Fresh Fruit & Patio Flowers

The clematis is blooming again. It hasn’t bloomed since spring. 

Due to the cooler weather, many of my garden blooms have returned after a long hot summer.

I’m enjoying Granny Smith apples and lemons from the grocery store this week. 

Have you ever tried a few squirts of lemon on baked potatoes? It’s tasty! I’ve decided I’m going to get more creative with baked potatoes.

Do you ever use oil cloth on your table? 

It keeps the wood from getting nicked up. And it gives the dining space a vintage vibe. It’s old-fashioned, sure, but that’s what I love about it. 

I actually prefer the kitchens of yesteryear where the table and chairs were in the middle of the kitchen.

Seems like the potato vine and Hyacinth Bean vine blooms are appearing later than usual this season.

I noticed that this morning glory flower is more of a magenta color. Usually they’re dark purple.

When I was young, I recall that magenta was a color I often chose from the Crayon box.

A garden of flowers reminds me a lot of that childhood box of Crayons. Maybe that’s one reason I love gardening. The vibrant colors give me such joy.

The Johnny Jump Ups love the cooler temperatures. Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups always fade away in my garden as soon as the heat hits.

Do you have any blooms left in your garden?


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  1. All of my plants are dead as doornails. Dead and brown and frozen. We've had freezes here many nights down to 22 or so. One lone little pansey that grew up in a patch of dirt by my front stoop is still blooming! I've cut down and dug up everything else. All pots and tubs have been put to bed for the winter.

  2. Brenda, if you like lemon on your potatoes you would probably love one of the Greek potato dishes that uses some chicken stock and loads of lemon juice (freshly squeezed of course!, along with the requisite herbs and seasonings. Oregano,thyme, and some rosemary, a pinch of salt and pepper. Oh, and some olive oil. Bake it in your little oven in a casserole and mmmmm, mmmmm good!

    1. Sounds delicious! I just had some pinto beans and a baked potato with sour cream, butter, fresh chives from the patio and fresh squeezed lemon juice. With a couple of hot rolls.

  3. I love oil cloth too. Where do you find yours?

    I still have some lavender, snap dragons, and stock blooming. I also just got some mums for the front porch. Other than that everything has gone to sleep for the season. Your garden still looks lovely, my friend.

    Happy to hear they cut down those trees that were causing such issues!


    1. My lavender petered out in the pot as usual. I need to plant stock next year. Maybe now that I have a ton of son on the patio. I get my oil cloth at a store here in town. That's all they sell! Called Tater Mash.

  4. I see oil cloth once in a while in a restaurant, usually red and white check. Quite a few of my perennials are still blooming, even a few Stella d'Oros. But I've given up watering the potted flowers in back so they won't last much longer. The front patio flowers are still doing well.

    1. My patio does get hot for those containers due to the concrete. I try to keep everything watered. Not familiar with Stella d'Oros…

  5. I found your blog only a week ago, and love it,It;s like talking to a good friend who lives far away, but still keeping in touch with their daily life even tho you don't see them often.

  6. I remember oil cloth! we moved every year. and before being able to live on base finally there were many rentals! I remember mother getting a fresh oil cloth in a beautiful pattern often. I liked the smell of it when it was fresh too. and with a small vase or jar of wild flowers on the table it was lovely.
    and like you… old fashioned kitchens were/are the best.
    the blooms are beautiful on your 'like new patio!'
    and magenta is the color I always reached for first! 🙂

  7. Dahlias are still going although we have had frost. Some bachelor buttons are going yet and a few foxglove have rebloomed . I never see oilcloth anymore, maybe I could find it online. I just found a possum belly baker's table for my laundry room at a shop. It is rough, but just what I was looking for.It is painted in old green chippy paint and has great pulls.

  8. I love old-fashioned kitchens. My favorite kitchens have few built-ins, but instead have big hutches or hoosier cabinets, like a 1930s kitchen. Crayons — I love Crayons! That magenta is a heavenly color.

    1. I've always said if I could just have a big room I wouldn't want built-ins for my kitchen area. I would want stand alone furniture like you.

  9. You're lucky to have so many blooms left. We have just a few left now. It's finally cooling off here and the leaves are turning and falling. It's making a mess in our yard and driveway.

  10. Good Morning… Oil cloth on the table, that sure does bring back some good memories. My geraniums are blooming better now than in all that heat too. We are suppose to be in the low 30's at night next week. So, I know they are short lived. Have a wonderful day!

  11. Here, too, the flowers are coming out with the return of some rain and cooler weather, though it's still pretty balmy. Lots of yellow and purple wildflowers on the sides of the roads. Clouds of color.
    Did you see the kitchen in our AirBnB rental l'Ancienne Tannerie? It has a big, old table (even after taking out a leaf) and a fireplace big enough to walk into. I love it to pieces, more than my own kitchen. Old-fashioned all the way.

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