggravated by them or not. I don’t know what it is about someone else’s chimes, when I love wind chimes so much but maybe it’s because I cannot stop the noise when I have had enough, unless they are mine.

  2. My sister and her husband have two house puppies. I made the mistake of calling them dogs one day and I was chastised. Haha! Anyway, their day revolves around Butterbean (mama) and Tank (Son) who is deaf. They will be asleep in their laps and they will not get up to to go to bathroom because they don’t want to wake the babies! I do love to read and find it is a release for everything going on in our world. Like you, I am thankful for What I have been blessed with.
    Enjoy the holidays. Janis

  3. We are truly blessed with having the basics.
    We must always remember that, when so many are without.

  4. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year. This year we need a little Christmas or even more comfort and joy than ever before

  5. I made this comment to a friend one day when I was feeling sad…I am in misery! She said, “When you are living in a box under a bridge, you can say that you are in misery.” Boy, did that make me realize how blessed I am!

  6. Wishing you, your family and your fur babies a Merry Christmas.
    We definitely must find Comfort and Joy in this crazy and very upsetting world we’re living in right now.

  7. My daughter and I also plan everything we do around our pets! You don’t want to disturb them in any way!

  8. I pray for all of those that have lost their homes this year. It is horrible to think about anyone having to live outside and not have a safe place especially during Covid. Let’s hope and pray that 2021 will bring a new light to our lives and we can return to some kind of new normal and people that have been so severely affected this year will have a chance to turn things around. Merry Christmas to you and sweet Charlie and Ivy. Wishing you a peaceful day.

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