The gray curtain of clouds part every now and then for the sun to shine through. Then it becomes gray again and rain pours down.

This morning Charlie went out into the rain and wouldn’t come in. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing out there. Finally he came to the door and I toweled him off.

I don’t know what Ivy is trying to get to.

She stretches her long self out and if she grows anymore she might just be able to reach the ceiling.

Is Ivy Losing Weight?

Don’t you think she’s slimming down a bit? She should be. As she brings a swirly toy to me at least twice a day so I will throw it and she can run fetch it.

She always comes back to me looking so proud of herself. She either drops the swirly toy into my hand or onto the floor where I’m sitting. Then she crouches down and waits for me to throw it again.

Yesterday after I dropped Charlie off at acupuncture I went into the grocery store to get the eggs I’d forgotten last week. Charlie sure loves having his daily egg. Now I give him half an egg a day.

People Who Ignore Rules:

While in the store a man and his 3-4 year old child were walking toward me. A woman who worked there was stocking shelves on that aisle.

I said: “I think you’re going the wrong way. The arrow points in the other direction.”

He said: “I don’t really think it matters.”

After he pushed his cart past the woman stocking shelves, I heard her say: “It matters to me.”

Well of course it does! She’s probably making $10 an hour or less and there’s a reason they have arrows pointing the way down the aisles.

What Is Going On In This Country?

What is wrong with people? If they don’t care about themselves, can’t they show some respect and compassion for the workers who stock the shelves so they can buy groceries?

And how about the child walking along beside him?

The woman was one of those unfortunate people who don’t have much of a choice but to go out and work among the public every day.

I wasn’t raised to ignore rules. And I wasn’t raised to show disrespect.

I’m proud to say I taught my girls to respect others, help others and show kindness.

The people in this country need to wake up. Unless we do as other countries have done and follow simple rules and wear a mask, this thing is never going away. It will just keep finding hosts to infect.

Think Of The Children:

Our children want to go to school and play sports. But it will take the adults to lead the way and make this world a safe place for them again.

Put on your damned mask and follow the arrows in the store, I want to say to people who flaunt the rules. It’s for their own good.

If it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t have put the arrows there in the first place. Show some common sense and respect, I want to tell them.

Wear A Mask:

Yet I very rarely see anyone out and about here in Tulsa wearing a mask.

Scientists are now saying you should also consider goggles or eye shields in addition to wearing a mask.

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  1. I don’t know where Herman Cain got Covid. Maybe in Tulsa, maybe not. His being a hood or bad person, black or white is irrelevant. What’s is relevant is he did not believe in wearing a mask. Masks may not save us all but I’m going to try to do everything Dr. Fauci recommends to try to keep safe. I’m wearing a mask going into any store. I don’t understand all the complaining about this. A woman I read about wore one for nine hours in labor. Doctors and nurses wear these all the time in hospitals and surgeries. If this has to be our new normal to try to curb this pandemic than so be it. America needs to think about the collective good and quit thinking this is a rights issue. We used to balk at wearing seat belts and after fines were set in place people shut up and complied. Perhaps that’s what needs to happen now if America ever expects to flatten the curve.
    Ivy looks beautiful. What a tall girl ! She’s a beauty for sure and I love her retrieving of toys.
    Stay safe and be well, Brenda.

    1. So many times in life, if we knew just one more fact, it could entirely change our mind. My dad repaired autos, the outside, called auto body work, all his life. So he was in junk yards for parts and saw many, many wrecked cars. He told me actually wearing a seat belt is about 50/50 (people in those places often knew a lot about the actual wreck and would discuss that with others)…in about half the cases the seat belt actually caused their death (like a fire that they could not get out of the vehicle in time). But I wore them and made my kids wear them and hoped and prayed for the best. It is the same with this virus and the mask business. Yes, I do believe that for some masks are needed…but there is also the risk of lowering our immune systems yet more. But part of my reason for wearing them is to keep others from verbally attacking me if I did not…and being attacked does not help me stay calm. Some experts say if you want to be well, you must live as stress-free as possible. So I do all I can to lower my stress levels. Also, anyone not taking extra vitamins, minerals (esp zinc right now) and herbal things is not wise. I had a very excellent doc who got me started on most of what we take, many years ago. I rarely catch any virus…just saying. Yes, I still have asthma and other health issues, but not anything someone can catch from me. One of my daughters has many health issues (begun with vaccines years ago…unfortunately it took a doc to figure that out and tell me to quit getting them for her…long story)…but in order to be able to work and support herself and be as well as possible she works super hard at keeping her body chemistry in its best shape (you can get those papers to test your urine and see how your body is doing with how you are eating). Lemon water is a great way to keep things in order…but there are others too…and of course, not eating sugar etc…if you need sweetening use stevia, honey etc…natural things. Again…please be kind to others who may not agree with the mask business…and if they are asthmatic, they may not tell you…and indeed it is not our business really. And I do think by this time next year…or maybe in yet another year, more will be known and we may wish we had been more kind…and we may have a totally different idea of how to stay well. Be well friends.

  2. I am appalled by your comment, Joyce. I am assuming you are referring to Herman Cain who attended the Trump rally in Tulsa. This is the third negative comment I’ve read about him today. I guess if you are a supporter of the present Administration and you die from Covid 19, it’s your own darn fault. Thousands of protesters marched in the streets of Boston a few weeks ago, many without masks.I don’t think anyone would wish them ill. Do black lives matter only if you are a black man on the correct political aisle? Herman Cain was a good man. I’m really disgusted, too, with all of the virtue signalling in some of the responses in this post. We are all perfect, we raised our children to be perfect, we all wear our masks and shame those who don’t (or even those who don’t wear it properly), we’re all following the lines in the store like we’re told, and we are all so agedly wise, polite and properly reared unlike those 20, 30 and 40 year olds!

  3. I hope some of that OK rain comes our way to IL. We desperately need rain. It is so dry here, most of our grass is brown and crisp.

    Masks have been a requirement here in IL for awhile now. (I lose track of exact time.) I can’t believe they’re still not a requirement in Tulsa. Shameful.

  4. Brenda, I agree with everything you say. That man deliberately not following arrows in the store: disrespectful, ignorant dolt. , and a horrible example for a child. In a civilized society there needs to be some structure and rules. In this pandemic follow the advice given out by our health experts such as Dr. Fauci. It is our best hope to beat this virus.

    1. I have been in Wally World and not on purpose, but without fault and thought..since arrows are not a usual way of shopping life…accidentally, found myself “not following the arrows”….come on folks…where is your Faith in God…and Herman Cain also was a victim of Stage IV Cancer…which may explain the real cause of his death, with the virus added to it. I try not to be so judgmental of folks…now someone purposely getting into my space while I am trying to check out at the store..with that I have a problem. And oh, yes..Dr. F. is no Saint. Do your research. Just saying.

  5. I must be crazy to say it because so many think it’s genius to only go one way in a store, but can someone explain the science behind it. I go one way and pass by the people stocking in many aisles , then many pass me while I’m looking at items on a shelf or I pass by many doing the same. So my question is, does the virus only get passed on if you are going in different direction ? Please don’t say that we are not supposed to pass one another because that is impossible in any store, large or small, especially when shopping for food items because people need time to find what they are looking for. We’d never get done if we waited for the person in front of us to find their item before we could proceed to get ours. And honestly all these rules keep me in stores way longer than I would be without them, and that’s no lie!

    1. Dianne, I believe it is being done first and foremost for the workers safety and then ours. Having a one way flow of traffic prevents the bottleneck that can occur when people and carriages are coming in both directions. With a one way flow, you can quickly walk past the person in front of you if they are stopped to look for a product. It also allows for the person working, usually restocking, to have to only look for customers coming from one direction. There is probably more to the reasoning, but at least that is my understanding of it.

  6. People need to remember it is not just about them. There are so many out there that are at higher risk and people should follow the rules. We all need to think of others and not just ourselves. Some people just not nice or respectful unfortunately. Love little Miss Ivy stretching up on her tower. Too cute.

  7. Yes! I agree. Wear a mask.
    If the people who are constantly gripping about being inconvenienced would just socially distance and wear a mask, we could start to dig ourselves out of this mess.
    My best friend works in the office of a grocery store. It’s like the Wild West with people yelling and fighting. It’s crazy.
    Our governor declared masks as mandatory a week or so ago. I am finally seeing some people wear them, but not enough.
    Common courtesy and respect for your fellow man is what it comes down to.

  8. Hi Brenda. I am 60 years old and am a stocker in a grocery store. Although in my state it has been mandated that masks are to be worn in public, many customers come into our store without masks on. And most people ignore the one-way arrows. And our grocery chain does nothing to enforce the rules. I have no sick pay or health coverage and feel extremely vulnerable. A close family member of mine has tested positive for the virus
    I was concerned about that entire family as they were of the thought that masks are unnecessary. Now they have Covid in their household and may have infected my 84 year old mother and my son, with whom they were recently visiting. I truly do not understand people. Wearing a mask is such a small thing to do to protect those whoare vulnerable.

  9. People need to remember that there are those who have health issues (asthma and other lung issues) that are NOT helped at all with wearing masks…those need to have the option NOT to wear them. And I have heard plenty of doctors online saying that wearing the mask very long will lower the immune system so that you are more prone to catch anything…not just covid, of course. I wear a mask, but I do adjust as needed because it would not be good to pass out in the store. One store I had to go to for my daughter was SO HOT…and then in wearing a mask, that makes a person only hotter…I almost passed out before I could get out and believe me, I hurried. I would be so happy to just use pickup service, but in this area, those I tried only did maybe 50%…lousy, miserable “service”. So, I just go as seldom as I can. I saw a great article yesterday as to the difficulty those of us with allergies face in trying to find things we can eat. These days you can just forget finding much of anything “ready made” that I can eat. Which means all cooking from scratch (saying I can find what I need to do that…took WEEKS to finally get my yeast I ordered)…and some days at my age and health frankly I do NOT feel like cooking. This whole mess had added greatly to our misery frankly. We are not supposed to go often to the store…but their ineptness makes that very difficult. Those of you who can eat anything at all have not a clue as to how hard this all was, even before this virus mess…and that has added greatly to our difficulty. I shop 7 different stores in this area…infrequently as I can…and STILL I MUST ORDER SOME THINGS ONLINE…only recently have I seen toilet paper in stores. Yes, they got some, sold it all out first come first serve…line restarted every single day…it is IMPOSSIBLE for hubby to leave the house before noon each day…sometimes longer because of his issues and he is my driver. FORTUNATELY I was able to get what we needed online and I will continue shopping for toilet paper ONLINE so much as I can in future. I agree one should follow the rules on the aisles of stores…but when shopping that too is just one more thing to remember…generally I have not paid much attention to what is on the floor, for crying out loud. So go easy folks…be kind. No one is enjoying this horrid mess. (My personal opinion, which has not been shown yet to be incorrect, is that men do NOT belong in stores…they are lost on a good day and have no clue as to proper manners…like park your cart to the side…it is too narrow otherwise…most men never do that). And a man with a child in the store…horrors…they cannot multitask as women have to do when with children especially. But some of them now have no choice in being there, anymore than the rest of us do, unfortunately. A duck out of water is what my mom would have called it.

  10. Our numbers in my area in Canada are very low. However, I still wear a mask when I go out in public,pay attention to the arrows and keep my distance from people. My husband and I stay close to home other than our daily walks or bike rides. I’d rather do this and hopefully our lives will be more normal sooner than later. Unfortunately not every one got the memo!!

  11. Wearing a mask is such a small inconvenience to get this contagious disease in check for awhile. It’s not like anyone is asking them to donate a kidney, just to be kind. Is it so hard to ask of an American who should care for others in his country and not be a bully or claiming rights that he or she doesn’t deserve for not being respectful. It’s not easy breathing when you catch covid as I know someone who recovered, another who died, so wear a mask to save a life I want to say to ignorant people. I feel bad for young summer help working in coffee shops or wherever and know the rules and try to follow the rules by telling those they are serving that they must wear a mask to be served and then have some idiotic customer spouts off “ oh get over it”. It happened to a friend we have and I just shake my head with lack of disrespect and entitlement to do as They please. I say send them off to a third world country and see how long they would survive without bawling to get back to our country.

    1. Right now it might be be difficult to find a third world country that would even let an American into the country. since the virus is so much worse here than in so many other countries.

      1. Who in their right mind would want to to go to a “third world country”, though wishing a lot of folks would bus right up and relocate..since they are so unappreciative of the one we have here…and think we have such a horrible one!!!!

  12. Even before the pandemic I noticed a lack of good old-fashion manners. I nearly get run down in the aisles quite often–I see the same aggressive, impatient, me-first behavior in traffic. Manners go a long way in smoothing out the wrinkles in life, and I think violent outbursts will get worse without the rules of polite behavior.

  13. Brenda,
    I’m sorry for the poor daughter with her clueless father. I am now starting to say something if someone is non-compliant about masks in stores. I usually say, I hope you don’t get sick or infect your family. That usually gets a stricken look or sullen recognition of reality. Even so, I see things getting better.
    On a happier note, your pictures of Ivy are amazing! Jeez , Ivy is one tall drink of water as my Dad used to say! You should try to measure her, that would be a amusing endeavor! Also, thank you for the recipe link, from the other day. I signed up and my husband is offering to help choose and cook from her E-mail recipe offerings.
    I hope you and the fur babies have a peaceful and happy weekend…

  14. You are right about Ivy. I think she looks thinner. The tree has been good for her. We were in Walmart here yesterday for bird seed and I noticed everybody was wearing masks. What I also noticed is the way they are worn. One man had his barely going beneath his lip. And I see so many not covering the nose.

    I personally feel when parents were told they couldn’t do this or that w their children respect went out the door! But that is just me.

    1. Not sure how as the Gov. ordered a mask mandate on July 3rd for all counties unless there are 20 or fewer cases. Most stores on their own, are now requiring masks of their customers across all states and are sending out emails stating as much.

    2. I live in the Houston area and you are not allowed in a store without a mask. Our governor mandated mask wearing several weeks ago. Most grocery stores and box stores have mandated mask wearing also. Just curious as to what store are you going in. Everyone needs to wear a mask not just for them but for others.

      Brenda, I love your blog. Your pets, patio and apartment is so lovely. I have family that live in the Tulsa area. We all need to show love and respect towards one another all the time but especially now during the pandemic.

  15. Wearing masks is do important! Up here in Canada, we wear them to go inside any businesses. Doctor visits are still done virtually or if they need to be done in person, are arranged in such a way that you don’t have to encounter any other patients in the office and rooms are properly sanitized between each patient. I had a phone appointment with my rheumatologist yesterday morning where we discussed my current with my health and arthritis treatment. Then she forwarded my prescriptions to 2 different pharmacies and prepared a blood work requisition, along with ultrasound and x-ray requisitions for all the various joints causing issues in my body. She also wanted me to have an MRI but I didn’t think that was necessary (not because of cost since medical care and tests are all covered by our Cdn healthcare). She thought I was afraid of having one but no, I’ve already had about 8 of them in my life and they’ve NEVER bothered me! 😁 It’s just I don’t think it will show any new inflammation or damage to my joints yet. Anyway, for a walk on a neighborhood street, a mask isn’t even needed. People always social distance by crossing the street or moving off to the side when they see me coming along with my cane and little dog. Wearing a mask isn’t at all about taking away the civil liberties or freedom of choice from people. It’s all about being a responsible citizen and helping to keep your countrymen safe. At least, that’s how people here in Canada see it. It keeps both ourselves and our neighbors much safer! Funnily enough, I saw a picture from back in the day when I was a child (currently 63). It showed a group of young kids around 9 or 10 years old, all lined up together ready to go out trick or treating. Every child was wearing one of those hard plastic masks with the tiny eye, nose, and mouth holes. We all wore those while running up and down the street and thought it was fun! As we say up her, “Stay safe and healthy!”

    1. I should have also added, my rheumatologist also made an appointment for me to come in to her office for in-person cortisone injections. Injections in the knees, ankles, and wrists are fine. But injections in the fingers! Oh my goodness, the pain! So life carries on in my neck of the woods, in my mask!

  16. Oh that man in the store, people like that really rile me up. I want everybody to be as safe as possible, this has nothing to do with politics or “Constitutional” rights, for goodness sake! Why do they hate other people SO much? I just don’t understand it. I do have to say that since Kroger introduced its “must wear a mask to enter store” policy here I see many fewer scofflaws refusing to wear masks. On Wednesday our Governor made Wisconsin the 34th state requiring mandatory mask wearing in public. I’m sure the Republicans who control our State House here will sue him to try and have the order halted. Too many people, particularly younger people but older people who SHOULD know better, are walking around acting like things are “normal” when we are so far from normal it seems like we may never get back there again. I was raised to respect others and to expect them to respect me, too. I was also raised to say please, thank you and to smile at people and be polite.
    It’s not that hard, folks! You know, these days I am, frankly, amazed when I “smize” at somebody (because you can’t see me smiling when I have my mask on, but you can tell by the crinkling up of my eyes, LOL) and they look surprised, and then delighted. Are that many people so thoughtless and rude now that clerks in stores are shocked when somebody is polite to them? I also say please and thank you, it’s an automatic response and I am very grateful that those folks are there at the supermarket and have been there through the thick and the thin and now the thick of it again, because my state, like many other states, is one of those that is on the upswing again of new COVID-19 cases. Sigh. I, like billions of others around the world, just want this to all go away. But I have no confidence that the United States will get this under control because, frankly, a lot of people are acting selfishly. We need rain here, it hasn’t come the last several times it has been forecast. It’s forecast again for Sunday. We’ll see. For some strange reason, the rain is managing to just by pass the area where I live. It flows north and south and just leaves a literal “hole” in the radar around us. I’d laugh if my lawn wasn’t crying out for water so desperately. I watered two days ago, but putting the sprinkler out is no substitute for a good all-day soaking rain. Ivy does look like she has lost some weight. Do you have a bathroom scale tucked away somewhere? You could weigh yourself and then weigh yourself while holding Ivy (if she lets you hold her) to get an estimate of how much she weighs now. And then keep track, maybe check once a month for a few months to see if her weight is going down.

    1. I am from Wisconsin also. I agree with you on everything. Of course they will try to get Evers mask mandate repealed. But he put it as an emergency this time so I hope that helps. I took myself off of Facebook for a week at least, I was so sick of the fighting and politics.
      We are dry here also. All the rain is north and south of us. I think the Bay makes a difference somehow. We did get a nice rain the other day for about 15 minutes. But better then nothing.

  17. Here in my part of southwestern Pennsylvannia, few follow the guidelines. NAMany of those that do have their mask BELOW their nose!!! We are DOOMED.

  18. We are wearing masks in Atlanta. It seems now that the only people I see not wearing them are those out for a run or a brisk walk. I wish everyone in the country would start wearing them and social distance. I want to get back to normal. xo Laura

  19. Our grocery store does have compliance with masks, but not with following the arrows. That annoys me, too. People are selfish. Maybe it will take a spate of prominent non-compliants to become gravely ill or die to wake people up. I don’t want to start a political brouhaha here for you, but the last couple days have seen exactly that result from two defiant people….one stemming from a rally nearby you. That’s all I dare say here!

    1. Yes. Agree with you Joyce. There’s so much hostility, people who are inconsiderate AND highly selfish. Me, me me. That’s all they think about.
      When you are not taught respectful manners, that will be a downfall in your life.
      It appears to us, 20, 30 and 40 year olds do not care re others. Age is important to tell if a person has common sense to use their “manners system”
      I always have. For sure it’s vety, very crazy in stores. Everywhere. Even before virus there was terrible rudeness.
      Unsure how to re-teach a grownie better behaviors. Often
      seems like an impossibility.

      1. Interesting point, Marcee! Some people have no idea what opportunities or relationships they’ve missed because poor manners and disrespect drove others away! I’ve seen young children whose aggressive behavior was not corrected by parents at pre school age. Later on, when birthday party invitations are not forthcoming, it’s “boo hoo! nobody likes my baby!”

    2. Herman Cain deserves better than the comment you just made Joyce. Shameful! You do not know where he got the virus and yes, he went to the Trump rally but do you know that’s where he got it? You don’t! He was a good man who contributed much to this country. And o his website he spoke of the seriousness of COVID.

      You should be ashamed. And I hope you publish my comment Brenda.

      1. yes…im surprised she let your comment up…I wrote something similar and what was going on here in Baltimore and she did not publish it…just saying I agree with you Kelly…

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