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  1. The sign looks perfect in that spot. The wide shot of your apartment shows how beautifully everything came together. You describe a cookie cutter apartment, but you have managed to add so much charm. I have been in that situation of waiting for the geese to cross the road!

  2. Seeing all the rocky soil in your yard why not read up on ground covers and moss that grow in such conditions? Ajuga grows well for me in hot clay soil. Some ground covers can be walked on too. Ground covers can positively impact water run off and soil erosion thus stabilizing any raised bits of your yard.

  3. Brenda, your flower market sign looks perfect where you put it! When my kids were little, they used to love to feed the ducks and geese in our yard. It was cute. Fast forward to now, and they’re everywhere! I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t poop all over the place! I really wish I could post a picture. Not of the poop, lol, but of all the ducks, geese and birds! You just wouldn’t believe it!! Also, I found out a few years ago, that feeding ducks bread and crackers is really bad for them. Who knew? That’s what I used to feed them as a kid myself. We probably all did. As for the time change, I love it in the Fall, because I get an extra hour, but I hate it in the Spring, when I lose an hour. I do prefer longer daylight though. I don’t like it getting dark so early in the Fall. And it’s kind of a pain to have to reset all my clocks. I can’t wait to see Kendra’s house when she finishes it and can finally move in. I’m sure she’s ready for that!

  4. The Flower Market sign is perfect in that spot! It’s all lovely, Brenda!
    I, too, am in AZ and we don’t change our clocks. There is one spot in the northeastern part of AZ that does however that may have changed – not sure!

  5. I absolutely love that sign above the floral pictures. It completes it!!!
    I can’t wait to see Kendra’s new house!
    We don’t change our clocks here in AZ. But then all the radio and TV programs have time changes. So weird. As a kid, I loved the extra sleep our and hated this one less hour. So… I guess I got rid of that problem, moving to AZ!!! LOL

  6. Well, Brenda, at the risk of sounding redundant I will say how pretty and inviting your new apartment looks. Just beautiful. You must have been a decorator in another life!

    The time change is an annoyance to me and upsets my biorhythm temporarily but I’m always so glad to have more daylight that it doesn’t bother me too much. I just think it’s really unnecessary and archaic.

    My friend and I who walk together have noticed the geese here in Michigan flying over in great V’s lately. I tho’t they migrated for the winter but have heard that isn’t true. From various other comments here that must be right. I like seeing any wildlife so I don’t mind them being here all winter.

    Hope you’ve had a peaceful and pain-free Sunday.

  7. The flower market sign looks perfect where you hung it.

    Glad you had a nice time with your daughters. I rarely eat at Panera anymore since their prices went way up for the food you get. I like their Fuji apple chicken salad and ten vegetable soup though. A friend of mine who has gone there a couple of times recently said they put one piece of meat on your sandwich.

    Those are Canada geese. There’s millions of them here in northern Illinois. They are literally all over the place. Maybe because we have so many bodies of water here (ponds, lakes, rivers). There’s tons of them by the lake by my house and they poop all over the place.

    I hate the time change. The fall one is the worst for me as far as screwing up my body. They say that the time change is so bad for your circadian rhythm that the incidence of strokes and heart attacks goes up that first week. You’d think “the powers that be” would put this outdated practice to rest.

    1. I didn’t know about people having health issues around daylight savings time, but it makes sense.

  8. Scientists tell us how the time change effects us. I don’t know about you but especially since my husband and I have gotten older, we have trouble falling asleep, waking up early and sometimes staying asleep. It is not like anyone goes to sleep at 11:00 and up at 7:00 everyday. I am just glad the days are getting longer. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Photos of your home belong in a magazine, so charming and cozy. I went to a meditation class this morning and whether due to the time change or not, I managed to doze off! Nice little nap at least!

    1. I can’t even doze off in a chair! It always amazes me when people say they dozed off somewhere other than in bed.

  10. So sorry Brenda about our Canadian geese holding you up!
    I have not been out to a restaurant since before the pandemic and I don’t think I will for some time yet. I have had three shots for Covid but still I don’t want to catch it even if it will be mild. I don’t think I will be going anywhere without my mask for a while either.

    1. I’ve started going out to eat this past month so I’ve gone a few times. I’ve also had the three vaccines. It probably doesn’t help, but I always go to places that have tall walls behind the booths we’re sitting in. I guess in my mind that kind of works like the clear plastic shields I see in stores for those working the cash register.

  11. Your new home is very nice. I hope you are enjoying it and not missing your lovely patio too much. The pictures you have shown of your new surroundings look very nice. I am anxious for spring as I am sure you must be.
    Looking forward to seeing your daughter’s new abode. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your new home!

    1. I’m anxious for spring and I’m not. Wearing the walking boot doesn’t keep the pain at bay anymore. So I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to do.

  12. They look like canada geese. There is a huge flock that live around a pond near the hospital where I live. It is a nice place to walk, but if you get out of the car with something in your hand, the geese run at you. They think you are going to give out food.

    1. My next door neighbor was just here. I had asked him to get a sack of potting soil out of my car for me and put it on the patio, as I’ll need to repot house plants. He worked in forestry before he retired and was telling me how we (the US) traded wild turkeys for geese in Canada years ago. He said biologists never thought geese would come here and not migrate. But that’s what happened.

  13. I’m also a hardcore person-of- routine and I also don’t like changes at all. I will change my curtains for different seasons but I don’t change my furniture around! When I moved to WV from RI I was depressed for months!
    I will be looking forward to seeing Kendra’s new home! Love the geese story!

    1. I just hate when my routine is disrupted, especially later in the day. I seem to have less tolerance then.

  14. Love how you’ve put your apartment together in such a short time and it looks so cozy and inviting. You really have a knack for combining items to make them look their best.

  15. The Flower Market sign is perfect with the pictures. It looks like you have lived there forever. You just have a magic touch. Are you using nails to put things up or Command hangers? I want to do a bunch of pics in a big wall newly painted but nervous about using nails like I used to.

    1. I use nails. But I always have a good-sized container of that spackling stuff around to fill the holes I’m not using and I also have the paint they use here to paint over them. They gave me some of their paint in a jar.

  16. I think they may be Canadian geese. Lots of them winter-over here in SE Wisconsin because people go out to the lagoons in the parks and waterways where the geeze hang out and feed them over the winter. Some may be flying back from the south since the Spring Equinox will be here in a week. I still marvel at the instincts that are built into all living beings. Supposedly the last of our cold snaps are done for the season here, according to the extended forecast. We’re at 38 degrees F and may hit 60 by mid-week. Looking forward to getting out and doing some spring clean-up if that happens!

    1. It’s supposed to get in the seventies this week here. My next door neighbor, who retired from a government forestry job, said these are Canadian geese.

  17. I’m so glad that you have more space to spread things out in your lovely new apartment. Looking at your pictures, I can’t imagine how you squeezed everything into your old place (even though I’ve followed you for years)!

    1. Yes, they kind of act like they own the road. Which is fine with me. I like to watch them.

  18. Day Light Saving is difficult for me, too. It upsets my body clock until it is changed again. This setting is the most unsettling and the longest.
    There are birds, squirrels, and cats in my neighborhood. For some reason people post lost dogs often. The groomer tells me they groom more Shitzus than other stores in the franchise near by.

  19. This made me laugh. We have wild turkeys up here. They actually stop traffic while the whole flock crosses. Sometimes there are a few that are unsure, holding up everything until they decide to go for it.

    I like the picture under the sign. And the clock!

    1. That clock, which has a cracked glass face now for some reason, was a find at the antique mall. It is a Pottery Barn clock and I got it cheap years ago.

  20. Your new home sure looks cute and cozy. I know you are enjoying a new pace in life glad you have found a good place for your Family. I love Panera their Asiago Cheese Bagels with Honey Walnut Cream Cheese..and also their luncheon soups and sandwiches. Yum. I can’t wait to see your daughter’s new abode..sounds great. Thank you for sharing and have a blessed Sunday.

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